There was darkness. Complete, utter, enveloping darkness. And then, there was light. No apparent source, no little lamps standing anywhere, but a slight glow faded in from…everywhere. And then the source was apparent, for though there was light, nobody could see through the mist that seemed to permeate every available space. There was no exit in sight, because there were no walls, and so there was nothing to exit. But suddenly, a golden beam of light flashed down from the sky, and from within this light emerged a teenager. He was short, about 5'3, with spiky brown hair and sea blue eyes. He surveyed the audience with an almost bored expression, raising a disappointed eyebrow at the meager gathering, then pulled out a glowing purple sphere and dropped it. When it struck the ground it shattered, but not into shards. It shattered into smoke, gathering into a cloud that quickly dispersed to reveal a girl. She was also about 5'3, with jet black hair that had highlights of gold and eyes of purest emerald. She gave the audience a dazzling smile.

The boy smiled a bit at her in greeting, then turned back to the audience and announced grandly, "Greetings to thee! I am Phoenix. You are here today to witness the completely legal and not-at-all morally ambiguous game of Truth or Dare, starring the cast of Hocus Pocus. Joining me as a hostess is none other than May Tanaka. Now, without further...wait. We can't start without players. I don't suppose you could...?"

Phoenix trailed off in question, but May understood. She started singing in a flowing, beautifully legato voice, imbuing it with an almost commanding compulsion.

"Come little victims,
I'll take thee away,
Into a land of Truth or Dare,

Come little victims,
The time's come to play,
Here in our magical lair."

And with that short little ditty she was done, but what an effect it had. Everyone in the audience, including Phoenix, had a vacant look on their faces and eyes glazed over with magic. May gave a tiny grin and sat down in a quickly-conjured armchair, waving her hand for a cup of tea and pulling a book out of nothing. Five minutes later a swirling green portal opened up in the air, behind which chanting could be heard in an arcane language. The words are pure nonsense, but behind the voices there was something…darker. More primal.


The portal slowly lowered to the ground and cleared, revealing three women. Winifred had red curly hair and big front teeth, with brown eyes and long nails. She was wearing a green cloak with a green dress and green and beige stockings. To her right was Mary, dark eyes and a sideways mouth, a little on the chubby side with black wavy hair. Finally to Winnie's left was Sarah, a thin, beautiful witch with blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and a purple dress. Their eyes as well were hazed over with magic, May's spell leading them through the portal to wait for the other contestants.

They didn't have to wait long, for two minutes later came Max Dennison, a gangly teenager with straight brown hair reaching just below the middle of his ear. He was wearing a brown jacket over a dark green shirt with brown pants on. Behind him, his 9-year-old sister Dani followed, sporting dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, dressed in a simple purple dress. Next was Allison, another teenager with deep brown eyes and straight blonde hair that reached just below the base of her neck. She was wearing a white shirt with faded blue jeans. And finally was Billy Butcherson, a green-skinned, straggly-haired zombie, whose stitches were still embedded in his lips.

As soon as they were all inside the portal closed, and the vacant look vanished from everyone's eyes. Dani looked around and gasped, tugging on her brother's sleeve and immediately pointing the Sisters out to him.

His eyes narrowed as he promptly pulled out a container of salt, darting forward quickly to trace a circle around the sisters. Allison gave him a questioning look, but Max merely shrugged and asked, "You didn't think I'd go around without protection, did you? I mean, who said that the Sanderson Sisters were the only witches who could come back? Or maybe they'd make another deal with the devil. This is Salem.", but then he took a look around and added hesitantly, "I think...". Then everyone took a good look at the mist covered field, for the first time beginning to wonder where they were. Dani put her hand down to touch the ground, but she snatched it back pretty quickly when it went right through.

"It's wet.", she said shakily, "And whispy, and kinda fluffy, like a…". She trailed off as her eyes went wide, and with a quick glance around she finished, "Like a cloud.".

All the participants froze and grew wide-eyed, slowly looking around to try and locate an edge. When they didn't succeed, they all took a deep breath and plunged their heads through the ground...only to see the lights of Salem far below them. They could see the forest, and the Sister's cottage in the middle.

They pulled their heads up to see Phoenix and May giving them amused looks. Max stormed up to them and demanded in a deadly tone, "Where are we and why are we here?". Phoenix gave him a lazy smile and took a pocket watch out of his jeans, glancing at it before answering, "We're hovering two thousand feet above Salem, Massachusetts, and you are all here to participate in a giant game of Truth or Dare.".

Ignoring the cast's distressed noises and girlish shrieking ("Shut up, Max!"), Phoenix smiled at the audience once more and said simply, "We can't start without thee. Review with your Truths and Dares, please.".