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Heavy lemon warning!

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Summary: Clare is only half evil. At school she is an innocent, straight edge saint... and at outside of school, hn, well you can guess the rest.


I parked Morty away from Clare's house, just so her parents wouldn't suspect anything. Instead of walking to her front door, I climbed up the tree on the side of her house, and jumped over to the balcony. I must not have good balance, because I fell over the railing, falling flat onto my face. I groaned and sat up. The light in Clare's room turned on, and Clare opened the glass door. She walked calmly outside, giggling at me. I rubbed my face muttering, "It's not funny." She said, "It's a little funny." I got up and pulled her to me. I backed her up against the railing, crushing my lips over hers. Clare whimpered, and grabbed my biceps. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, running it along her smooth teeth, and every crevice of the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. I pushed my hips against hers, and a loud moan was released from her throat.

I gently massaged my tongue with hers; loving the fact that Clare is one damn good kisser, running her tongue along my bottom lip, before she sucked on my tongue. I pulled away and she breathed heavily. I smirked and walked into her room, pulling her along by her arm. I sat down on the bed, pulling her on top of me. Clare placed her hands on my shoulders while I reached down, softly grabbing her waist. I kissed her neck and moved her hips forward towards mine. She whimpered.

Clare moved off of my lap and lay back on the bed, her head on the pillow. I crawled on top of her, separating her legs in the process. I brushed my knee against her pussy, and smirked, watching her eyes squeeze shut and her mouth fell open in a gasp. I repeated the process, and her hips thrust up against my knee. I swallowed her, watching Clare thrust her hips up against my knee, rubbing herself against it, trying to feel some sort of pleasure. I couldn't help the smirk that played on my lips. Clare squeaked when I flipped her over onto her stomach. I said, "Clare get on your hands and knees." She slowly and hesitantly complied. I pulled her shorts down, revealing her lacy blue boy shorts.

"God Clare, you and your boy shorts." I muttered. I loomed over her, placing kisses on her shoulder blades, while I ran my fingers up the backs of her thighs. I grinned against her soft skin saying, "You're soaking wet Clare, and I barely even touched you." Clare's upper body fell over the bed, and she buried her head in her folded arms. I kissed down her back, and grabbed the waistband of her thin panties with my teeth, pulling them down agonizingly slow, definitely making her angry because this was taking forever. They fell to her knees, and I moved behind her.

I cocked my head to the side, watching her fluids run down her inner thighs. I spread her legs a little and kissed up her thighs, running my tongue along her skin. I groaned, loving how sweet she always tasted. Clare whimpered, "E-Eli… stop teasing me." I ignored her small demand and teasingly ran my tongue along her clit. Clare moaned. I slowly grazed my tongue up along her folds. I pulled my mouth away, and Clare whimpered from the loss. I got up on my knees, and grabbed her hips. Clare's back arched down, and she tossed her head back. I rubbed my cock against her.

I leaned over her, still slowly dry humping her from behind. I whispered, "Do you like that Clare? Does it feel good?" Clare moaned breathlessly in response. My hip's movements never increased in pace. I continued to move slowly against her, listening to her small whimpers. I moved away from her and stopped moving. Clare whined, "No… why did you stop?" I smirked.

"Because," I pulled my pants down along with my boxers. I leaned towards her again, and I whispered, "I can't fuck you with my pants on." Clare turned around on her back. I frowned. She removed her shorts and panties from around her knees, and tossed them to the floor. Seductively, Clare lifted her shirt above her head, I licked my bottom lip and Clare tossed the shirt towards my face, which landed on top of my head. I pulled it off and dropped it next to me. Clare sucked on her finger sexily and her foot slowly moved up my thighs, up my abs, then to my chest. I flashed her a smirk. I softly grabbed her foot, and kissed it, going up her leg. I softly sucked on the skin of her thigh, and moved my hands up, groping her ass.

"Eli." Clare gasped. I moved my lips towards her inner thigh and licked a spot there, before I nibbled on her skin. Clare's hips thrust up and her legs parted. I moved to her other inner thigh, and gave it the same treatment. Clare whimpered and whined, "Eli… please, stop teasing." I looked up at her and placed my chin on her stomach. I said, "I'm not teasing you." Clare scoffed. "Bull crap." She muttered. I placed my head in between her legs and separated her folds; I passed the tip of my tongue over her clit, which was swollen and now sensitive to the touch.

Clare jerked her hips up and moaned loudly. I pushed my index finger deep inside her and rubbed her g-spot while I flicked my tongue over her clit fast. Clare breathed heavily and her hand grabbed a fist-full of my hair. I groaned when she pulled hard. I sucked on her clit and her hips jerked up again.

"E-Elijah!" Clare moaned. God, Clare doesn't have the slightest idea what her moans do to me, especially when she's screaming my full name. I rubbed her g-spot faster, adding my middle finger while I continued to suck and nibble on her clit. Clare thrust her hips up, whimpering and whining. I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my tongue. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and smirked mentally, hearing her scream my name again. I pushed her legs open wider and plunged my tongue in and out of her in fast movements. Clare moaned loudly again. I felt her knuckles touch my head and I glanced up.

Clare rubbed her clit, and I practically just creamed myself. I pulled my tongue away and she whimpered from the disappearance. I kissed up her body and whispered, "Had enough?" Clare shook her head. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock. I gasped when Clare slowly moved her fist up and down as I kissed and sucked at her neck. I moaned against her skin when she started to stroke me a little bit faster. Clare whispered, "You like that… don't you Elijah?" I moaned in response, feeling her thumb brush against the tip of my dick, spilling small amount of pre-cum.

"Shit." I groaned, feeling her nail scrape over the slit. Clare smirked, and she pumped her fist faster. I breathed heavily, clenching her waist. I was so close… so fucking close.

"Fuck Clare… faster." I groaned. Clare obeyed, and I just about collapsed on top of her. Her fist squeezed my dick hard, while she continued stroking me speedily. Since I was so caught up in pleasure I didn't hear myself whisper, "I'm about to cum…" Clare removed her hand and I growled. I sat up and glared down at her. Clare's fucking cocky smirk made me want to torture her. I smirked in return; I quickly pulled my pants and boxers off, then grabbed her leg and pushed it up, placing it on my shoulder. Clare reached up to touch me, but I pinned her wrists down. She opened her mouth to protest, but I said, "Clare, don't start to complain. This is what you get in return." She closed her mouth, following my commands, and I grabbed her wrists with one hand, pinning them above her head. I grabbed my dick and teasingly rubbed her wet hole, pushing the tip inside, and then pulling out.

"Eli, please… don't do that…" Clare whined as her hips thrust up. I continued to rub my dick against her pussy, watching her face. Clare's lips fell open when I shoved my cock inside her, then pulled back out. Clare cried, "E-Eli! Eli please." I leaned down, grazing my lips against hers. I asked, "Please what, Clare?" She whined in frustration. Clare whimpered, "Stop teasing me please…" I pushed my dick inside her and removed her leg from my shoulder. "You're so tight." I said.

Clare wrapped her legs around my waist, and I started to move, slowly. I kept her wrists pinned above her head, watching them clench and unclench. I grabbed her hip with my free hand in a bruising grip, and I breathed heavily.

"Eli, let go of my wrists…"

"Why?" I asked huskily.

"I want to touch… you." Clare whimpered. Damn… that's so hot. I slowly let go of her wrists and they moved around my back, clawing it viciously. I hissed and she did it again, only harder.

"Clare, are you trying to make me bleed?" I groaned. She only moved her lips up to my neck, licking her way up to my ear. She whispered, "I thought you like pain? Didn't you mention once that you… you were a masochist?" I smirked mentally. Clare squealed in surprise when I flipped her over onto her stomach again. I positioned her on her hands and knees. She glanced back at me while I thrust my cock in and out of her fast then slow. Clare moaned aloud, tossing her head back. I started to fuck her harder, causing the head board of her bed to thump against the wall.

"Eli! F-faster!"

I did what she told me to, holding her waist as I thrust my cock harder and faster inside her. I reached around and grabbed her breast, teasing her nipple between my fingers as her hips moved back against me. I growled and pulled Clare back towards me. I lay on the bed, with her on top of me. I grabbed her hips and guided them up and down. Clare moaned, and moved her hips up and down on her own once she got the hang of it. As she thrust her hips down, I jerked mine up roughly, making sure I was hitting her g-spot.

"AH! ELI!"

I kept my hands on her hips, while she fucked herself on my cock, thrusting her hips up and crashing down rigidly. God, she was so close.

"Fuck, Clare." I moaned as her walls began to tighten around my dick.

"Elijah!" Clare screamed, followed by a whining moan, and she came long, her walls clenched and clenched around me. I groaned, not having the chance to cum yet. I pushed Clare's upper back down, and sat up on my knees, getting her on her knees again. Her chest stayed on the bed and I parted her legs a little. I grabbed her hip in a bruising grip and thrust my cock in and out of her fast and hard. My breathing picked up and I moaned quietly and huskily as I spilled my cum inside her. I pulled out and my lips curled up into a crooked smirk. Clare lay panting on the bed, and she glanced back at me.

"What are y-you staring at?" She asked.

"Nothing." I responded. Clare flipped over to her back and I moved on top of her. I kissed her and—

"Clare! We're home!"

"Shit." I muttered.

"Quick, go out the balcony." Clare said in a harsh whisper. I quickly pulled my pants on and scrambled around, trying to find my other clothes, along with my keys. Once I found them, Clare pulled her long t-shirt on, closed and locked her door, and ran to the bathroom. I heard her turn the shower on and I opened the door leading out to the balcony. I was in such a rush, that I literally fell over the balcony again, landing hard on my back. I ignored the pain and sprinted down the road to Morty. I stopped, placing my clothes on the hood of the car, as tried to catch my breath. Between my heavy breathing, I managed to laugh.

"Oh wow, you've got to be kidding me."

"No, I'm not kidding you. Clare's parents came home the minute we got done having sex." I said to Adam, who started laughing like a hyena on the other line. I sighed, and waited for him to stop laughing.

"Has she called you?" Adam asked between fits of heavy laughter. I said, "No… I hope her parents didn't find out. They find out EVERYTHING. When they caught a hint that we were intimate, they… God, they got into detail about everything. It was so weird… I bet you anything they're going to call me over there tomorrow and ask me if I've used protection or some shit like that." Adam snorted.

"Don't they know that Clare is on birth control?" He questioned.

"They should, I mean… unless Clare hasn't told them yet." I responded.

"Well she needs to; unless she wants her parents to have you put a condom on a cucumber again." Adam snickered. I frowned and moved off my bed saying, "My dick isn't even that thick! Why make me put something on that's not even that fucking thick!" Adam fell silent on the other line.

"I so didn't need to know that." He muttered.

"Get over it Adam." I replied.

"Well um, I'm going to bed now. I'll see you tomorrow okay?" Adam said.

"Fine, I'll talk to you later."

"Peace." Adam hung up and I closed my phone. I walked to my computer and signed into my FaceRange account. I checked to see who was online, and frowned, noticing that Clare was away. I clicked her name and sent her an IM just in case.

Eli-gold48: Hey *pokes*

Clare didn't respond for about five minutes. I got up and walked to the kitchen, and in walked my mom. I waved at her and she glared at me. I asked, "What?" She placed her purse on the couch and crossed her arms over her chest. Oh shit. I'm in trouble. I backed up and asked, "What did I do?" She said, "Sit down Elijah." Yeah, I'm in trouble.

I sat down on the couch, keeping my distance from her. Mom said, "I just came back from Clare's house. Um, her parents were wondering why is it that they found your boxers on her floor." My eyes grew wide, and I opened and closed my mouth. I laughed sheepishly and said, "Maybe she bought a pair of her own?" My mom slapped the back of my head screaming, "Now is not the time for jokes Elijah Thomas (1) Goldsworthy! I don't want your girlfriend's parents thinking that you're only dating Clare just to screw her while they're gone!" I looked down and pressed my lips to a line. Mom got up and she stood in front of me, her hands on her hips.

"You went over there?" She asked in a hoarse tone. I slowly leaned back and nodded, a highly noticeable nod.

"Elijah! What is the matter with you! Didn't I tell you to stay home?" She screamed. I said, "Mom, stop screaming. Yes, you told me to stay home, but I went out to see Clare. What's the big deal?" I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a coke from the fridge. I added in a low, slightly pained tone, "Besides. I'm not dating Clare just to screw her." Mom's face dropped when I said this. She sighed heavily and said, "I'm sorry Eli, I'm just tired… her parents are very, very persistent people."

"Whatever. I'm going to bed." I muttered. I walked to my room, and ignored my mom when she called out to me. I shut my door and walked over to my desk when I heard someone had sent me an IM.

Clare-e24: My parents found out…

Eli-gold48: Yeah, my mom just got finished yelling at me.

Clare-e24: This sucks; I don't see what the problem is.

Eli-gold48: Maybe they're trying to get over the fact that you're not Saint Clare anymore, that you're sexually active and shit.

Clare-e24: I wasn't until I met you.

Eli-gold48: Is that a bad thing? ;)

Clare-e24: Well, you know… they're still pulling the "Eli is a bad influence on you, and he's the main reason you're having sex now" card.

Eli-gold48: …Do you think I'm a bad influence :(

Clare-e24: I'm still dating you, Elijah

I smirked and started to type my response, but Clare had beaten me to it.

Clare-e24: I have to go now :( I'll talk to you tomorrow at school, okay?

Eli-gold48: Fine, leave me alone then. lol, I'll talk to you tomorrow, babe.

Clare-e24: -smiles- Bye, I love you

Eli-gold48: I love you too

Clare-e24 has signed out…

I logged out of my account and chugged my coke down before I crushed the can and tossed it in the trash bin next to my computer. I walked to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. I splashed some water on my face before I walked out of my bathroom. I crawled under the sheets and sighed. It felt good to finally relax. I closed my eyes and soon fell into deep sleep.



End of Chapter 3

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