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I could never forget you

Chapter 3


We went with the children to break the news, I was surprised when I saw Kellan again, he was gorgeous… He was a few inches taller than Nessie, blond a bit darker than Rosalie's color, big as Emmett, with the same eye color and nose as him. I insist men in Phoenix are hot, including little kids.

"Nessie, Kellan is invited to go to the movies with us." I said smiling.

"Will you come with us, Kellan?" Nessie said while blushing slightly, he nodded, smiling at her.

"Ok then… let's go…" I said animated.

All of us got in Edward's car and we went to the theatre. When we got there I took the kids to the line with me while Edward bought food and drinks for them.

"What do you guys want to watch?" I asked animated.

"MEGAMIND." Both of them answered excitedly.

"Alright… MEGAMIND it is." I said smiling at their enthusiasm.

"Yes how can I help you?" The adorable lady who sales the tickets asked me.

"We want four tickets for Megamind please." I answer her politely.

"Family night?" She asked with a smiled on her face while she typed something in the computer. I was about to answer her but I was interrupted.

"Yes." Edward said interrupting me.

"Such a nice family. Here are your tickets, theater number 11… enjoy…"

"Thank you." We all said at the same time. We started walking to theater number 11. The movie was quite entertaining for a cartoon. I just couldn't stop laughing. When it ended we decided to take the kids to Burger King for dinner. After dinner, I called Rosalie to inform her that we were heading back and we went to leave Kellan home. It was late; we were going to Edward's apartment in his car. Nessie slept in the back seat while I stared out the passenger window.

Throughout the night, I noticed that Kellan was quite bipolar with Nessie at times, sometimes he just got mad at her for no reason, I think I have to talk to Nessie about it…

"Bells what are you thinking?" Edward said taking me out from my thoughts. I could never get use to him calling me like that; it's so cute and so sweet…

"I… I think… I was thinking that Kellan is quite bipolar with Nessie, sometimes he just treats her… he is kind of… mean to her, and others he is such a sweet boy…" I trailed off. "I don't understand." I said so that Edward will know what I was thinking. He just laughed aloud, leaving me puzzled…

"I thought I was the only one who noticed it." He said still laughing. I just arched an eyebrow and looked at him confused."

"Bella... there are times that… when a boy likes a girl, and he doesn't know how to let her know… he just… bothers her… annoys her… whatever you want to call it, it's just to get her attention." He said leaving me even more confused than before.

"But... that's… absurd." I said shaking my head... "Why doesn't he just say it out loud?"

"Because he is a boy." Edward said in a Duh! Tone, like it was the most obvious thing in the world

"Ohhh… Now I get it…" I nodded and he smiled foolishly at me. "Of course, boys… well… man in particular, don't know how to think clearly, so they look for a way to get the girls attention by doing stupid shit like bothering them, or annoying the shit out of them, or making them jealous, to make them think that they hate them… Why didn't I saw it? I don't know why I didn't realize it before, all man are just plain damn stupid… even little boys…" I said laughing and emphasizing the "Stupid" with the most serious voice, and he hit me playfully.

"Well you know you all love it baby…" He said giving me his crooked smile.

"I had to agreed that women, especially me, have needs that only a man or rather a fool can indulge to please us." I said still making fun of him. Edward came to my ear dangerously close…

"I will happily let you call me a fool, as long as I am the men that will be pleasing you…" Edward said sexily as he stroked my leg near my wet sex. I snap an audible moan, which make Edward smiled.

I really didn't want him to win… so I kept talking…

"Well only a fool like you…" I said putting my index finger under his chin, pulling him towards me. "…can please me…" Now it was him who cried a moan, I smiled triumphantly.

"You're a bad girl Swan." Edward said with his eyes full of lust.

"Then… I guess you have to punish me…" I whispered in his ear before biting him, making him groan again.

"Bella..." Edward threatened.

"Did I do something wrong?" I said putting the most innocent face I could master, the face of an angel…

"Yes, don't play the innocent little girl with me; wait until we get home..." He said, turning to focus on the road. "You are driving me crazy." He said still not looking at me, but I was looking at him, I want to relive the day of the dance right now…

When we arrive in Edward's apartment (I still didn't have electricity and it was hot in my apartment with no AC… And he didn't want to let us go back to our apartment until its ready…) I put Nessie in his room and I went back to Edward. He was sitting on the couch thinking.

"I would pay to know what you are thinking about right now…" I said in his ear startling him and rounding his neck with my arms.

"You…" He said looking into my eyes.

"Oh really? Can I know what about me specifically?


"Oh come on Edward! Don't be like that, tell me pleaseeeeeeee!" I said looking at him with puppy eyes. He shook his head.

"And... there's nothing I can do that will make you change your mind?" I ask turning to the front of the couch and sitting on his lap, rounding his neck with my arms again.

"Erm... no?" Edward said not sure, actually, it sounded more like a question than a statement.

"Ugh..." I said angrily, frowning and crossing my arms aver my chest.

"Don't pretend to be angry, you are a terrible liar, I will not say anything and there is nothing you can do that will make me change my mind." I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you sure about that Edward? Are you sure that nothing I do will convince you?" I said as I straddle his waist. I heard with swallowing with difficulty…

I think I heard Edward mutter an inaudible "yes"

"Oh really…? I think little Eddie does not agree with you…" I said remembering little Eddie in action, a lusty smile stuck to my face.

I started rubbing my sex against his erection making friction.

"Bella!" Edward moaned. I began to devour his irresistible neck, earning arousing moans and groans from Edward which prompted me to keep going.

"You know what Edward...?" I said devouring his neck and then moving to his lips.

"What?" He said with a husky voice that turned me on in an extraordinary way.

"I've always wanted to do something..." I said blushing… Edward realized that…

"What?" He asked, now more interested.

"No... Nothing, never mind…"

"What is it Bella?"

"I… I had always wanted to know what it feels... Edward?" I called. "Have you ever had oral sex?" I asked making both of us blush.

"Why are you asking this now?"

" I was just… curious ..."

"Erm… yes, why?"

"Really? Who?"

"Really… Bella why are you asking me this?"

"Nothing really, I always wanted to ask... what does it feel like?" I was a little curious, and a little jealous too, it's not cool to know that the man you love has had oral sex with some random slot who decided to suck his dick.

"Bella…what's wrong? Do you… do you want to try it?"

"No, no..." I said turning red. Actually yes, I did want to try, but I was not going to tell Edward that…

"So what is this all about?"

"I was just curious and I wanted to know how it feels…?"

"You've never tried?" He asked surprised.

"No, I have never… I haven't been with… never mind…" I said turning red, I almost said something really stupid like: I had never been with anyone else but you. "Why? Do you want to try?" I said trying to save my slip… yeah right… Now Edward was the one who turned red. Please say yes, please say yes…

"No, unless you want to… Now where were we?"

"You were about to tell me what you were thinking if I…

"You let me teach you what oral sex is?" Yes! Blessed you Edward Cullen.

"Okay, now tell me!"

"I was thinking that tomorrow we can ask Rose and Emmett to take care of Nessie for a while, so you can pay attention to me; I have some ideas in mind. You have to catch up on all the kisses you owe me from the last four years…" I could have left her with my mom but he is right is better if she stays with Rose and Emmett, she can have some fun with Kellan and Emmett…

"Mm... do we seriously have to wait until tomorrow?"

"Yes, you and Nessie will have a mother-daughter afternoon while I have the surprise ready." When I heard the word "surprise" I frowned and Edward laughed at me.

"Well beautiful, it's time for you to go to bed." I pouted I didn't wanted to go to bed yet. "Bella, you know I will love to go with you but Renesmee is in there…" He said in a sad voice, he seems to feel like I do for not sleeping together.

"Good night, Edward." I said giving him a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Good night love…" Edward said copying the gesture.

I can't believe he called me love, how sweet. Hopefully someday I'll have the strength to be able to tell him the truth.

One problem is that he seems to be interested in me, the other problem is that I don't think Edward wants to have a daughter, I am sure he would think that the "real" father of my daughter left me and now I want him to be responsible for us, or perhaps he would hate me for all eternity for not telling him that we have a daughter... what would he think? How do I know if he is going to take it badly or not? I can't possibly know…. Tomorrow when we're alone I'll tell him the truth, and he would decide what to do about it…

Gosh! Men are seriously stupid aren't they? Doesn't Edward realize that Nessie looks a hell of a lot like him? That she doesn't have a father? That her birthday is exactly 9 months after Edward and I were together? Not that I told him that… but she is four years old for crying out loud! Doesn't he see that my little girl's name is the combination between the names of my mother and his? Isn't it obvious? With all this question in my head I fall asleep, dreaming about the day we would be a family together…

The next day I woke up and we took Nessie to school, this time Edward got off the car with me to leave her in her classroom because she asked him to go with her with those poppy eyes nobody can deny her anything with and he gave in. As soon as Alice saw Edward she throw herself at him in a huge hug…

"Edward, how is my favorite cousin doing?" Alice asked animatedly.

"Hey Alice, long time no see, and just for the record, I am your only cousin…"

"I know silly… I am just glad to see you; I haven't seen you in like a month… what are you doing here anyway?" She asked confused.

"I asked him to come with us…" Nessie answered for him and Alice suddenly looked at her with wide eyes, then back to Edward, then back at Nessie, and back to Edward again, then she finally looked at me, and in that moment I knew, that she knew. I don't know how, but she knew he was Renesmee's father and I could not deny it to her.

"Well it was nice to see you Edward, and I am sure I will see you more often now… Bella… Would you like to have lunch with me today?"

"Sure Alice…"

"Then that's settle, bye, bye now…"

And because my little elf of a friend was filled with doubts I decided that after the school day I would join her for a drink and tell her everything in details. After that very pleasant conversation with Alice, Edward and I went to work.

Today was an easy day I didn't saw Edward much except for lunch and when I finish the day I went with Edward to take Nessie and Alice.

Edward and Nessie went home because Edward "had to buy" some things to "fix the house" he really doesn't know how to lie… Nessie went to take a bathe and change so she could go to Kellan's house to play.

I was at a little Starbucks with Alice and Rosalie (since, apparently, I own her and explanation too) sitting waiting for the waiter to bring us coffee ...

"Start talking!" Alice and Rosalie said at the same time with a face that would have scared the hell out of the Loch Ness Monster…

"Well, I lived in Forks as you already know… Edward and I went to school together, we were seniors and Edward was Tanya's boyfriend… she was the cheerleader captain… they broke up, I have never asked him why, so I don't know why…. and I had always been in love with him…. Edward never looked at me, even tough we have most of our classes together and we even were lab partners in biology… he never noticed me, he didn't even speak to me, he never pay any attention to me... From one day to the other he shows up in front of me, and invites me to prom, I said yes without thinking twice. The day of the prom, he picked me up at my house, but he was been very rude to me. In the dance all he ever did was looked at his ex… Tanya… dancing with the football quarterback James Hunter… I figured he was just using me to make her jealous… So I decided to stop the humiliation of being his second choice and decided to leave without even telling him. I was walking down the street when Edward parked his car next to me and he forced me to get into the car, we argued... After all the arguing… we ended up having sex in the backseat of his car… in the middle of the action my best friend from Forks… Angela called me to see if I was ok, I was to cough up in the moment to talk to her and Edward began to distract me…. So I cut my damn phone and rolled him to the back of his car and ended up with what we started…."

"I think that is kind of obvious…" Rosalie said arching an eyebrow and I blushed.

"Shut up Rose, go on…" Alice said looking at me.

"The next day I woke up in my room without Edward, which upset me a lot… When I went downstairs to asked my mom about him she told me that it was her fault Edward had brought me back home, she had called him concerned… she didn't knew where I was, because I didn't answer my phone… then I remembered I had left my cell phone in Edward's car… I thought it was the perfect excuse to go see him. So when I went to his house… Tanya opened the door and told me that Edward had used me, and that they were back together and that I should go away and leave them alone... From that moment I swear to myself that I would never talked about Edward Cullen again… And then I found out I was pregnant." I let Alice and Rosalie process the information I had just given them…

"Bella Wow... now that's a story. But if Edward is Nessie's father…" Alice started but was interrupted by Rosalie.

"Why is it that neither of them knows about each other? Because I know for a fact that Edward doesn't know he is Renesmee's father."

"I decided to hide it. I didn't want to tie him to me when he was in love with someone else… After that day I just avoided him and when I found out I was pregnant I was scared… What would he think? I thought he would think that I got pregnant consciously just to tie him to me… I thought he would not want to mess his future with a child and I love him enough to not want to tie him to us… I let him continue with his life as if nothing had happen that night… I moved out of Forks shortly after I found out I was pregnant, which was when I was like 4 months and I was starting to show, I went to Florida and my mom and dad went to visit once in a while, they were there when Renesmee was born and I told them not to tell Edward." At the end I saw Alice and Rose looked at me disapprovingly. "Don't look at me like that; what did you expected me to do? I could not just appear on his doorstep after ignoring him for moths and tell him that I was pregnant and that he was the father and that I wanted him to leave Tanya and his future so he could take care of our child… I could not do that to him… he didn't want me… I would have been broken if he didn't want his own baby either…" I said exasperated.

"No, you're right. But Bella, you can't keep a secret like this any longer; you'll never know how he would have acted… just take a chance." Alice said, taking my hand.

"Besides… have you seemed them together? Edward seems to adore your daughter, I am pretty sure that if she wasn't his he would have loved her anyways, but she is… and Renesmee? She loves him too… I think that… deep down… way deep down, they know that they are related, you know blood calls and all that…" Rosalie said with a smiled on her face.

"Yes, I was planning on telling him tonight, that is kind of why Rose is taking Nessie with her…" I said with a smile that didn't reach my eyes. I was nervous.

"Well, you can't wait any longer. And Bella, we will never leave you alone. You are our friend… we love you and Nessie, we will be with you even if we have to kick Edward's ass…" Alice said as she hugged me to give me strength…

"Thank you" I said wiping a few tears that escaped my eyes accidentally. "I will call Edward to come and get us; he can take Rose and Renesmee to her house and you to yours…tomorrow I'll tell you what happened…" I said while taking my cell phone out of my handbag to call Edward.

And that's what we did; Edward picked us up and left Rose and Nessie in Rose's house and we took Alice home.

I could not believe what I saw when I got to Edward's apartment. The table was neatly done, with candles and all… table for two… slow classical music was playing in the background, and there was a path of rose petals that went from the table to his room…

"Bella, will you please sit down?" Edward said extending his hand, which I took, leading me to the table settling down in a seat in front of him. "Today we are having a special dinner, my mom's secret recipe for mushroom ravioli."

"It sounds delicious, Edward." I said sincerely.

"I'm going to served it, stay here." He ordered playfully and went to the kitchen.

He came back with two plates that looked seriously delicious. "Enjoy…" was all he said as he place the plate in front of me and pour some wine for us. Dinner was quiet, really delicious food, we talked about everything, I love talking to Edward, I think his way of thinking and expressing himself are incredible. I don't understand how I could have live without him for so long…

"Bella, I love this song… Dance with me?" Edward asked with a smiled on his face.

"Edward, I think you should know that… I can't dance… I'm a terrible dancer…" I said embarrass of myself, I should have taken some dancing lessons a long time ago… too late now…

"It doesn't matter, it's all in the leading…" Edward said teasingly and offering me his hand, which I took, and lead me to the center of the room. He took my waist tightly with his right hand while the left took my hand gently. He treated me like I was a breakable doll, like if he touched me with more force than necessary he would break me into pieces…

"Bella… I was wondering…How old is Renesmee?"

"What? Why do you want to know?"

"Because I wanted to know if there was any chance that..." He said looking at the floor.

"Edward?" I said realizing that it was time to tell him the whole truth. The tears quickly fell from my eyes uncontrollably, what would happen if he does not want Nessie and leave us? I don't care is a risk that I have to take…

"Yes?" He said looking into my eyes.

He saw that I was crying and wanted to say something, but I didn't let him. I stopped dancing while the song "I don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith was playing, I hugged him tightly for a few minutes, and kissed him. I kissed his lips that I may not be able to kiss again after this, his forehead, his neck, his cheeks, everything…

"Edward... I love you, I could never forget you, I love you too much to let you go, you and my daughter… our daughter are all I have, I'm happy with you by my side, I have always loved you. I don't want you to be angry with me or with Nessie, I don't want you to leave us, forgive me, please forgive me, I'm a fool. I know you don't love me, I swear that I didn't got pregnant on purpose, I didn't tell you because I knew that you didn't loved me, I knew that you loved Tanya, I didn't want to ruin your life by having a child with me… and we were so young, forgive me I'll understand if you don't want to see me ever again in your life, I will understand if you hated me starting today, I understand, I deserve it. But please just ... never forget how much I love you, how much I loved you and how much I will love you for the rest of my life. You're the only man I had ever been with, you are the only one that I want, and you are... the one for me…" He was shocked and he wanted to say something but I didn't let him.

"But before you say anything, I just want you to know that I don't regret anything. I don't regret having met you, or having sex with you after prom, or having Renesmee, I don't regret anything. You are my everything, thank you... my life now has meaning because of you, because you helped me bring the most important thing into my life." Edward was in shock, just a few seconds after I finished talking he process the information and looked at me with moist eyes.

"Bella… you don't have an idea of how happy I am to hear this… I always wanted a daughter and more if it was with you, Nessie is a beautiful girl. I love you, Bella, more than my own life and I love our daughter. Oh My God I have a daughter… But I dare to say that you're the only woman who takes my sleep away, the only one that makes me have the desire to continue, to fight, to love, to feel, you're the one, or rather were, because now my daughter is too. Bella thanks for giving me a daughter like Nessie. I love you for that and for so many others things… You are special, you are beautiful, you are strong, and you are everything I could have ever looked for in a woman… Now how could you believe that I will leave you? Or get mad at you? You are nuts if you think you will get rid of me that easily. You know? Deep down… I had a feeling inside that I was her father, but I refused to believe it… And Bella I had never in my life lied to you, I invite you to prom because I have love you since the first moment I saw you, I just didn't have the courage to leave Tanya and go after you, when you accepted to go to prom with me I was really nervous, and when I saw you in your prom dress, I was speechless, I didn't know what to say or do, and it irritated me, because I had you with me and I wasn't able to do anything, I never used you Bella I never in life deceive you, I told you what happen that day you went to my house and Tanya was there, I told her that I loved you and she was really mad, I know she said a lot of stuff to you but I swear that everything she said was a lie… Now I want you to promise me two things…"

"What are they?"

"The first is that you will never hide anything from me ever again. I don't care if is the most stupid thing in the world or a serious problem. You will always be sincere. The second and more importantly, you will marry me. We are going to tell Renesmee the whole truth in an appropriate manner. We are going to buy a house and we'll all live together." He said kissing me after every sentence.

"Of course, Yes love, nothing would make me happier than to spend my whole life with you."

"And I have a third condition..."

"Tell me." I said before Edward devoured my mouth.

"You will have to catch up with the four years of kisses you owe me and I'll catch up with the paternity of my daughter, and promise me that you will never leave me again."

"Edward I'm the happiest person in the world. And I will never, ever, leave you again… Did you hear me? We are going to be together forever." I said to emphasize my statement.

"For ever." He said and kissed me. He picked me up bridal style and took me to his room, where we will be spending the rest of the night catching up with four years of love…

"I love you Bella" Edward said before placing me gently on his rose petals covered bed.

"I love you too Edward." I said looking at him in the eyes; we started to take each other's clothes off.

"You are so beautiful…" Edward said looking at my naked body. I blushed and brought him to my lips. He started kissing every single part of my skin. My neck, my shoulder, my collar bone… my breasts… he went down my body to my belly, my hip bones… but he skipped the part where I wanted him the most, he went back to kiss my lips. "I want you…" He whispered in my ear, which made me shiver.

"I want you too… make love to me Edward…" And he did, and it was great, better than last time, it was better because now we knew that we loved each other, because we knew that we were going to be together forever…

The next day I woke up in Edward's arms, which made me smile because that didn't happen last time… I snuggle closer to his chest and closed my eyes again. He stirred a little and then he start making random patters in my back with his fingers.

"Good morning love." He said in a husky voice.

"Good morning handsome." I said moving over him, I could feel not so little Eddie making an appearance.

"You don't know how many times I dreamed about waking up with you over my chest." He said with a smile on his face taking a hold of my hips as I straddle his waist.

"Same here…" I said while moving my center over Eddie and Edward growled at me, which I thought was really sexy.

"Bella…" He said in a menacing tone.

"Yes?" I said in an innocent voice.

"You have to stop, if you don't want me to lose the little control I have…"

"I want you to lose control…" I said seductively in his ear before biting it. And that did it, I don't know how, but I was under his body in less than a second… and for the rest of the morning…

Three hours later, we went to pick up Renesmee. I was a little nervous, I mean, how do you say to your daughter that she has a father, and that she knows him? It's complicated. I didn't know how to bring the subject up with her, Edward took my hand and gave me a small reassuring smile, I am sure he was nervous too, but we can do this… together.

I rang the bell in Rose's home and she opened the door with a smiled on her face. "Hey Bella, Edward, how are you guys today?" She said politely but I knew better than that, she wanted to know what happened.

"Perfect, fantastic, isn't today the most beautiful day?" Edward answered and she let out a relaxing breath, she was a really good friend, she was worried about us.

"Sure it is… Come on in, your daughter in playing with Kellan and Emmett in the living room." And so we went inside her house. Emmett was arguing with the kids, he was a big kid himself.

"Hey that's no fair; you guys are cheating on me."

"No we are not; we are playing as fair as we can, you are just no playing it right." Nessie said in her singsong voice. They where playing the Sponge Bob Squared Pants "sorry" game. It was hilarious to see Emmett arguing with my daughter, he couldn't win.

"You are cheaters, dirty little cheaters…" Emmett reply.

"Hey don't talk to my girl like that." Edward said pretending to be mad at Emmett.

"Edward! Mommy!" Nessie yelled excitedly and run to us. She hugged Edward and he hugged her bag, I was crying quietly and he was too.

"Why are you crying Edward?" She said with a frown on her face and running a hand through his hair, it was really sweet.

"Nothing sweetie, nothing… I am just allergic to… to…" We all raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh never mind, I am just happy to see you, I missed you."

"Really?" She said with wide eyes. "How estrange… I missed you too." And we all laugh at that.

"Well then lets go, we have to talk to you Nessie."

"Alright mommy, bye Kellan, Rose, Emmett…"

"Thank you Rose, Emmett…" I said getting out of the door.

"No problem, remember, we are always here for you little sis. And if he messes up, just tell me and I will clean the floor with his ass." Emmett said in my ear while he gave me one of his papa bear hugs…

"Thanks Emm…" I said tearing a little more, I really had good friends. I got in the car with Edward and Nessie and we waved goodbye.

"So what do we have to talk about mommy?"

I clear my throat. "Well… I… we… can we… we will talk when we get home honey…" I didn't know how to say this, it was difficult. We got home and Edward opened the front door for us to come into his apartment. Nessie went straight to his couch and sat like a little lady, waiting for me to start talking. I guess that was my cue to start.

"Nessie, you see… I… we… Edward…"

"Nessie, do you remember when I told you that I went to the same school as your mommy?" Edward said looking at her and she nodded. "Well... she was my girlfriend…"

Renesmee's eyes widened. "Really? That is so cool." I think she understood where he was getting at, so I let him finish what he started.

"Well… what I am trying to say is that… I am your… you are my…"

"You are my daddy?" She asked smiling widely.

"YES!" We both said at the same time, which apparently she thought was really funny because she started laughing.

"I knew it! That's why I liked you so much…"

"You like me?"

"Of course daddy… I can call you daddy right?"

He hugged her to his chest and cried. "Of course you can call me daddy, I love you Renesmee."

"I love you too daddy…" She said hugging him back.

"Hey, what about me?" I said crying a little myself. And both of them hugged me and said "I love you" at the same time.

I was happy, we told the whole truth to Renesmee and she loved knowing that she had a father and that he was Edward. Life couldn't get any better…

Several months later we moved to a big house, that was way too big for my taste, but Edward said that his two special girls deserve the best, and you just can say no to him…

We got married we went on our honeymoon to Isle Esme one of the islands that Edward's parents own. When we got back from our 2 moth honeymoon I found out I was pregnant again but I knew that this time I would not be alone.

I Isabella Swan became the happiest person in the world, having the most loving and caring man in the world with me, with whom I marry, have a daughter and another child on the way.

I could never forget Edward, I didn't wanted to. Like Edward said once, if faith or destiny brought us together again, we had to give ourselves a second chance. When two people really love each other, they always end up together… For ever…


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