Tithe: forever after me and Kat

-Chapter One-Hikari shivered, digging her fingerless gloved hands deeper into her jacket pockets. The chill of early autumn air made her shudder. Winter was on its way and she despised it. Sure it was pretty but it was fricken cold! It was around nine at night. Already dark and a little creepy out. She trudged down 7th street, circle R and north side witch was still open. She could see customers in booths and tables having late night supper. Hikari hunkered down into her jacket more as the wind blew, shaking dead leaves from the trees. However Hikari walked on trying to ignore the creepy feeling she got from the park. Her best friend violet Shikyo told her it was because the veils between the two worlds were thinning. Other than her exact words " watch out on Halloween as the line between the two worlds is gone and they may walk the earth undetected." but every time she tried to get more out of her she clamed up and changed the subject. This annoyed her to no end. However that is another story all together. Hikari trudged up to her foster rents house. Her and ViVi had managed to stay hear for a whole two years. Give or take a month or two. Halloween was the rents least favored holiday and thought the idea of dressing up as monsters was preposterous. However they didn't really care what Hikari and violet did as long as they didn't get into anything illegal. Hikari opened the door to have her ear drums killed by her foster brother. "Hikari's hoooooommmmeeee" he yelled from he's lazy ass spot on the couch. Before she could reply she was interrupted by violet coming down the stares in all her emo punk glory. Violet was someone no one messed with even Hikari was careful sometimes. Her mismatched purple/blue eyes held a hidden pain that had something to do with her past. Hikari knew almost nothing about her past other than the fact she lived on the street for nearly five years. Violet was fragile looking with pail Wight skin rivaling her own Albion's. However her silky shoulder length strait black hair gave her a dangerous look added though that was the jeans which were covered in chains and belts, and no doubt a few throwing knifes. Again something that had to do with her unknown past. Anyway violet was angry, although no one but Hikari could ever tell. The usual rose like blush was missing from her pail sharp face and her priced lips where in a thin line."The calm before the storm" Hikari muttered under her breath. "Yo sally, Dave Hikari and I are going out for a bit something's come up that needs are undivided attention." violet said using her unusually large didn't hear the reply as violet dragged her out side. "What's wrong?" Hikari asked."That boyfriend of yours has decided to stalk us. Hess behind the house now I saw him from my window. I'm going to seriously hurt him." violet said in her forever calm voice. However she was giving Hikari this very creepy vampire like Hikari said earlier. No one messes with violet. She's like half vamp. I mean look at her outside in a short tank with no jacket. She clams she was doing an experiment with her body becoming immune to the cold or something gay like that. It involved science something Hikari did NOT enjoy in the slightest. But whatever back to the boyfriend issue. " He is NOT my boyfriend V. I told him we were over. He was just to creepy." Hikari said sadly. "Mhm. Sure but I hate it when people stalk other people unless it's in Wal-Mart." violet said her voice taking on a more deadly tone. Well than I guess Darnell better be prying to your goddess for mercy, eh? And begging me not to castrate him." Hikari said giving an evil sneer. Granted it wasn't creepy like Vs but it was still scary. She had yet to accidentally kill someone with it but she was getting there!