Hey everyone wus up. This is my first fanfic I hope you all like it. It's awesometastic.

Just so you know this is all in Percy's Point of View

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One Partly cloudy afternoon, Nico, Grover, Annabeth, Percy, Travis, Conner, and Clarisse were hanging out by the lake.

"I am sooo bored," I said in agony.

"We can all talk about our feelings for each other." Annabeth suggested.

"No we did that yesterday."

"I have an idea." Nico said excitedly.


"You have an idea!" Grover shouted.

"Umm yeah, I was thinking we could play truth or dare." Nico said.

There were murmurs of agreement among the group.

"Okay Nico, we'll play your little game." Said Clarisse

Everyone gathered in a circle on the beach.

"Okay Nico you should go first since you suggested the game." I said plainly.

"Ok, Grover truth or Dare," said Nico.

"Truth," said Grover "No I want a Dare, no, no I want truth."

"Ok, Truth it is, Grover have you ever dated a plant besides Juniper?"

Grover looked redder than the Hephaestus's forges. "Do you all swear on the river Styx that none of you will tell Juniper?"

"We swear on the River Styx that we won't tell Juniper," everyone said.

Boom Boom.

"Good, I once dated this poisonous berry bush, but it was just so she could protect from some mean Ares bullies. Oh man, she was brutal. She gave them some of her berries and they had to walk around camp with giant swelled up faces for a month. Trust me extra hideous Ares kids are not fun." Grover explained

"Hey," Clarisse shouted, "I was one of those Ares Kids."

Wow, Clarisse is so going to beat up Grover for that.

There were a few snickers from everyone else.

"Grover come with me!"

"Are you going to hurt me." Grover said

"Yeah probably, now come on wimp."

"Percy, stop her," Grover pleaded.

"Sorry G-man it came out of your mouth not mine." I said.

"Fine but I have one last request before I die," Grover said. (light dims and spotlight shines on Grover.) "Percy take my turn for me."

" Will do G-man" I said.

Clarisse dragged Grover away to the woods.

"I'm sure we'll see him again guys." I said hoping to lift their spirits up. "Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. Should we organize a search party or start digging a grave?" I asked.

" Let's continue the game" said Travis. "I can't wait for my turn."

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