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I could never forget you

Chapter 1


"Bells, can you please stop been so worried? You look beautiful." my mother said with a smile on her face.

"What if he doesn't like me?" I was so nervous that he would not like how I look.

"Bells, sweetie heart, look at you. You look gorgeous who would not like you ... after all, you are my daughter you have to look as beautiful as me, and he did invited you to prom, didn't he?"

"Yes, but Edward had never spoken to me before and overnight he just decided to invited me to prom?... I don't know… I don't thrust him… it's just weird. Been the most handsome men of Forks and having all this girls around him who would do anything to go to Prom with him, and I do mean anything… and he decided to invite plain me?" A slight smiled cross my face at the thought…

"Oh, my girl, you are growing up so fast..." a tear ran down my mother's cheek, God, I am almost out of High School and she just figured it out? "Well, I think it's time to let you go." she said walking towards me and giving me a hug.

The doorbell rang and my heart started beating faster, it almost seemed like it was going to rip my chest open.

"That must be him." My mother gave me a little squeeze on the hand.

"Yeah…" was all I could say, I could see her getting emotional, like I had never go out or something… "Wish me luck?"

"You won't need it" I smiled at my mother and went to meet those emerald green eyes with which I had dreamed so many times…

My father had already opened the door, and there at the end of the stairs was the most gorgeous man that has ever walked on the surface of the earth. He was dress in a black tux, with his coppery locks going in his messy way, and those bright green eyes that hypnotize me… My mother –literally- snapped me out of my –eye-fucking-Edward thoughts by snapping a picture of me…

Arriving at his side, my mother took more pictures of us together. Charlie looked like he had come from a funeral and my mother was holding back tears to not embarrassed me. What the hell is wrong with them? It's just PROM! The flash blinded me a bit.

"Mom, please stop, that's enough pictures for a night." She just nodded and hide the camera behind her back.

"You take care of my girl Edward." my father said with his -I-am-the-chief-of-police-and-I-would-make-you-pay-if-you-do-something-wrong- voice.

"I will chief Swan."

"Be safe kids."

"We will." Edward said with his rough but velvety voice "Come on." we said our goodbyes and we left to the prom.

He opened the door of his shiny Volvo for me and I got in and put my seatbelt on.

Edward looked so good in that tux; I think I should stop looking at him...

He didn't say a word; he drives like crazy, he had on a straight face, I had to break the ice. It felt a little uncomfortable.

"I think I am warm enough now…" I said while I reached over to turn off the heat, he made the same movement and our hands touched sending an electric shock all over my body. Edward tensed as did I…

He didn't say anything, he didn't greet me at home or ask me how I was, he didn't even tell me I looked... well…Nice? At least he could try to be polite…

We got to the dance; Edward got out of the car and helped me. The dance began very boring, or at least for me. Edward didn't speak to me, or look at me for that matter, nor asked me to dance, which I appreciate because that's not really my thing, I'm very clumsy. Edward just looked at his ex-girlfriend Tanya dancing with James Hunter. Tanya glared at me when I came in with Edward, but then moved on to enjoy the party and ignore us.

So that's why Cullen had asked me to come with him? Just to make his ex-girlfriend jealous?

Cullen didn't knew me at all, so with the little pride and dignity that I still had I got up from my seat and without saying a word to Edward I left and started walking towards my house. These shoes bothered me; high heels, what was I thinking? It seemed that I would fall on my ass at any time so I took them off. This was the worst night of my life and I knew it for three reasons...

First: Edward invited me to the dance just to make his ex jealous, so he still loves her.

Second: There was no other time in my life when I had felt more humiliated, tears welled up in my eyes at the memory of Edward coldness towards me, I felt used and insignificant. Who does he thinks he is to treat me like that?

And third: I was idiotically and irrevocably in love with him. I can't believe myself. I'm so stupid.

A light rain began to fall, dipping me little by little, I walk a block with my feet hurting, the shoes in my hands, and crying for someone I knew never would look at me.

A silver Volvo parked next to me, startling me. The person who was inside lowered the window, revealing the face of... Edward. Shit!

"Bella, why did you leave like that without telling me, what were you thinking?" Edward angrily shouted from the car.

"On how wrong I was when I agreed to come with you to this stupid prom." I cried hysterically

"Bella, get in the car... now." He said clearly angry. What the fuck? First he treats me like crap and now he wants to order me around? What the hell is his problem?

"Don't you dared tell me what to do Cullen! Who do you think you are? If you want to make Tanya jealous, get yourself another girl to do that little job for you, I think you have a long line of candidates waiting." I said angrily, and kept walking, not paying attention to him.

"Bella, stop your stubborn nonsense and get in the damn car already." This guy was really exasperating me now, so I pay no attention to him and kept walking, I am not going to fall for him, not again…

Edward got out of the car and grabbed my arm tightly, not in a hurt me kind of way but he grabbed me in such a way that I could not get loose.

"Edward, let go of my arm." I said angrily, and he shook his head. "Edward, let go…you are hurting me…" I lied to see if he gave in. He loosened the grip a little but didn't let go of my arm.

"If I let go of your arm, would you come with me?" He asked putting me in front of him and looking into my eyes with a raised eyebrow.

"Hell no, you are crazy if you think I will go with you." I said shaking my head

"Ok… I won't let go of your arm then… we can stay here all night together happily getting all wet under the rain…" He said smiling mischievously.

"Edward…" I grumble hysterically. "This is so not funny"

"Are you coming with me or not?"

"Only if you let go of my arm…"


"Alright, Alright God! Edward let me go already… I promise, can you let go now?"

"Not here." He pulled me and opened the passenger door of his car; he sat me and put my seatbelt around me before loosening the grip on my arm and closing the door to get on the driver side.

He began to drive, there was a lot of tension in the car, It was worse than the first time. No, not again...

"Edward take me home; now." I said crossing my arms over my chest with a frown on my face.

"No." He whispered. "I want to talk…" he replied and the same silent as before followed.

"Well then... what do you want to talk about?" I asked harshly, I was in a very bad mood now.

"You." he said without removing his eyes from the road "Bella ... where did you get that ridiculous idea that I took you to the dance just to make Tanya jealous?" He said shaking his head incredulously.

"No one told me, I didn't have to be a genius to figure it out." I said rolling my eyes at him and suddenly very interested in the landscape outside my window.

"Really? Okay, I want to hear your theories." he said in an amused tone but still serious and angry.

"Edward, I'm not stupid... First, you have never talked to me before in my life even though we shared many classes together and we are Biology partners, and one day you come out of nowhere and ask me to go to prom with you? That's... weird."

"But you agreed didn't you, you said yes…" He said tensing his fingers around the wheal.

"Yes, but it was only out of pity." And my revenge begins... He looked at me incredulous.

"Pity?" He murmured.

"Yeah… I knew that you and Tanya ended it and you didn't have anybody to go with you to prom so… you don't have to thank me." I said that last part seriously.

"Excuse me? As you just said, I have a long line of girls who would give anything to go out with me, if you would have said no… not problem I would have asked the next best option." He said seriously, I looked at him furiously.

"Oh yeah? Well then get me home and go find the next girl, and see if I care! According to Tanya you are nothing out of this world anyway... she says Hunter is the best match." I said following the game.

"Hunter? Really?" He said sarcastically. "Oh... please, you seriously don't mean that do you? He's got nothing on me, there is no comparison. And tell Tanya that after all she never had a bad time with me when we were fu…"

"Thanks, I will let her know, but I don't want any details…" Everything fell in a tense silence. "I'm still waiting for you to thank me you know…?

Edward unexpectedly parked the car.

"True, I had been ungrateful, because if you had refused, I would have ended up with Lauren or Jessica. I know I didn't took Megan Fox to the dance but hey, anyone is better than Lauren…

"Excuse me? You know what? You're a... miserable, vain, cocky and stupid son of a b... Who do you think you are, Cullen? You don't even know how to treat a woman... You think you are the best thing in the world. Angela was right; I should have gone to the dance with Jacob Black. At least I would have had some action, which I thought I will find with you. But it is my fault for walking in the world doing charity with those who don't deserve it…"

"There it is; you and your fucking charity. You know Swan? I like it rough…" This was too much, I lost control and slap him.

Edward touched his cheek where he had been hit and looked at me with dark eyes; he took my face in his hands and kissed me... With those super soft and delicious lips that… No Bella! Take a deep breath… don't be fooled again!

"Don't touch me." I said furiously, I was going to slap him again, but he was faster and he took a hold of my hand and took my face again and gave me another kiss, this time he kissed me coldly, he was angry…

He took my hands tightly and cornered me against the car door.

"You Know Swan… I think I will pay my debts; you wanted to have fun didn't you? Does Black make you feel like this?" he said turning to kiss me passionately. At first I wanted to turn around, but when I realized I was not going to achieve it I just froze waiting for him to finish. I wanted this to happen... but not like this. Not angry, not because he was upset and I didn't want to be forced... I could not do anything... I just started to cry.

Edward stopped the kiss and hold my arms, we were panting from the long kiss. He approached my ear...

"Bella, I am sorry." He said softly in my ear. "I will never do anything you don't want, I have been an ass but you are so stubborn..."

I was thinking about slapping him again, kick him in the balls and leave him without father's day celebration, endlessly insulting him until he ended up crying, tell this to Charlie so he could give him what he deserved, but... by looking at his eyes all rational thought left me, everything happened very quickly...

I was over him, kissing him furiously, I was angry and hurt by all the things he had said to me, and for the way he kissed me shamelessly. But it was impossible to be angry with him for long, so I send it all to hell...

I strand his lap with my legs on either side of his waist; making him gasp, I interlock my fingers in his hair, pulling it hard. Edward kissed me back, laid his hands on my waist, then one of his hands stroked my face gently, the feel of his touch against my skin was amazing, it caused thousands of different sensations. He moved his hands back to my waist and began to stroke over the thin dress. When we ran out of breath, his mouth left my lips... but not my body; he kept kissing every inch of skin that was exposed, starting with my neck making me moan. I pull him back to my lips. Our mouths met again desperately, he was lowering the zipper of my dress and pulling it over my head and I unbuttoned his shirt, he finished faster than me obviously since my mind and fingers weren't cooperation in the coordination process and helped me get rid of the offending piece of material that was preventing me from seen his chest. Edward then unbuttoned his pants, while my hands wandered over his body.

We got rid of all our clothes except our underwear. I left a path of kisses from his neck to the beginning of his boxers, making him moan my name desperately. Edward also went through my completely naked body caressing it with his lips. My phone start ringing repeatedly...

"Who is it?" He hoarsely whispered against my skin.

"I don't care." I said panting "Keep going." I ordered and he did what he was told.

And the damn phone rang again. I had all the intentions of ignoring it again…

"Bella, answer it. It may be important." he said getting away from my skin.

"HELLO" I said in a very bad mood. It was the best I could do to no answer with the classical: Who the fuck dares to cockblock me?

"Bella?" Said the voice on the other side of the phone sounding a little desperate "Bella, where are you?"

"Angela, why are you calling me now? Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything is fine I just couldn't find you and I got worried…"

"So… everything is all right then?" I asked worried while Edward ran his eyes shamelessly trough my almost naked body making me blush.

Edward dangerously approached me.

"You are so beautiful ... and sexy" He whispered with his velvety voice giving me a crooked smile… the one I loved so much…

"Yeah, everything is fine I just wanted to know if you were o…"

I shut the cell phone without caring about anything else and turned it off. I pull Edward into the back of the car. Edward laughed, closing his eyes tightly and pulling his head back with his laughter. When he opened his eyes again he found me on top of him, kissing him like before.

He grabbed me by the waist, smiled at me and turned us around so he was on top of me. He ripped my panties and he start to touch me with his finger.

"So wet…" I hear him murmur to himself.

"Edward…I think you should know that…I am a virgin."

He looked into my eyes and nodded his head. "Are you sure you want to do this, I don't want to pressure you to do anything…"

I could just nod letting him know that I wanted this.

He took a deep breath entered me while kissing my lips tenderly, his hands roamed my hips while his lips where wondering down my neck entertaining my breasts. My nails dig into his back by the feelings of pain and pleasure he made me feel. He stopped to look at my eyes, and I nodded letting him know that he could move. And he did…

"Edward." I groaned.

"Do you keep thinking that Black is better than me?" He said stopping for a minute, I groaned asking him for more in response, but Edward didn't care "Bella answer me! Do you think Jacob is better than me? Do you think him or any other idiot would make you feel like I do?" Edward moaned in my ear, to provoke me, he started to move in and out of me slowly, it was great how we fit so perfectly together like, puzzle pieces. "Answer Me!"

"No, Edward. You're better than anyone." I moaned.

"Repeat it, I want to hear it again." he said with a mischievous smile on his face while he improved his work, which I thought was impossible, he started to go harder and faster, it felt so good…

"Edward you are the best, you are the only one." I said while I reach for his mouth.

"That's my girl." He gasped proudly in my ear. "You're mine, do you hear me? Mine alone, mine forever. Say it! Say that you are mine!"

"I'm only yours Edward."

We both reached the highest point of pleasure, It was the most powerful thing I had ever felt in my life.

We kissed and caressed for several hours but I was exhausted. And I ended up falling asleep on his warm chest, while he surrounded me with his strong arms.

I was wrong on what I said before, tonight was the best night of my life… I would never forget it.

I woke up when I hear my alarm clock, I stretch my arm to turn it off. I frowned when I realized I was in my room and without ... Edward. What was I doing in my room? When did I get here and why isn't Edward with me? How did I even get here?

I went to take a shower and change from my…pajamas? and went down stairs to eat my breakfast and then I will figure out where Edward was.

"Good morning sleeping Beauty." My mother said with a big smile on her face "Sleep well?"

"I think so." I said, frowning. "Mom how did I...?"

"Got here?" She finishing my question and I just nodded "Edward brought you back home when you fall asleep; he had to take you to your bed because you wouldn't let go of him." She said smiling proudly. "You really like him, don't you?"

"He did what? He brought me back?" I asked angrily.

"Don't get angry darling, it was not his fault, it was mine." My mom said while she serve breakfast.

"And how is that?"

"You see, I called about 25 times to your cell and I got worried because you didn't answer me…then I called Edward, thinking that he would have to know where you were..." my mother apologized.

"Charlie knows?" I said angry and worried

"No, it's our little secret" she said shaking her head and winking at me.

"What did you said to Edward?"

"I told him I was desperate because you weren't answering your phone, and he told me not to worry that he was with you because you had fallen asleep and he said he was bringing you back here." Mom said with a shrug.

"I'll call him." I said while looking for my cell. "Mom have you seen my cell phone?"

"No, my dear, I haven't seen it around here." That's when came to my head that last night Angela interrupted us and I throw my phone somewhere in the backseat of his car... Great, a good excuse to go to his house… "Mom, I think I left it in Edward's car I'm going to go to his house to look for it."

"Yes, of course, if you father ask I will tell him you went to Angela's." she winked at me again.

"Thanks, Mom, see you later." I grabbed the keys to my rustic old red truck and got in to go to Edward's house to look for my cell… yeah right.

There I was, on the doorstep of the house of the man who led me through the most beautiful night of my life. I took a deep breath and knock on the door.

The door opened revealing Tanya ...

"Isabella Swan? What are you doing here?"

"I came to see Edward, is he at home?"

"Yes... but sorry, he is not available for you right now… or ever, Swan… I think is best if you leave. Didn't you realize that Edward only used you to make me jealous? Are you seriously that naïve that you though he wanted you? Do us a favor and disappear from our lives, we don't need of your services any longer. He doesn't need you here anymore. Edward no longer requires your services he has me now to relieve his tension." My eyes filled with tears.

"I just came to look for my cell phone is in the back of his car..."

"Tanya, who's at the door?" Edward asked harshly, approaching the door

"Nobody important..." She yelled. "Get out of here, as I said before Edward doesn't want to see you again." Tanya whispered so that Edward could not listen to her, she shut the door in my face, and I didn't know what else to do so I just ran out of there as quick as my clumsiness would allow me and got in my truck leaving with a broker heart...

Four months had passed since the night I was with Edward... since the day I went to his house and he didn't talk to me. We crossed each other's paths in school. But I always avoided him, at first he kept trying to talk to me but I didn't give in. I didn't want to get more hurt than I already was.

"Bells, relax. You're going to leave me without hands. Don't worry dear, don't be upset, you will always have me, no matter what the result of that test is, I will always be here supporting you baby girl." She smiled at me. "If it were to be positive…" I smiled at the thought of having my mini Edward "…you should not be scare I will always be here. You don't have to worry about a thing." My mom said with love and adoration shining from her eyes.

"And if is negative? I think ... I think I am already getting used to the idea of having my little Edward, a little baby boy with coppery hair and green eyes just like Edward, the tracing of his father. At least I will have a memory of what was Edward Cullen to me." I said to my mother with sadness in my voice.

"Wouldn't you like a daughter?"

"Yeah it would be nice, but I feel like is going to be a boy or at least I wish... I want him to be exactly like him. With those big green eyes, tall figure, copper-colored hair all disheveled ...

"So… you would like the result of the test to be positive?" My mom asked surprised by my enthusiasm.

"Let's just say that if I'll end up being a young mother... I'm not going to take it badly; I just look on the bright side of things…"

"Then let's look, it must be ready..."

"Ok" I said taking her hand tightly and looking at the test... I looked carefully for a moment; a tear ran down from my cheek to the corner of my lip.

"Oh... dear. Is not what you were expecting?"

"Mom…you are going to be a grandmother." I laughed excitedly hugging my mother tightly, we started crying happily.

"Oh, my baby, I can't believe it! You are pregnant! ..." We kept crying in happiness. "I can't believe this; my baby is having a baby…" She smiled at me.

"Dear, how are you going to name your baby?"

"If it's a boy: Edward Anthony, like his father." She smiled at my choice.

"What if it's a girl?"

"Actually… I am not sure…there are so many beautiful names that I like…"

"Relax; you can see the book of names your father and I used." My mother said and I nodded. "And… You are going to tell Edward right?" I shook my head.

"No... No way, he is not going to find out. He may think that he has to take the responsibility and I don't want to hold him back, or he may even think that I got pregnant on purpose just to tie him to stay with me, and I don't want that either. Edward Cullen will not know about this, at least not yet…"

"Bella… think about it…"

"Now all I have to think about is my son's sake. He doesn't even love me mom. I know that if he knew he would be responsible and help me take care of the baby, Edward is a gentleman after all... but I will not ruin his life. He is happy with his dear Tanya…"

"I totally dislike her... I don't even know her, but after what you told me and the way she treated you… she is such a bitch!" We both laughed at my mother's comment.

5 months later…

"Waaaaaaaaaaaa, Waaaaaaaaaaaaa"

"It's a girl." my mother cried excitedly…

"I want to see her… give her to me…"

"Here you go dear, she is a cutie." The nice nurse who helped me delivered my baby said while she put her on my arms. She is beautiful…

"She looks just like you Bells, world's most beautiful baby I had ever seen, including you honey, no offense, but she is just gorgeous." My father said with tears in his eyes…

"I know dad, she is adorable…" I said without taking my eyes off of her…

"What names have you though for her dear?"

"Yeah Bells, how are you going to name her?"

"Renesmee Carlie Swan… that's going to be her name… Say hi to grandpa and grandma Renesmee…"

"Renesmee! What a beautiful name." My mother said while jumping up and down excitedly.

"And unique, where did you get it from Bells?"

"Renesmee It's a combination, like Renee and Esme put together, and Carlie is like Carlisle and Charlie put together… another combination…I want her to have both her grandma's and grandpa's names…Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful, Thank you dear." My mother said with tears in her eyes.

"Beautiful indeed." Were the last words I hear from my father before I turned them down to stare in the eyes of my beautiful newborn daughter Renesmee Carlie Swan.

... 4 years later...

"Mommy, Mommy." Renesmee shouted startling me from my peaceful sleep. "First day of school, first day of school! Get up mom mommy..." And there she went running like if her life depended on it…

"I'm coming…" I grumbled getting out of bed, I took a short shower and put on the first thing I found, and we had breakfast. And I went, with my little girl to her first day of kindergarten…

We were in the car, I never saw Nessie so excited to begin a new year in school when we were in Florida, I think she likes Phoenix.

"Wow, Nessie Why so excited?" I asked curiously, while she put on her seat belt.

"I don't know... I feel like this is going to be a really good year." She said as she put her favorite doll next to her and fastened the seat belt around it, I laughed at this gesture.

"Yeah, I hope so. It will also be a difficult year honey, remember; in three weeks we are moving to downtown Phoenix into our new apartment, you and me alone. This new apartment is closer to your new school." I smiled as our eyes meet in the mirror.

Renesmee was the most beautiful and sweet girl. She had a small stature, with pink cute little cheeks, her shiny bronzer colored hair fell in ringlets past her shoulders, chocolate brown eyes like mine...

"Mom, what about your work?" And I forgot; she is very mature for her age. My mother says she got that from me. But only in that she is like me, her personality is like Edward's.

"Mom is also starting a new job... Nessie, here we are" I smiled, she quickly undid the seat belt, opened the car door and jump out. "Come here young lady…" I called Renesmee in my authoritarian mother voice... but when she wants something, there is nothing that can stop her…

I ran from the car, leaving it parked in a no parking zone. I call her but she ignored me, she even disappeared from my sight for a moment... Oh no, this doesn't look good... new school, new problems and if Renesmee keeps ignoring me, this will be a mess...I began to worry about not finding her until I saw her talking to a little pixie like girl, about my age with short hair, but she looked good. She had a pretty face. She smiled at me when she saw me…

"That's her." I heard Renesmee whisper to the stranger.

"Bella Swan" She stretched out her hand and shook mine, which surprised me. "I'm Alice Brandon, Renesmee's teacher, I must congratulate you on your daughter, she is lovely." I smiled at her and she winked at Nessie.

"Thank you, that is very kind of you miss Brandon…"

"There is no need of the formality…" she smiled at me, that girl... well let's just say I am starting to like her… "Renesmee, go to the classroom and wait for me please." She said this in a sweet tone, but it also sounded like an order, it was good, she had a talent. "Bella, you can call me Alice… I know we are going to be great friends…Your daughter is adorable… You have to know that you can count on me for anything you need…friends?"

"Thanks for your help Alice, of course we can be friends…"

"Oh let me introduce you to Rosalie and Emmett McCarty… Hey Rose…"

"Good morning Alice, how many coffees have you had today?"

"Oh sh…" She stopped herself to look at the little boy in Rosalie's arms while Rosalie arched an eyebrow at her. "…Be quiet, let me introduce you to Bella Swan, Bella this is Rosalie McCarty, her husband Emmett McCarty and their son Kellan."

"Nice to meet you all…" I say while shaking Rosalie and Emmet's hands and waving at Kellan…"

"You too Bella…" Said Rosalie with a smile on her face…

"Oh Kellan you can go inside, you have to meet Bella's daughter Renesmee…" And with that, the little kid jumped from his mother's arms and went running into the classroom…

"Well I just hope my son doesn't get wrapped around your daughter's little fingers…" Emmett said with a teasing voice, but the smile went right out of his face when Rosalie slapped his arm.

"Emmett McCarty how dare you say something like that? Don't pay attention to him Bella, he is just a big mouthed jerk… you can call me Rose by the way…"

"Babe, what was that for? I was just trying to make small talk and see if this little squirrel could think of a good comeback… ouch… damn it… you have got to stop that." he said when Rose slapped him again, and I just couldn't hold it back anymore I started laughing uncontrollably…

"You see? I told you she would like me… you didn't have to be so rude to me… now you just have to do something to make me happy again…" He said teasingly to which Rose just narrow her eyes and went to whisper something in his ear which make him smile and he took her in his arms and gave her a sweat kiss…

"Can you please stop the PDA in front of a school full of kids?" Alice said pretending to be angry.

"Oops… Sorry!" Emmett said sounding not sorry at all.

"Well… it was really nice to meet you all, but I think I should go now… I kind of didn't park my car…"

"You see moron… Now you are scaring her away…" Rosalie said hitting Emmett again, which was hilarious.

"No… really guys I just have to go I really didn't park my car, and I have to pack, I will see you around…"

"Ok Bella, go and don't worry I will take care of Nessie…" Alice said with a smile.

"Thanks," I said with a sigh and walked out of there.

As I said before I had left my car in the middle of the drive…

"Officer." I said to make the man in front of me to turn around. I gasped when I saw this super sexy police officer... tall, blond, with blue eyes ... Wow. I tense a little when I realize he was also looking at me.

"Yes?" He said with a smile.

"I am so sorry for not parking how I was supposed to, it's just that… I just had a problem…" I sighed in frustration. "How much is it?"

"It's nothing, don't worry about it… What's your name?"


"Well Bella, this time you will only get a warning, but I need to see your driver's license…"

"Yes, of course." I went to the car and pulled out my license. "Here it is" I said giving it to him…

He look at it thoughtfully. "I must admit that you came out very pretty in this picture, not as much as you are personally but…" He said seductively but a blonde guy with slightly wavy hair and honey eyes approached us, equally handsome I may add… The men of Phoenix are all very good looking... and I, as a good single parent, have the right to look at them…

"Mike." said the stranger. "What are you doing man?" He said looking at me with curiosity…

"I was warning Bella to park her car better next time." he said dismissing the topic. "Did you go to see Alice yet?"

"No, she is meeting the kids and their parents…"

"Alice? The kindergarten teacher?"

"Yeah, you know her?" The stranger asked me.

"Yes. I just met her." I smiled at him

"Do you have your little sister there?" Mike asked, smiling as he threw a sly smirk to his partner, while he gave him a bottle of water. "Thanks I was thirsty" He said politely.

"No… my daughter." Mike spat water comically, the blond boy next to me started laughing like crazy and I followed him…

"I think you lose your chance dude, she is married." He said trying to calm his laughter; I was saddened by that comment... I wish I was home with the father of my daughter, married…

"Ermm... no, I'm not married."

"You have a boyfriend?" The guy who I still didn't know the name of asked me and I was not going to say anything about Edward.

"No… I am a single mother…" The blond guy just nodded and Mike relaxed his face… "What's your name" I asked to the blond guy.

"Jasper Whitlock." He says while shaking my hand. "Do you know Alice?"

"Yeah, she is my daughter's teacher, and you are?"

"Her boyfriend." I nodded.

Just then, the bell rang and the children went to the playground, all of us looked at Alice who was walking towards us with a puzzled look on her face.

"Jazzie" She said happily giving a light kiss on his lips. "Mike" She greeted. "I see you guys already met Bella…"

"Yes." Mike said looking at me. "Bella… tonight is the opening of a new bar a few blocks away from here and we were planning on check it out, would you like to come with us?"

"Erm… Yeah that will be great!"

"Great, well I will call you" Mike said smiling and walking away, I tried, I really tried to hold my laugh but I couldn't.

"Mike?" I called and he turned around. "I think if you want to call me, you kind of need my phone number." I said while putting the most serious face I could master… without cracking up, but Jasper and Alice where not helping, they were laughing, really hard behind me.

"Yes, of course, I was just going to ask you…" And that did it, I start laughing… I give him my phone number. "Well, see you tonight…" He said while leaving with Jasper, Alice said goodbye and went back inside, as for me, I went back home to continue with my packing, we are moving in three weeks…and then I need to get ready for tonight, I think Nessie can stay with my mother tonight…

Three weeks later…

Moving day!

It was Sunday, the truth is I was tired, the last few weeks were exhausting, I made the move, helped Renesmee to be adapted to the new school, which was not difficult since she was a good girl and very sociable... she got that from her father I had always been the shy girl…I made new friends… Alice, Rose and I went out a couple of times, I went out with Mike, Jasper and Emmett too they all were really funny and very good friends of mine. I felt really good.

"Dear, go make sure you don't forget anything…" I told Renesmee while taking my purse.

"Cathy…" Renesmee said while she went running to find her favorite doll.

"Well hurry up, the moving truck is waiting downstairs to follow us to the new place." I cried, actually I was a bit nervous about the move, but everything is going to be alright. I had already checked everything twice as Renee told me to, I sighed a few times. A year ago my mother decided to move to Phoenix with her new boyfriend Phil. I still can't believe that my mother decided to leave my father. But now he was happy with his new girlfriend Sue who he says is awesome, I haven't met her because I don't have the guts to go back to Forks, maybe next time my dad comes to visit us he will bring her with him… My mom convinced me to move here to be closer to her instead of been all alone in Florida with nobody to help me with Nessie. I came here 3 months ago and rented this place because let's face it, leaving with my mom and her new boyfriend is a little awkward, but now with Nessie's new school and my new work I thought it was best to move somewhere else, somewhere… nicer. "Nessie."

"I'm coming..." She said running towards me and giving me her little hand.

We went down the elevator with my bags, Renesmee realize that I was a bit nervous and gave me a comforting hug, which I thought was really sweet. How can someone so small be so mature and responsible, and with only four years old?

"Good morning!" I greeted the taxi driver; my car just broke down yesterday and I took it to the mechanic, it's going to be there for a while.

"Good morning, Where to?"

"Umm…5402 E Washington St." I said and the man and he nodded.

"Is the new apartment nice mommy?" Nessie asked me.

"Yes darling, it's so bright and open you know? It's really nice; I know you will love it.

"Are we going to have neighbors to play with?"

"I don't know dear, I haven't met them yet…"

"I'm so excited!" She said tightening her little hand around mine.

"My little girl." I said giving her a kiss in the forehead.

The trip was uneventful; Renesmee looked out the window at the new neighborhood.

"We are here, it's $20.00." I nodded and paid the man, he helped me take the bags down and the moving truck parked just behind us. Jasper, Emmett, Mike, Alice and Rosalie have also come to help me to move everything… Let's do this…

"I'm exhausted." Alice said in a whisper while she, Rosalie and I crashed in my couch.

"Yeah, me too!" Rose and I said at the same time.

"Yeah of course you guys are tired, because you were the ones who brought all the stuff up 8 flights of stairs!" Emmett grumbled while Jasper and Mike were panting. I, very maturely, stick my tongue out at them and we all laughed.

"You know Bella? My cousin lives here… just next door from yours, and guess what? He is single… you should totally meet him, he is a great guy, isn't he guys? You all know him. I think she should introduce herself." Alice said excitedly arching her eyebrows.

"Yeah he is a great dude, a little uptight, but nice, I can say I considered him my brother…" Emmett said lost in thought.

"Guess what Alice? I don't care! I don't have time for a man right now; I have to think about my daughter…" Renesmee was lying in bed, asleep. "Let's not make too much noise, I don't want Renesmee to wake up" I said softly

"I don't think she will wake up in a while, that jumping flea never gets tired." Jasper said giving me a smile.

"She is beautiful." Alice said with a sweet smile to which Jasper nodded.

"Yeah, and very smart, I wonder who she got it from?" Emmett said mockingly and I hit his face with a pillow, earning a laugh from Alice and Rosalie.

"What Time Is It?" Alice asked suddenly.

"It's 1:45 am why?" Rose said

"We have a play at school tomorrow and I have to get there before all the kids…" she said yawning. "I think is better if we all leave, let Bella rest a little…"

"Yeah… I think you are right, I start tomorrow on Desert Vista High School, I am the new literature teacher, and I don't want to be late on my first day of work…"

"All right then that's settle, we will leave you to it, see you tomorrow at school, kiss, kiss…" Alice said between another yawn.

I kiss the girls cheeks and said goodbye to the boys and I went to bed.

The alarm clock took me out of my perfect Edward dreams… I always have them, there have not been a day in my life that I haven't dream about him since that night, that is kind of why I still alone… I had a beautiful dream, I dream about him, our night together, and our daughter. And a few questions came to my mind: Will he still be in Forks? Will he still be Tanya's boyfriend? What had become of him? Will I see him again?

I dressed a bit dejected at how quickly my brain worked in the mornings. I woke up Renesmee, and we ate breakfast together, I took her to school and went to my first day of work.

The day was calm, but exhausting. Mr. Berty was the principal of Desert Vista High School, he showed me each and every one of the corners of this place, and I was walking to exhaustion as it was really big, it was really huge! I saw some of the classes, I met some of my colleagues who gave me a warm welcome and I will see the rest of them tomorrow at the staff meeting. It was a really nice High School. And it was only 20 minutes away from my apartment. I like it!

"Mommy, how was your new job?" My little girl broke the silence after a quiet dinner.

"Well, I'm a little tired, but I really like the school." I said while I stuck a piece of fish in my mouth. The truth is that I had not stopped thinking about Edward all day. "How was school honey?" I saw my daughter's face saddened. "What is it, honey?"

"There's a kid that bothers me all the time and he doesn't leave me alone and I didn't do anything to him…" She said looking at the food dish that was in front of her.

"What did he do?"

"Today we were in class and Ms. Alice handed us white hearts to draw on and give it to someone special... I was going to give it to you but Kellan broke it because he said it was ugly and you were not going to like it, the other day he threw my cookie to the floor and Ms. Alice ground him but he stuck his tongue out at me and called me a cry baby." She said starting to cry.

"Oh... my little girl." I took her in my arms while she hided her face in my neck.

"But wasn't Kellan your friend, he is Rosalie's son right? I thought you guys were best friends… '

"Yeah, he was my friend but from one day to the other he began to ignore me and he started to bother me." She said crying harder.

"Renesmee?" I said wiping the tears away. "How do you feel about Kellan?

"He is my best friend and I like him a lot." She said while rubbing her little brown eyes…

"Well tell him that, and ask him why is he mad at you."

"I was trying to do it but now he hangs out with Tanya and I don't like her, and I am…

"Jealous." I affirmed and she nodded. Is it possible that it always has to be a Tanya who had to ruin our lives? Is this a curse or what? Tanya? Really?

"I had never feel like that before mommy…" she said worried.

"Don't feel bad Nessie, it is a common feeling, talk with Kellan and you will see that he would be your friend again, it will pass." I said stroking her hair.

"I hope so... thanks Mommy, I love you." She said giving me a kiss and she went to watch some TV.

I was washing dishes when the light was cut off, and Renesmee started calling me very scared from the dark, when I found her I didn't know what to do. I didn't have candles or a flashlight so I went out into the hallway. I walked to the nearby door for help, I think Alice said something about her cousin living there… since I was new and knew nothing about this building; I started knocking at the neighbor's door.

He opened the door and I almost had a heart attack right there, this could not be happening… it was… Edward.

"Bella?" He asked with surprise clear on his face, I can't believe he even remembered me…

"Edward." I whispered in disbelief.

"Who is he Mommy?" Renesmee asked me, wait Renesmee! My eyes widened. SHIT!

Earth! Please swallow me whole! After 4 years I had found the man of my life, having the opportunity to say to him that we had a daughter and I couldn't even speak!

What kind of a dream is this?

"Mommy?" Nessie said, calling my attention again.

"Bella, are you okay?" Edward asked, I was standing there motionless, my legs did not respond to what my brain ordered them… run get out of here now! My mouth was hanging open and nothing was coming out of it…

All I did was nod.

"You don't look okay at all... What are you doing here?"

"The thing is that the electricity went off in our apartment and Mommy and I are new here, and we got out looking for help… can you help us sir?" Renesmee said blushing. When she called him Sr. I felt like something was killing me from the inside, he was her father… she should call him dad…

"Of course darling." he said smiling "Do you want to come in?"

"Mom, can I, can I?" Nessie said taking small jumps, and I was still frozen in my place.

"I'll take that as a yes." Renesmee said going inside Edward's apartment.

Oh god... After four long years, I find the man that I love with every particle of my being, the one who made me his that time… The one I cried for millions of times. I cried… because I lost him… because he wasn't mine to lost him in the first place… because I knew that Edward was going to hurt me from the beginning… I cried because he just used me… I was blinded like a fool, thinking that he wanted me, I cried because I loved him unconditionally and he didn't care about my love for him, I cried because he would never know his daughter… and, I cried because I could never forget him.

And here he was, after all this time, fate hates me and it's never going to stop hurting me.

I love Edward, but I don't think I can forget what he did to me, I don't think I can ever trust him again…

"You are not going to wait outside are you?" He said signaling for me to get in, the nerve of this guy…

Wow... but he was as handsome as ever only taller, more muscular and developed, with his dirty just out of bed hair that was making me delirious, and those eyes were just as impressive as the last time I lost myself in them…

"No." I don't know where I got the strength to answer, but something popped into my head. Edward is my closest neighbor and, only one from this floor... that is a bit dangerous… for him. I slap myself mentally at that thought.

"Do you want some coffee?" He asked politely.

"No thanks." I mumbled.

"Do you want something cutie?" He asked looking at Renesmee who gave him a mischievous smile… they are so alike…

"No thanks. Where did you meet mom?" I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but every time Renesmee said mom Edward stiffened.

"In High School, we went to school together."

"Your name is Edward?"

"Yeah, what's your name beautiful?"

"Renesmee, but you can call me Nessie "

"What a beautiful name." He said with my favorite smile appearing on his face.

"Bells, do you want to sit?" Did he just call me Bells? How nice it sounded on his lips. I nodded and sat down. "And where is your husband?" Edward said seriously, staring at the floor.

"Mom doesn't have a husband." Nessie said answering Edward's question for me.

"Ah…" He said with a smile "Don't you have a daddy?"

"No." Renesmee answered in a whisper. "It's just mom and me... I've never met my dad... Mom, where is my Daddy?" I glared at Edward killing him with my eyes.

"Renesmee... do you like music?" Edward said trying to fix it.

"I love it..." She said standing from her chair and approaching Edward.

"I have a piano... do you want to see it?"

"Yes..." Renesmee cried excitedly while Edward took her in his arms, but before putting her on his shoulder he looked at me straight in the eyes.

"It doesn't bother you right, this is ok?" I shook my head and I stood to serve myself a glass of water, before he could see the tears that were almost falling from my eyes.

Holy God, I have the father of my daughter with my daughter and he doesn't know he is her father... he even asked permission to take care of her and give her his affection. I have to tell him, but what if he leaves? No, I won't let him, I will wait for the right time...

So, I decided to let it go, for now, and go to watch some TV.

The piano music stopped a while ago, I could not hear Renesmee's laughter anymore, or any other voices, and sleep was trying to take over me, and I have to go to work tomorrow... So I got up and went to see where they were doing.

When I opened the door to Edward's room I saw them… they were sleeping in the bed… arm in arm, father and daughter and they didn't even knew it… that is going to have to change. They should know...

I got out of there before I start to cry, I went to get my bag that was on the kitchen counter.

I felt hands grab my waist and shake me against a chest, which years ago had been mine. I tensed a little at the touch of his skin against me; I turned around to face those green eyes that I love so much, I was caught between the counter and Edward.

"Bells…" He whispered in my ear, I hid my face in the crook of his neck like that time…

"Mmmm..." was all I could say,

"Can we talk?"

"We're talking already..." I whispered

"With the truth, do you swear?" He said pressing his forehead with mine.

"I swear…"I said sleepily.

How I wish to have him like this forever. No Bella! What are you doing? What are you thinking? Don't you remember how much have you suffered because of him? That annoying little voice in my head reminded me. True I can't fall for him again.

I wanted to step away from him, but for some strange reason my body did not respond, we were attached like two magnets. Who am I kidding! I love Edward Cullen; I'll love him for the rest of my life. And I don't care about the consequences, if I am going to get hurt or not, the truth is that I didn't care anymore, I will give everything to be like this forever, Edward and I always together with our little Renesmee…

"Why didn't you call me anymore after that night? Why did you avoid me in school? Why didn't you answer my calls? Why didn't you receive me when I went to your house looking for you? I thought ... I thought you..." He asked saddened, interrupting my thoughts…

"Why do you think I did it...?" I asked starting to get upset, how dare he question me? "I went to your house and you were with Tanya..."

"You were the one at the door that day weren't you?" I was going to answer him with a smartass reply but I was cut short.

"Mommy!" Renesmee shouted from Edward's room.

Edward and I ran toward her worried, only that Edward got there first, he was always faster…

"Are you okay, honey?" I almost tear up when I heard him calling her like that and with worried in his voice…

"No, I had a nightmare, I am scared." Renesmee said sobbing, Edward and I sat beside her and I embraced her in my arms.

"Come on, honey. It's time to go." I took her in my arms but she released herself and hung around Edward's neck with both arms and he took her by her small waist.

"Can't we stay here today, Mommy?"

"Renesmee Carlie! Home now." I said pointing my finger towards the door, I saw Edward's face from the corner of my eye; he was biting his lip to keep from laughing of my strict mother side.

"It's not such a bad idea if you stay; the electricity is not working in your apartment, stay here and tomorrow in the morning we can call the manager..." Edward suggested

"Please, Mommy... Pleeaaaaaseeeeee?" Nessie said with a pout, Edward looked at her and imitated her pout and that was just not fair to me. "Besides, Edward invited us to stay, he doesn't mind… Do you Edward?"

"I definitely want you to stay..."I was about to protest but Edward interrupted me "…and I will not accept no for an answer, not questions..."

"Well, ok then... but only for today." I surrendered. "And because we don't have electric service."

"Yes..." Nessie yelled raising her little fist in the air and jumping into bed with Edward.

"But you are going to sleep, Nessie, now..." I said with my authoritarian mother voice.

"Yes, I'm already asleep…"

Please don't hurt me!

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