I was stunned. District 13 was rumored to have been destroyed. What was this guy getting at.

I turned and walked away from him. "Whatever. I'm not in the mood for jokes buddy."

He caught up with me, matching me stride for stride. "I'm not playing a joke here."

I laughed. "Then I suppose you know all about me then." I said hurrying my way to Victor's Village.

I saw him stop out of the corner of my eye. "Cassandra Jackson. 18 Years of Age. Mother deceased. Father…,"


"Don't you want to fight back. Fight back against the very thing that has caused you the most pain?" he said.

I thought about it. This man, this Boggs person, was implying that there was a rebellion afoot. Not only that, but under the Capitol's very eyes. It was no secret that the Districts were getting bolder in voicing themselves. How long would it be before President Snow went after the very people that were able to survive the Capitol: the Victors of each District. But I also have to think about it being a trap. What if the Capitol was trying to see where my loyalties lie?

I guess it's a chance I'm going to have to take. "Fine I'll come, but I want Annie to come with us."

He shook his head. "Annie would be safer here."

I shook my head. "Annie needs to come. Or else I stay."

He went to open his mouth when his wristwatch beeped. He pressed a button and a voice came through, "Boggs, Peacekeepers on the way. You need to get out of there."

Boggs grabbed me under my arm and dragged me toward the fence that kept us inside the District.

I shrugged off his arm. "Let me go! I am not leaving without Annie!"

He made me face him, "We can't get Annie right now. Our mission was to get you out. The Capitol will more than likely leave Annie alone. We will go back for her…I promise."

I stared at him. Boggs seemed a lot like me: a man of his word. I sighed. "Let's go before the Peacekeepers show up."

He nodded and talked into his wristwatch. "Send it down."

It? I looked up and my question was answered. A helicopter came down and they threw down a rope ladder. Boggs started to help me up but I waved him away. Finnick was the only one I let my pride break down and allowed to help me. I scrambled up the ladder and slide in, Boggs behind me.

He pulled up the ladder and beat on the side of the helicopter. The door closed. I stood up. Boggs led me over where there were seats. I sat down and buckled myself in. Boggs sat next to me.

I griped my armrest in an iron grip. I had never flown in a plane or helicopter before the Games and after the Games, the helicopter represented death seeing as they collected the dead in that similar manner.

Boggs noticed my distress and handed me a small green pill. "It'll make you sleep through the plane ride."

I looked at him warily. He sighed.

"Do you really think I would risk myself to get you out to only poison you? It's safe. I promise."

He had a point. I took the bottle of water he offered me and swallowed the pill. I closed my eyes and let the pill do its work.

I was awakened by Boggs four hours later. Man, he wasn't kidding. He said we had arrived at District 13. When I stepped out of the helicopter, I was rushed to where the hospital wing was. Boggs explained that it was mandatory for new residents of the district to go through a physical. He left the room while a female doctor came in and gave me my physical.

Boggs came and got me after she was finished and declared me in perfect health. He said that that President Coin wanted to meet with me before I was shown to my quarters. I followed him down a hallway to an office. It was small and professional looking. There were no personal pictures. I gathered from that alone that this President Coin was stuffy person.

Boggs showed me to a chair and left the room. I looked around the office while I wait. About five minutes later, a serious woman walked into the room. She walked straight towards me and held out her hand.

"My name is President Coin and as you can figure, I run District 13," she said getting down to business. I liked this woman already.

I shook it. "Cassandra Jackson."

She went over to her chair and sat down, "Yes. I know you. We have been keeping an eye on you since you won the Hunger Games a few years back."

I sat in the chair across from her. "Keeping an eye on me?"

She nodded. "You and you mentor, Finnick Odair. It was because of him, you won your Game am I not correct?"

When she mentioned Finnick's name, it hurt a little but her words brought me to the situation at hand. "Watching us?" I said ignoring her question.

If she was offended by the brush-off, she didn't show it. "Yes. You and your mentor both share something I value. Leadership. Ruthlessness."

I laughed. "Well, I would say leadership, but not ruthlessness."

She raised an eyebrow. "Really? Do I need to remind you how you won your Game?"

I looked away. I tried to forget it, but it always came back. Whether it be by person or dream, I would never escape my Game it the horrors I faced.

She smiled, satisfied that she found a wound to aim at. She wiped the smile off her face as quickly as it came. "I need Generals that I know are capable, levelheaded, and have had experience in dealing with death. We were going to extract you and Finnick Odair today after the Reaping, but then Mr. Odair got Reaped. So, we will have to make do with what we can."

I caught on to what she was saying. "I can't be a General. I don't even have any REAL battle experience. Besides, I don't even know how to use most of the weapons you use. I had to improvise in my Game."

"I know you though. From your tape, you can keep a level head, think quickly, and can learn quickly. I need a General like you. We can teach, what you don't know. You just have to say yes."

I sat back in my chair. On the one hand, I could help the rebellion stop these Games from happening again if they succeeded. On the other hand, I would be painting myself, and my only family: Finnick, Annie, and Mags, the Capitols enemies.

I nodded. "I'm in."

She nodded with her serious face and pressed a button. Boggs came back in. Coin nodded toward me. "Show Cassandra her quarters and allow her rest before she begins her courses."

He nodded and motioned for me to follow. I followed him to where a hallway of rooms. He punched in some numbers on a keypad and ushered me in. "There's clothes in the dressers. I'll see you tomorrow."

I nodded and he closed the door. I looked around was too exhausted to do anything but sleep. I slipped off my shoes and curled up on my bed. I sat in the darkness, praying that my mentors were alright and would make it back for I didn't think I could go through the loneliness…again.