It was not a castle, just a box
It was a safe that had no locks
Three people dwelt inside that place
A man on his eleventh face
A girl with hair a burning red
And last a boy who'd once been dead.

Friends together were those three
Or they were when they came to me
This bitter heart beneath my breast
Thought it would put them to the test
For though the girl and boy were wed
There was a third one in their bed

The girl cared not, to tell the truth
She had the freedom of her youth
And though she'd seen the whole world end
Still to her will it seemed to bend

The boy cared, but his love was true
He loved her deeply, and him too
And though he listened to his fears
For her he'd waited all those years

There were those two- and then the third
He had a name of just one word
He was called 'Doctor' by his foes
And now, I fear, I'm one of those.

They landed here when it was night
A blue box with a flash of light
They'd heard the signal, heard my call
But were too late to stop the fall
They looked and saw what I did see
Only one survivor. Me.

They tried to help me, they did well
They tried to catch me as I fell
But my mind, it'd left my head
I'd seen the blank eyes of the dead
I looked up to the void of space,
But didn't tell them what took place.

I had a best friend, and a wife
I had the perfect married life
(As I watched the Doctor's boy and girl,
I hoped that they had that as well)
We lived in this great land we'd made
But we were soon to be betrayed

My friend, you see, his heart was stone
I'd loved him, but I'd never known
He knew of horrors out in space
That would, perhaps, destroy our race
He planned to sell us out, you see
But first he'd take one thing from me

He found my wife, told vicious lies
Showed forged papers, feigned surprise
He held her tightly, kissed her head
They were together, on a bed-
My love, he whispered in her ear,
I'll save you from the thing you fear.

The bad things came, I didn't fight
I nursed my hatred, died that night
But yet that morning I awoke
I rose up screaming through the smoke
I wandered through the blackened land
And came upon the Doctor's band.

I watched them and they broke my heart
I'd had all that, it fell apart
Love had faltered at the last
(and man and girl, they had a past)
Her husband rested on the ground,
and Amy's eyes wandered around.

The boy awoke, reached out a hand,
They both lay down on burnt-out land
As they slept, the Doctor watched
I heard his hearts, a thousand clocks
Her so pretty, him so good
And no-one's doing what they should.

They wouldn't stay with him, he knew
She thought they would, this was true
But they'd move on, they'd move away
The girl who waited wouldn't stay
He saw what all old men do see
They all grow up eventually.

I watched the Doctor, watched them all
If I pushed them to the brink, they'd fall.
I could push them, I could see
If all was lost, or only me.
My wife had sent me into hell
Time to send them in as well.


I had to know, I had to see
And I knew ancient trickery.
So softly, like a child treads,
I slowly slid inside their heads.

So first, I took the married man
The test of those three souls began.
That young man, who'd lived three lives
His glare hit like a thousand knives

I drew up close to him and said
Two times, my boy, you have been dead.
So quick to sacrifice your life
And as a prize you gained a wife.
But deep within you have your doubts
About her who you can't live without.

She's like fire, burning free
She's what my own wife was to me.
That girl whose life just made no sense-
You'd fix it with a wedding dress.
And though she sometimes looks to space
You'll see no tears upon her face...

But one day, boy, those tears will fall
She'll walk away, you'll lose it all
Her heart is bound to something blue-
My boy, your wife will cuckold you.
The Doctor lives within her soul
And being married takes its toll...

Your wife can be so idly cruel
Cinderella conquering the ball
And one day you'll awake to find
She isn't quite the marrying kind.
You'll go about your normal life-
But one day, boy, you'll hate your wife.

(I'll tell you, Rory, what I see
You're going to end up like me)

The boy said nothing, raised a hand
Pointed to his wedding band
In his eyes there flickered flame
The Doctor's eyes had been the same.
It won't work, he said to me
And you don't get humanity.

The pretty girl, when she awoke
She glared at me, and barely spoke
Her hair and dress, they both were red
I looked at her lovely face and said

Sweet little girl, you're married now
Your story's over, take a bow
Bride, where do you go from here?
Your dream came true but still you fear
That he won't love you for too long
That Amy Pond is deeply wrong...

It's a fairy-tale that you're in
And messed-up girls so rarely win
The throne, the crown, the handsome prince
This narrative, it drops its hints-
Run, Amy, while you still can!
A girl like you can't love a man.

But your old friend, he'll never leave
He may lie, he may decieve
But he won't lie again to you
His love is darkness, but it's true
Run, my child, from your fear
For midnight hour draws too near

You see, my wife, she ran away
And lived while others died that day
Your husband loves you, I can see
But while you're married you're not free
You made your choice a while back-
But, oh, my dear, you're losing track...

(I was so sure she would give in
But the Doctor teaches them to win)

Amy rose and shook her head
Laughed a little, and she said
Rory guarded me through time-
The Doctor's everyone's, he's mine.
I know my mind now, through and through
I wasn't listening to you.

And then, I stood there face to face
With that one remnant of his race.
He asked me why I'd brought him here
And so I whispered in his ear

Your friends, that lovely girl, that boy
Your little crush, your favourite toy
They know who, know what you are
That you could wipe out every star
They won't tell, but they're afraid
Of living in a world you've made

I know what you want, my friend
You want this time to never end
You want to have someone who'll stay
You've seen too many walk away.
Loneliness is what you fear
Come, Doctor, and listen here...

I knew a man whose heart was stone
But yet he doesn't walk alone
All he wanted, he just took
Doctor, listen to me, look
You could have what you desire
Burn the Earth in ice and fire.

They'll never know that it was you
Then you'll have them, keep those two
You have no home, and nor will they
But you'll have them, in every way
Save them, Doctor, set them free
And live forever as a three

The Doctor answered with a stare
Into my soul he seemed to glare
And he laughed like a man posessed
And said the words that passed my test-
Those I've loved, both now and then
I don't tend to end the world for them

And in the end, I let them go
I'd tried to tempt them, they said no
You're lucky, friend, the Doctor said
You spent a short time in my head
You think I can't defeat my fears-
Where've you been this past thousand years?

They stepped inside that box of blue
And out into the stars they flew.
I watched the bright light in the sky
Decided it was time to die.
From the ground I took a blade
Stood in the hell that I had made.

I raised the knife, but heard a sound
A thousand engines crashing down.

The Doctor walked across the land
Took the knife, and took my hand
Then the woman and the man
To me, across the world, they ran.
Those two and one who made a three
They came to save their enemy.

And even though I caused them pain
When they left it was light again.
I'd tried to make them share my fate-
But they weren't capable of hate
No, it was love between those three-

And forever, they lived happily.