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Summary: Clare is only half evil. At school she is an innocent, straight edge saint... and outside of school, hn, well you can guess the rest.


"Eli stop it! We're at school!" Clare hissed. I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. I let go of her waist and pulled my mouth away from her neck. She smiled hesitantly at me and I half smiled in return. Clare reached up and she touched my face saying, "I'm sorry Eli. I just… you know I don't want us to get in trouble. PDA is strictly forbidden at this school now." I responded, "I know… I just can't help it." I flashed Clare my signature smirk, the one that causes her to melt, and she blushed, looking away. Clare turned back around and she closed her locker shut.

"I know you can't help it Eli, just promise me you'll control yourself for the rest of the day." Clare looked back up at me and I nodded my head. I snaked my arm around her shoulders and walked her to class. She took her usual seat in English, as well as I. I tapped my fingers on the desk and licked the corner of my bottom lip. I felt Clare lean forward in her desk and her breath tickled the back of my neck. She whispered, "Do you have a pencil I could borrow?" I frowned a little. I reached into my pocket and handed her the spare pencil I always had. She took it and kissed the side of my neck saying, "Thank you."

"Good morning class, today we are going to continue working on last night's assignment, I hope everyone worked hard last night, because the paper is due at the end of this period." Ms. Dawes announced. I smirked a little… okay so I didn't get the paper done… I mean Clare was over at my house and well… ha ha. I got a little bit distracted. And, by a little bit. I mean a lot.

Clare can be such a little tease when nobody's around. I sighed and shook my head a little. I felt someone tap my head with a pen. I looked up and smiled sheepishly at Ms. Dawes. She said, "Mr. Goldsworthy, it seems you haven't gotten started on last night's assignment. I hope you have a suppressing reason for that?" I wanted to tell her, yeah. I was fooling around with my girlfriend, just to see the look on her face. But instead I said, "I went out last night with my dad, got home late."

Ms. Dawes blinked and she walked by my desk. Clare leaned forward and whispered, "You went out last night? And got home late? Nice answer Eli." I turned around to face her and said, "Would you rather have me tell her that you and I were rolling around in my bed?" Clare's face blushed deeply and I turned back around in my desk. I pulled my notebook out and read what I had written down.


That's all I had written… the word, "the". I scratched the back of my head and leaned it against my hand. How am I able to concentrate, when the thoughts of last night continue to roll around in my head? After pondering what to write for about thirty minutes, I soon had gotten around to writing a sentence. I didn't understand how this could've been so hard. I was just describing what I enjoy most.

The thing I enjoy most is having Clare around.

So, that wasn't much of a paper, but I'm pretty sure Ms. Dawes can suck on it. I wasn't in the mood to be writing a ten paragraph essay in less than ten minutes. I heard a gasp behind me. Clare said, "Eli, you haven't written your paper." I turned my head back to her and whispered, "State the obvious much, Brutus?" She stuck her tongue out at me and I only smirked in response.

The bell rung, signaling that the first class of the day is over for the students; I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder, following Clare out of the classroom once we turned our papers in. She headed to her locker and twisted the combination in. I looked around at the students clad in uniforms, a sea of blue, red, and purple polo's and khaki pants and skirts. Nobody seemed to pay attention so I wrapped my arms around Clare's waist from behind, and pressed my chest against her back. Clare hissed, "Eli… I said no." I whispered, "I'm not doing anything Clare." I hugged her tighter and Clare swiftly turned around. She looked up at me with a serious look gleaming in her blue eyes. I sighed and let go of her waist. She smiled in satisfaction and closed her locker once she put her books in her large bag.

I walked her to class and kissed her cheek before I headed to my own. Class wasn't fun without Clare. I frowned and sighed a little. I walked to my class and sat in the far corner where I normally sit. I laid my head down on the desk and waited for Mr. Purino to get inside and bore us to death about history's history. I reached into my phone when I felt it vibrate. I had gotten a text from Adam.

Hey, what did I miss first period? I woke up late

I quickly responded to his text and fixed my polo shirt. I have no idea how guys can walk around wearing these damn things. They're so fucking uncomfortable. My phone went off and I quickly answered it.

You didn't do the paper? Why?

I thought about whether I should tell him or not, knowing Adam, he would probably never speak to me again, and complain about the bad mental image he would have in his head. I told him what I told Ms. Dawes and waited for him to respond. After about three minutes, Mr. Purino walked in, and my phone went off. I pulled it under the desk and read Adam's text, and smiled a little.

We all know that's bull… Clare was at your house last night wasn't she?

Since Mr. Purino was already inside, I had to stash my phone away. Mr. Purino sat behind his desk and pulled his lap top out of his bag. He looked around at people, and started to surf the web. I'm guessing we won't be doing anything today. Yes! I laid my head back down on the desk and decided to take a short nap. It was only moments later when I felt someone poking my shoulder. I wanted to flip them off, but I lifted my head to face the source of who interrupted my nap.

"Would you mind letting me borrow your pen? I can't find mine." I looked down at my pen then back at the girl. I handed her my pen then laid my head back down. It sucks to be nice. I yawned and turned my head to the side, facing the wall. I had slept for most of the class period, awesome. I stretched my arms and got up when I noticed that everybody was already standing at the door. Well gee; I guess they were going to just leave me sleeping there. I got up from the desk and placed my bag over my shoulder. The bell rung and everybody scrambled out of the classroom and into the now crowded hallway. I headed to Clare's locker, and found her already placing her unneeded books inside. I snuck up behind her and whispered, "Hey." She turned around and her face dropped. I guess I scared her.

"Eli, don't do that!" She playfully punched my bicep, and I rubbed it, mocking hurt saying, "Clare that hurts!" She only stuck her tongue out at me, and I resisted the urge to just dip down and wrap my lips around her tongue and suck on it. Clare waved her hand in front of my face and said, "Let's go to class. We can't be late again." Her stressed out "again" was only making my lips curl up into a cocky grin, remembering why we were late last time. Clare blushed and she started walking to the Art room. I followed closely behind her. We walked into the room, and once again, we were greeted by Ms. Dawes. It's amazing how she teaches two different classes. I would think one would be enough. I sat next to Clare in the back where we normally sat.

It's funny because Clare hates sitting back here, but then again, she never gets up to sit in a different place. Ms. Dawes wasn't in the classroom, yet. She has a tendency to be late, which is funny because I don't think that's really fair. Weren't one of the new rules, don't leave students unattended in a class alone? Way to go Ms. Dawes, way to go…

Clare started to set up her station, placing paint brushes on the corner table, then her own little containers of paint next to that, and then she placed a large sheet of paper in the middle, in front of her. She glanced over at me and asked, "What are you looking at?" Clare tucked her hair behind her ear and bowed her head. I shrugged my shoulders and swung my legs back and forth under the table. In walked Ms. Dawes announcing, "Good morning class, today you are going to draw, or paint what you are feeling at this moment. The first thing that just pops into your head, turn it in once you are done." I blinked a few times. The first thing that just pops into my head isn't really appropriate for this class, or maybe for Ms. Dawes's liking. Clare poked my shoulder. I glanced over at her.

"Can you pass the red paint?" She asked. I handed her my red paint and she took it, dipping her paint brush inside. Since I had nothing to draw, or paint about, I watched Clare. She was painting a tree… a tree with little red and pink flowers on it. I had to admit, Clare was one damn good artist. She noticed that I was looking at her and she flashed me a cheeky grin.

"Oh, Clare, this is wonderful." Ms. Dawes said when she walked up to her. Clare said, "Thank you. I'm not really done with it, but… I mean. It's almost done." She laughed a little and Ms. Dawes gave me a look. She asked, "Why haven't you started the assignment Mr. Goldsworthy?" I swallowed hard a little and said, "Because what I'm thinking isn't really… well, relevant for this assignment." She blinked and slowly turned around, walking away. Clare shook her head at me and I only shrugged my shoulders. I picked up the paintbrush, dipped it in black paint, and started to draw a black, crooked heart on my paper. After I was done with the heart, I picked rinsed the paint off the brush, and dipped it in the red paint that I let Clare borrow.

She glanced over at me and watched me splatter red paint all over my crooked heart. She asked, "Why?" I looked over at her and said, "Because." I continued to splatter the paint on my paper, and place my paintbrush in the water to let it rinse off. Clare looked down at her drawing, then at mine. She giggled and signed her name at the bottom. I did the same and got up to hand my "amazing work of art" in. I placed it on the counter next to where Ms. Dawes stood. She looked down at my drawing then back up at me.

"What? It's either this or the other image I had stuck in my head." I turned around and walked back to my station. Clare soon got up and she handed her drawing in, Ms. Dawes smiled at her and said something, which I couldn't really get. Clare laughed and walked back, sitting up on the stool next to me. I pulled her closer to me, and she went wide eyed. Clare asked, "Eli what are you doing?" I responded with a sigh, "Clare I'm just moving you closer to me. I'm not going to violate you or anything." Her face turned a little red and I smirked, rolling my eyes. She is just too cute. Clare pushed my arm away from her waist and would tell me to cut it out in a hissing tone.

"Eli, I'm being serious. Stop it." She whined. I sighed, and my forehead fell to her shoulder. I pulled away and softly pushed her back to her station. Damn, I wish we were at home. Things are more interesting at home… It's ridiculous. You know how people would tell someone, they're evil, or… fully evil. You know? Well Clare is only half evil. At school she is an innocent, straight edge saint… and outside of school, hn, well you can guess the rest… No, Clare isn't some sort of slut, skank, whore, hoe, etc. She's just… "Free" from rules when she's away from school, except for when she's at home.

Like last night for example. We were in my room working on that English assignment, and studying for a history exam next week. Clare, being a tease, she started to rub my shoulders, after she claimed she was done studying, then move her hands down my chest, then rake her fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp. Clare knows when she does this; it turns me on, but… since she's the very definition of TEASE, and she would do it, and get me started…

The loud ringing of the bell broke me from my thoughts, and I gathered my things, and walked to my locker, Clare standing close behind me. I twisted the combination in and opened my locker. I grabbed my black folder full of songs I have written, and music sheets. I closed my locker and Clare got up on her tip-toes. She kissed my lips and turned tail. I watched her disappear around the corner and I walked to the music room.

I pinned my eyebrows together, finding Adam sitting in the corner of the room tuning up a bass guitar. I walked up to him asking, "What are you doing here?" He looked up and said, "I got transferred in here. It was either this or P.E, I chose music." I smiled and sat down cross legged on the floor next to him, watching him as he tuned up the bass. I leaned my head against my hand after propping my elbow up on my knee. Adam glanced up at me and asked, "So, how are you and little Clare bear doing?" I averted my gaze to him and blinked a few times. I said, "We're good."

"That's always good." Adam said as he places the bass in the guitar case, and he closed it. Adam turned to me and I said, "Yeah. What about you? How are you and Fiona, well, if there is a "you and Fiona". Is she still playing hard to get?" I watched Adam press his lips to a line. He sighed heavily, almost obnoxiously. He said, "She's still playing hard to get yeah, but… you know… she's into me…" His face bowed, and I knew right there that he blushed. I chuckled.

"Of course she's into you. Have you told her yet?" I didn't mean to change the subject quickly, but I was curious, seeing as Fiona and Adam have been "together" for a few weeks now. Adam lifted his head and licked the corner of his bottom lip nervously. He said, "She sort of, kind of… doesn't really know. I haven't gotten around in telling her. I'm just afraid she'll you know… find out and think I'm a freak, like everyone else does." Adam's voice became a whisper and he looked down right upset. I said, "I don't think you're a freak, neither does Clare, Alli, her brother, and… um… yeah."

"Four people Eli. That's a lot." Adam said sarcastically. I wanted to slap the sarcastic look off his face, but doing that would only anger him more. I said, "That's not the point Adam. You can't just hide from your true self. Fiona thinks you're a guy; you are a guy between the ears, so you might as well just tell her that you're transgendered. Fiona seems like she's one to understand things like this, so… give it shot Machismo." Adam nodded in defeat while looking away. I smiled a little at him and I pulled my music out of the black folder I brought with me.

I glanced down at the words of the lyrics I wrote, while chewing on my thumbnail, causing the black nail polish I wore to chip. Adam snatched the paper from my hands. I reached over to get it back, but he shoved a hand to my chest and said, "No Eli. You have to let me read this this time." I frowned and sighed in frustration and defeat.

You gave me a chance to love you

And I'll do anything to prove it to you…

I swear I'll do it right

Just promise me you'll love me forever

And be with me for life…

I love you, and you are everything…

My everything…

"That's all you wrote?" Adam asked. I frowned and said, "I was going to write more, but you kind of stole my paper." Adam shrugged his shoulders and handed me my paper back. I took it from him and placed it back into my folder. Adam and I sat in an awkward silence and he soon asked, "So, what happened between you and Clare last night?" I lifted my eyebrow at him and asked, "Why would I want to tell you what happened? You always get so disgusted when I tell you." Adam punched my bicep and said, "Because… then I can tell you what Fiona and I did last night."

I blinked and became a little bit too curious.

"How about you tell me what happened, and then I'll tell you what happened, full details man." I said. Adam sighed and said, "Okay. Well, Fiona was at my house, and well we started watching T.V. One thing led to another and we started making out on the couch. I kind of um… started touching her and well you know…" Adam trailed off and I lifted an eyebrow.

"No, I don't know." I said.

"Do, I have to tell you in full detail?" Adam whined. I rolled my eyes and said, "Yes. I have to know if my amazing self has taught you well." I smirked cockily and Adam sighed loud. He continued, "Well you know, she started moaning and I started to kiss her neck and… well—

"No, Adam. I don't know." I finished his sentence. His face became more red than ever and I said, "Okay you don't have to tell me if full detail. I'll just ask, did you go down on her?" Adam bowed his head, hiding the massive blush painting his cheeks, and he nodded. I smirked and before I could tell him what Clare and I did, the bell rung. I got up and said, "I'll tell you later okay?" Adam grimaced and said, "No, don't worry about it, I probably already know." I smirked and we pounded out fists before I we walked out of the music room, and headed in opposite directions. I headed to my locker and twisted the combination in; I tossed my folder inside and slammed it shut. I walked to Clare's locker, and she was facing the opposite direction, talking to someone. I snuck up behind her and—

"Don't even think about it Eli." She said.

I frowned and stood next to her, finding Fiona standing in front of her. It's hard that I had missed seeing her, I guess because Clare's locker was open. Fiona said, "Hey Eli." I smiled at her in response and she asked, "Have you seen Adam? He was supposed to meet me here." I said, "I think he went to his locker. He should be back in a little bit." Fiona nodded and said, "So Clare can you meet me for lunch? I have some stuff to discuss with you." I looked down at Clare then back at Fiona. Clare said, "Sure. I-I guess." Fiona smiled and walked away. I asked, "Um, what was that about?"

"I don't know. I guess I'll find out a lunch."

"But, we normally sit together at lunch." I fake pouted. Clare got up on her tip toes, and kissed my lips. She said, "Eli, I probably won't stay for long. I'll come back before the lunch period is over." Clare flashed me a small smile. I nodded and kissed her forehead. She walked away and disappeared around the corner. I headed to my next class and sat in there, bored. Coach Armstrong's class never seemed to pique my interest. It was boring, long, and full of math problems that I detest. This is going to take forever. Coach Armstrong walked in and he said, "I hope you've studied those problems because we're having a pop quiz today. Take out at least two sheets of paper, and begin the quiz once I hand you the paper."


I forgot to study. Great… I ripped out two sheets of paper from my binder and placed it on the floor. I grabbed the quiz and eyed the problems. Polynomials and sine, cosine, and tangents, they are not exactly my forte. I decided to wing it. After guessing on every answer, twenty minutes later, I got up and handed my paper in. When I walked to sit down, I watched Coach Armstrong pin his eyebrows together and shake his head in disapproval. I so bombed that test… I brought my binder up on my desk and started to scribble some words on the front cover. One by one, students started to get up and turn in their quiz. Soon enough, everybody was done. Coach Armstrong started to grade our papers, and he got up to pass them back. Since I was the first to turn mine in, I was the last to get my paper, which I about died from the grade. There was a big fat "F" on the corner of the paper.

Almost all the problems I got were wrong, except for like two or three.

"I'm willing to give you a second chance Mr. Goldsworthy. You and I both know that you can do better than this." Coach Armstrong said. I nodded and shoved the quiz in my binder. I continued to scribble words on my binder, and waited patiently for the bell to ring, and then I'm off to lunch, then my free period, then home! I chewed on my nails and my leg shook as I waited for the bell to ring. I looked up at the clock, just a few more minutes…

It seemed to be going slower than normal and I glared at the clock angrily, hopefully to make it move faster. I jumped out of my chair when the bell rung and I walked quickly out of the classroom, heading straight to my locker. I tossed my things inside, and walked to Adam's locker. I slowed my strides, finding him and Fiona swapping spit. I waited for them to stop and since I was close enough to hear, Fiona said, "I'm going to be eating lunch with Clare. I'll see you later okay?" He nodded and she kissed his cheek. Fiona walked by him and smiled at me as I made my way to him.

I said, "Let's go eat lunch. I'm starving." Adam nodded, closed his locker and we both walked to the lunchroom, which is lame because we normally sit outside, but with the new rules, nobody is allowed outside. I grabbed my lunch tray and piled it up with junk food, while Adam did the same. We paid, and walked to our usual table. Adam sat down next to me, and looked across the lunchroom, eyeing Fiona and Clare. I watched them as well, watching how Clare would laugh and shake her head.

"I wonder what they're talking about." Adam whispered.

"You and me both." I muttered. I watched Clare's face as it turned bright red and her eyes grew wide. Fiona laughed.

"I think they're talking about you." Adam said as he popped a chip into his mouth. I turned to him after I poked my frozen peaches with the plastic fork. I shook my head and looked up from my tray, feeling someone stand next to me.

"Did you miss me?"

"Of course I did." I smiled and pulled Clare into my lap. She tried to get away, but I wrapped my arms around her waist, keeping her tightly against me. Adam said in an annoyed tone, "I'm right here you know." I glanced over at him and said, "I know." He rolled his eyes and picked his tray up, and walked across the lunchroom, to sit with Fiona. Clare moved from my lap and sat down where Adam just moved from. I asked, "So, what have you and Fiona been talking about?" Clare's face turned red and she shook her head saying quickly, "Nothing! Nothing at all. Just… girls talk." I pinned my eyebrows together and pushed my tray away.

"Do, you want to come over today?" I asked.

Clare's tongue licked the corner of her lip and she pressed her lips to a line. She said finally, "Um… what exactly are we going to do at your house?" I arched my eyebrow at her and said, "Anything you want. No pressure." I watched her smile and she said, "We should watch a movie."

I frowned, knowing all too well that Clare would want to watch a chick flick. I nodded and she squealed, leaning over and kissing my cheek. I smiled at her. I finished my lunch shortly after, and walked out of the lunchroom, with Clare following close behind me. The hallway was empty. I looked over at her from the corner of my eye and grasped her hand. She looked up at me and I softly pushed her up against the lockers. Clare's eyes grew wide.

"E-Eli… what are you doing?" She stammered. I whispered against her lips, "Just one kiss please…" I closed the gap between us, and to my surprise, she didn't push me away. I grabbed her hips and pressed my own against hers, bringing our bodies closer. Clare whimpered and I licked her bottom lip, trying to get her to open her mouth. I gripped the high waist pleated skirt she wore and backed her up harder against the lockers. She gasped and I took that opportunity to thrust my tongue into her mouth. I licked every crevice of her mouth. I groaned, loving how sweet she tasted. Before I could go overboard, I pulled away and kissed her neck. She looked dazed, and out of breath. I smirked and said, "Let's go to the study hall." Clare slowly nodded and followed behind me, grabbing my hand in hers.

"Fiona knows?"

"Yeah… she told me at lunch that she knows about Adam. She's just waiting to hear it from him." Clare said as she raked her fingers through my hair. I looked over at her and said, "Well I talked to Adam earlier and told him that he should tell her, I'm pretty sure he will." Clare nodded and continued to rake her fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp in the process. I moaned softly, loving the fact that Clare is amazing with her hands, well… fingers? I don't know, she's just amazing at it.

Clare rubbed the back of my neck while she flipped through the pages of the magazine she was reading. I stiffened a little, feeling my pants tighten a little.

Dammit, why does this always have to happen? I said, "Um, Clare," She glanced down at me. I continued, "I don't want this to be said in a bad way, but um… could you stop?" She blinked a few times and mouthed an "oh". Clare slowly pulled her hand away and placed it on the table. I laid my head down on my folded arms and sighed heavily. It's right about now where I wished I wasn't at school. I reached down and fixed my pants, trying to get a little more comfortable. Clare giggled next to me and I lifted my head up asking, "Do you find this funny Edwards?"

"It's a little funny." She responded.

I flashed a fake smile and soon got comfortable. I leaned back in my seat and rubbed the back of my neck viciously. Clare glanced over at me and she placed a hand on my knee saying, "You'll get through this Eli." I lifted and eyebrow in question. She flashed me a coy grin and went back to reading her magazine.

I scooted closer to her and grazed my lips against her neck. I felt her shudder and I softly nipped at her neck. I looked around, making sure there was no one around. I licked her neck before I gently bit her neck, causing Clare to clench the magazine in her hands and whimper. I smirked against her skin and moved my lips up to her ear, I whispered, "What you're feeling right now Clare is what I'm feeling right now… do you want me to stop?" I placed my hand on her thigh, and she jumped slightly. Clare pushed my hand away.

"Eli, please you have to control yourself." She whispered. I pulled away and sighed heavily. She was right… I'll control myself… until later.



End of Chapter 1

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