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Six year old Alice Weasley sat cowering in the corner of her cage as about five death eaters stood staring at her. "Let's just kill her now," One suggested

"Not until Lucius is done with her," Another said.

"Stand aside!" A man exclaimed "All of you, let me see her," The death eaters parted and Lucius Malfoy walked up to the front of Alice's cage. "This is her? The child who will decide the future? She's no older than Draco! Yaxly! Dolohov! Come here,"

"Yes, Lucius," Yaxly and Dolohov stepped forward

"Are you sure this is her?" Malfoy asked

"Without a doubt sir," Yaxly said

"Very well," Lucius nodded and left, the death eaters following him. Alice was alone, shivering and wanting her Mom. A few minutes later a white haired boy walked in, fumbled with a necklace around his neck and pulled out a key, put it in the lock on Alice's cage, turned it and swung the door open.

He motioned for Alice to get out and follow him "Quickly!" He said Alice stayed in place. "Before they come back!"

"Who are you?" Alice asked.

"No one of any importance, now come on!" He grabbed Alice's hand and ran out. They ran up a flight of stairs, through two hallways before they were caught. Instead of getting grabbed like the boy did, Alice got the torture curse. She fell to the floor and started to scream. She had never felt worse pain in her life ( And she thought it hurt when she broke her arm when she was five) The death eater picked her up by her arm and dragged her into another room. He shoved her into a chair and used invisible bonds to make sure she stayed there; normally Alice would have fought back but die to the fact she had no energy from the torture curse she didn't.

After twenty minutes of waiting Lucius Malfoy walked in and crouched down in front of her. "Why did you try to run away?"

"I don't want to be here."

"Well that's too bad isn't it? You shall stay here until we are done with you.. Understand?"

Alice's only response was her spit in Lucius' eye. He growled and slapped her. She gave him a death glare. "I hate you."

"A lot of people do." Lucius said and left.

Poor little Alice was in the Malfoy manor for four weeks getting tortured and getting asked questions about the future.

She finally escaped with the help of the blond boy and she apperated home (I told you she had special powers).

Alice stumbled into the front door of the Burrow, to see her mother crying in a chair in a corner and many other people she didn't know. "Mommy?" Alice said, Molly looked up her face lit up, she ran to her daughter and pulled her into a big hug "My baby," Molly sobbed and Arthur joined the embrace.

"Aunt Molly," Ginny said and tugged on her sleeve, "Auntie Molly I have a paper cut," Basically what she was doing was she was trying to get the attention on her. It didn't work, Arthur just told her to go play. By then the rest of Alice's family had come downstairs and joined the family hug. Alice had never been so happy to be home.

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