"On the first day of Twelfth Perigee, my matesprit gave to me: A scalemate hanging from the tree." Phoenix mumbled to himself as he accessed the voicemail on his phone. After a second of listening, he shouted, "We got a review! From...shegoismyfav." to the inhabitants of Cloud, and a storm of crocodiles, salamanders, and frogs flooded in around him.

One could barely hear themselves think over the incessant naks of the crocodiles, and there was a wide ring of people around all the salamanders blowing bubbles. People stumbled as they avoided trying to step on the frogs, and in the middle of it all were the beds of the contestants, heaving and bucking in the sea of people like bulls at a rodeo.

Wearing a deadpan expression, Phoenix fished around in his pocket a moment before pulling out a toilet flusher, which he stuck to a rare patch of solid ground (ground being a relative term) and flushed. The clouds under the unwanted guests swirled into a whirlpool, the salamanders and crocodiles and frogs (oh my) sliding down the incline to be deposited safely in a portal back to LoWaS, LoHaC, and LoFaF, depending on the critter.

Once all the little varmints had vanished, Cloud put itself to rights and Phoenix plucked the flusher from the ground to put back in his pocket. "And cue the aplaaaaaaause." Phoenix sang brightly, jazz hands waving.

"One. I dare you, Phoenix, to make Winnie evil (otherwise known as normal) again." Phoenix repeated from the phone, then grew sad. "Aw well. It was nice while it lasted." he sighed, waving his hand in Winnie's general direction. A light that had been present in Winnie's eyes since last chapter dimmed, and she looked around blearily before shuddering in revulsion and fainting from horror.

"Nice must not agree with her." Phoenix commented, returning the phone to his ear and saying, "Why are the witches evil in the first place? Any one of them can answer, your choice."

"Well you see, the person that gave us our book was Satan, the devil, and the price for it was using it to do unspeakable evil. We didn't really care either way, and Winnie was evil in the first place, so it all worked out." Mary explained in a bored tone, plucking at a loose string on her bed sheet as Sarah nodded in agreement.

"Very good. And number three, 'I dare Winnie to give up her magic for the next chapter', is vetoed because, of course, the Sisters all had their magic transferred to the Dennisons and Allison two chapters ago." Phoenix explained, smiling widely. And then three pies, which Winnie had started baking after the last chapter, popped out of the oven.

One of them stood up, saying in a rhythm, "Three point one four one five nine two." and then the second pie joined him. After the second run through, the last pie joined in, and the miniature performance culminated with, "Three point one four one five nine two PIIIIIIIIIIII."

Phoenix regarded the pies for a moment before exclaiming, "Alrighty then!" and they all faded to black.