It was a quiet, sunny, winter day in Central, the only sounds that were about coming from cars that drove by and the sound of snow crunching on the ground. In General Roy Mustang's office, everyone was calmly doing their paperwork as the patiently waited for lunch. Well, almost everyone was doing their work. The General himself on the other hand was hunched over his desk, sleeping. Most people wondered how his job wasn't a complete fiasco because all he ever did was slack off. It was a miracle that the onyx haired man still had his position as a State Alchemist.

Second lieutenant Jean Havoc glanced up as a heavenly smell wafted into the office. The rest of the team, minus Roy, followed the movement. In the doorway stood Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. He smiled. "Long time, no see," he said, holding a picnic basket in his hands. First lieutenant Riza Hawkeye put down her pen and smiled kindly at the long haired blonde. "It's good to see you, too, Edward," the sharp shooter greeted.

Havoc took a long drag of his cigarette and looked at the basket. "Whatcha got there, Chief?" he asked, pointing to the package in Edward's hands. Fullmetal smiled. "Al sent me too many sweets," he explained. The smoker stared. "Why'd he send ya sweets?" he asked, confused. Riza looked at her calendar. "Oh, it's your nineteenth birthday today," she pointed out. It was December 14th, the youngest State Alchemist in history's birthday.

Edward smiled and nodded. "Yep. Today's my birthday and I have cupcakes." He handed a cupcake to Havoc, Riza, and to Master Sergeant Kane Furey. Havoc chuckled. "It's your birthday and you're giving us stuff?" he asked, examining the cupcake in his hand. The blonde smiled and sat at an empty desk. "I never did see the point in people giving me presents for surviving another year. I believe I should be the one giving things to the myriad amount of people I know because if it wasn't for their help and friendship I wouldn't have lived this long," he admitted. The three smiled softly in understanding.

"Hmmm…so I don't get a cupcake?" a slightly rough, deep voice asked from behind Edward. The teen jumped and looked behind him, seeing the once sleeping General standing behind him, face right next to his. He glared. "Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on how good you are at begging," Edward told with a sneer. Roy grunted and stood straight, folding his arms. "I don't beg." The blonde smirked. "Then no cupcake."

Just as Edward was about to take a bite of the pastry, a tenacious hold gripped his left wrist. He gasped as Roy took the cupcake from him and ate it. He then noticed that Roy still had a hold of his wrist. He growled. "Let me go!" he ordered.

Riza sighed as she went over all of the possible hapless events that could unfold as she, Havoc, and Furey left the office for lunch.

Roy smiled and hugged the boy from behind the chair. "Happy birthday, Edward," he congratulated. A small blush dusted Edward cheeks as he looked at the man with the eye patch. He smiled and stood up from the chair to hug the man back. "Thank you…"

That small gesture was by far the best gift Edward Elric had ever received for his birthday.