Title: Yesteryear: The Epilogue

Author: SCWLC

Disclaimer: Don't own nothin'.

Rating: G

Summary: Is in the title.

Notes: For those who were wondering about Hakoda, here's a very brief follow-up. Now I really am done with this one.

Hakoda had barely waited for Aang's bison to land before he was vaulting off the animal and running up to the figure in blue on the palace steps. His daughter had been missing for literally more than a year, and he hadn't seen her for two years before that. When Aang had showed up at the village, shouting that Katara had been found and was waiting in the Fire Nation, Hakoda hadn't even questioned why she hadn't returned home with Aang. He was vaguely aware that Aang was shouting after him that there was some more news he needed to know before seeing her, but he didn't care.

He'd actually spent the trip hushing the boy and willing the animal to go faster. He didn't want to hear anything secondhand, he didn't want the reunion marred by anything she'd done or had done to her. He knew his girl, and she'd never have vanished like that without good reason. That was enough for him.

"Katara!" he came up the last few stairs and there she was. She was so beautiful. Just like her mother. He was finally able to wrap his arms around his little girl. For a moment, he held her close. Then suddenly, he became aware of something odd. He pulled back and his eyes were wide. "You're pregnant?" he squawked.

Aang, and Kanna, having come at a much more sedate pace, arrived on the scene. Aang said, rather sourly, "I tried to tell you." He turned to Katara. "I tried to tell him. He kept saying he didn't want to know anything."

Katara sighed. "I don't blame you, Aang. Sokka takes after Dad, you know." Off to the side, Sokka was apparently still doing his impression of the foamy guy on Kyoshi. Suki was making soothing noises at her boyfriend.

"He's still doing that?" Aang asked, staring at his friend.

Zuko shook his head. "Yeah."

It was with a wicked grin that Toph said, "Watch this. Snoozles! Think of all the perks you can get from Katara being married to Zuko."

Sokka made a sound rather like, "Hrrrrrk!" and turned an odd shade of magenta.

Hakoda echoed him. "Fffshhk!" Then he turned kind of purply.

Toph, unerringly turned to Hakoda and said, "Huh. Sugar Queen's right. You two really are alike."

Kanna just snorted. "So let's meet your husband," she told Katara, who grinned and shoved Zuko at her grandmother. The elderly woman looked him up and down, then narrowed her eyes. "Hmm," she said. Suddenly Zuko found himself spun around, a generous handful of his rear pinched, and then spun back. "Very nice," she said to her granddaughter. "Strong, pretty but not too pretty, lots of money and fairly smart from what I've been told. Nice tush, too." Zuko's eyes were wide and traumatised as Kanna turned to him and said, "You do look a lot better with hair."

Sokka and Hakoda both made noises again, Sokka switching to purple while Hakoda got splotchy. Zuko turned to Katara and said, "You got it from her, didn't you?"

"Got what?" Katara said with wide, guileless eyes. Then she smirked. "This is just because I know for a fact that Iroh told you I have 'good birthing hips'."

"I have to suffer because my uncle has no sense of shame?"


Kanna and Toph were in a whispered conversation by then. Aang was staring at them both with clear disquiet. Hakoda and Sokka were having some sort of communication in strange burbling and waved hands at each other. Zuko took this in with a sort of horror at the circus his life was about to become. Katara just turned to Suki and they both started some sort of conversation that was half gestures and half arcane feminine oddities.

Hakoda finally took a deep breath and focussed on his daughter. "Will you tell me what I've missed Katara?"

She immediately smiled at him, and said, "Of course Dad." They all headed inside, following father and daughter as they renewed their relationship.

This was really good for the guards, because if they'd had to remain stoic and calm for a moment more, someone would have suffered an internal injury from repressed laughter.