A/N: I was having a bit of trouble figuring out how to proceed with my latest GerIta fill on the kink meme and decided to try writing a different pairing in hopes of getting myself out of my rut. The request for this fic was a bit long but it basically boiled down to this: I want to see a typically antagonistic couple enjoying a surprisingly sweet and loving domestic life together. A pairing involving Prussia would be nice since I can't picture him in this kind of relationship.

I think I pulled it off alright. There are actually more parts to this, but I thought this was the strongest one. I guess I'd post the others here as well if people are interested, though they're nothing special really. Enjoy!

It was about four-thirty in the afternoon when Prussia returned to his and Austria's home after having made a general pest of himself at Germany's place. Even though he and his brother no longer lived together, he still felt the need to go over and check up on him once in a while. Germany may give off the impression of being thoroughly self-efficient, but the truth was that he still needed some mothering once in a while. The poor little guy still didn't realize that if he wanted to bang Italy, hinting and beating around the bush wasn't going to get him anywhere. Italy was adorable but clueless; one needed to be straightforward and firm when dealing with him.

That was why Prussia had to give his silly little brother a push in the right direction. Italy and Germany would come home from their picnic in the park to find rope, handcuffs, lube and a copy of the Kama Sutra on the table waiting for them, along with a note in big, bold, unambiguous letters which read: Italy, West (Germany) really, really wants to have sex with you; he just doesn't know how to say so. This stuff is for you kids to use. Enjoy! Prussia. Prussia grinned to himself as he imagined how grateful the two of them would be the next time they met. They would praise him on their knees. Man, he was an awesome brother.

He was a bit disappointed to find the house so silent and seemingly empty when he got there. Prussia had been hoping to come home to a kitchen filled with the scent of freshly baked strawberry tarts with whipped cream, and Austria preparing the next batch to be put into the oven, his dress shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a streak of powdered sugar across his cheek. He checked the kitchen just to be sure, but it was disappointingly Austria-free. Just as he was about to pout, the piano in Austria's music room flared to life, its deep, rich singing voice filling the air with an expertly honed beauty that only Austria could coax from it.

Prussia smiled to himself and made his way to the music room. He was willing to forgive the lack of strawberry desserts to greet him if Austria was gracing him with his music instead. Sure enough when he entered the music room, Austria was seated at his piano, his body rocking gently in time with the music. Prussia recognized the piece and grinned: Beethoven's Fifth Sonata for Violin and Piano in F Major. Perfect.

He approached his lover silently from behind, his heartbeat speeding up slightly as he watched Austria's impossibly slender and graceful fingers dance over the keys. As far as Austria's physical features went, Prussia would have to say that those beautiful fingers of his were high on his list of favorites. Goosebumps popped up all over his skin as he allowed their movements to mesmerize him. He was gripped with the sudden urge to wrap his arms around Austria's slim waist, bury his face in the crook of his pale neck and smother that soft skin with kisses. Austria's music often had this effect on him. Prussia resisted with difficulty, knowing that if he did that Austria would become distracted and the music would stop. He didn't want that.

Austria's movements as he played became more dramatic and fluid, a soft smile spreading across his lips. Prussia felt what had previously been a fairly mild warmth uncoiling below his waist growing hotter. Anyone else might have mistaken Austria's actions just now for a musician getting sinking deeper into his music as the piece progressed, but Prussia, as his lover, recognized it immediately for what it really was. Austria was trying to make him hot and bothered.

This was a game they sometimes played. Austria knew that Prussia found it attractive, the way he let his body become one with the music, and he played to that. Prussia wanted to hold and kiss him, to mess him up, to make him pant and moan with pleasure, but at the same time he didn't want to interrupt the music. The white-haired man would become increasingly turned on and frustrated, torn between two desires at once until he couldn't take it anymore and swept him off the piano bench to take him right there on the floor of the music room. Austria would reward him based on how long Prussia was able to hold off on his desires.

Prussia swallowed thickly, when Austria took advantage of a beat of rest in his music to loosen his cravat tantalizingly. He had only once managed to make it to the end of an entire piece before ravishing Austria when they played this game, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Prussia decided that he would be successful today; he just needed something to occupy his hands. Without saying a word, Prussia picked up the violin from the case against the wall. He wasn't quite as skilled in this area as Austria, but that didn't mean he was a novice. Actually, he was quite good.

Prussia took up his spot behind Austria again, frowning in concentration as he tried to ignore his growing arousal so that he could focus on the sheet music. He scanned the page for a moment, trying to find Austria's place and then waited for the right moment to jump in. The throaty, trembling hum of Prussia's violin joined Austria's lonely piano. If Prussia hadn't been busy reading the sheet music, he would have noticed the brief look of surprise on Austria's face at his lover suddenly joining in only to be replaced once again with a gentle smile that he very rarely displayed to anyone else.

As much as Austria loved to perform alone, he felt that the music took on a whole new meaning when Prussia was making it with him. Something about playing with Prussia was deeply sensual to him. He saw music as an extension of the soul, and when they created it together it was as if they were making love on a spiritual level. Though he would be lying to say he didn't deeply enjoy the physical aspects of their relationship, the spiritual lovemaking was so much more pure and meaningful in some ways and gave him the sense that their love had reached a depth that would be impossible without this experience. If someone had told him even a hundred years ago that he would someday enjoy such a fulfilling relationship with Prussia of all nations, he would have curtly replied that he would sooner strangle himself with his cravat. Now he felt as though a significant part of him might never even have been born if this relationship had never come to be.

Austria wrinkled his fine aristocratic nose as their musical foreplay was interrupted by a sour note. Prussia must nearly be at his breaking point if he was starting to make mistakes. Well, if it was just one little slip, Austria was willing to overlook it. No, there it happened again. And again. Irritated at the way his lover was killing the mood for him, Austria stopped and gave him an unimpressed look. Prussia frowned and lowered his violin, wondering why the music was stopping. There was only one reason that it should halt, and that was because he couldn't take the teasing anymore. He still had a little patience left in him.

"Why are we stopping?" Prussia demanded. "And what's that look for?"

"You hit not one, not two, but three wrong notes," Austria sniffed. "It rather ruins the mood."

"Hey, hey, I was playing perfectly," Prussia insisted. "The awesome me would never screw up in the middle of something like this!"

"Well it certainly wasn't me," Austria countered. "I would never make such a novice mistake!"

"Look, we were right here, right?" Prussia said, indicating where they had been playing when the mistake had been made. "D, C, D, E, F, E, E, rest, F, D sharp, F, F, G, rest, F, D sharp, F, G, A. That's what I played."

"I had E, F, G, A, E, C natural, E, F, G, A, E, C, A, G natural, A, B, C, D, E, D, B, A, B, E, C, B sharp, C," Austria read. "I played just that!"

Prussia was silent for a moment, then he let out a cackle. "You idiot! You screwed up the naturals for sharps and the sharps for naturals! Wow, you must feel so uncool right now, huh maestro?"

Austria looked flabbergasted by Prussia's audacity to even suggest such a thing. "Impossible! I…" He paused as he picked up the sheet music and brought it closer to his face, lifting up his glasses to get a better look at it. Prussia's shit-eating grin widened as Austria's face and ears turned a delicious shade of pink. The aristocrat cleared his throat quietly and set the sheet music back down, trying to retain some air of dignity even after his embarrassing mistake.

"Perhaps it's time to visit the optometrist again," he said quietly, his face still burning.

Prussia choked down the urge to laugh and tease him mercilessly. It was his natural instinct, but he was getting better at suppressing it now that he had fallen in love with Austria. He opted instead for quiet smugness as he set down the violin, plucked one of Austria's gorgeously long-fingered, manicured hands from the keyboard, pulled him to his feet and brought his hand to his mouth, kissing his fingertips slowly. A little shiver ran down Austria's spine.

"Now, because I'm the greatest boyfriend to ever grace this earth, I'm willing to forgive your mistake," Prussia breathed, pressing a kiss to the back of his hand. "But for blaming that mistake on the awesome me, well… you're going to have to work for that forgiveness."

The low, soft, steady voice in which Prussia said these words, the fact that he could feel his warm breath caressing his fingers, and the kisses to his sensitive fingers immediately rekindled the amount of arousal that had faded with his mistake. Austria swallowed hard. "Never," he mumbled defiantly.

"Ooh, wrong answer, young master," Prussia laughed quietly. He came up behind Austria and grabbed his bottom, giving it a little squeeze. A tiny needy noise fought its way from Austria's throat as Prussia nibbled at the rim of his flushed ear. "I'll give you another chance, though. Get down and beg for my divine forgiveness."

"N-never," Austria stammered, sounding far less composed than he would have liked. The Prussian's hands had strayed to the front and were tracing teasing shapes on his thighs on either side of his steadily growing erection without granting him the satisfaction of touching it.

Prussia nipped at the side of his neck in retaliation for his contrariness before bringing his mouth back to his ear. "So the young master is determined to be difficult," he hissed. "In that case, I believe punishment is in order."

With that, he swept Austria off his feet and carted him off to the bedroom.

A/N: I apologize to any music nerds if I made any mistakes as far as the music goes. My musical knowledge is spotty at best.