Title: And Then I knew

Author: Moi, yours truly Young Avenger loving, Billy and Teddy adoring, and fellow writer TimeWitch'93

Summary: This is how I think everyone found out about Billy and Teddy. I'm planning about four-five chapters depicting how each one of the Young Avenger discovered how our #1 Young Avenger pairing came to be.

First up Iron Lad

Warning: Possible violence, language, reference of boy on boy, duh! Um…references to YA one thorough seven.

Iron Lad

When he found Billy and Teddy thanks to the Vision's Avenger's fail-safe program he never expected how close the two would have gotten.

Billy was the last addition to the team. He was shy and insecure and Teddy took it upon himself to help him break out of that shell. The two had even taking to hanging-out outside of costume and superhero duties.

What was it that he saw in Billy that neither he or Eli saw. Eli didn't seem to like anyone much at first and his own ego or something else seemed to show up a lot more than the real Eli did, or perhaps that was the real Eli.

Patriot complained non-stop about those two, as he was always stuck sparring with Iron Lad during practice. Truth is it was incredibly annoying. But at least then Iron Lad understood at least a little why the teenage ball of flames had needed a blood transfusion in the first place.

There they were again, heading back to the outskirts of the wrecked Avenger Mansion after we had saved an entire building full of people from a five alarm fire in Midtown, always together. Asguardian flying Hulkling.

There was the other thing that made no sense to him. Hulkling had shape-shifting powers. If he could become big and strong and green, surely he could make wings so he could fly.

Perhaps somewhere deep down he enjoyed himself. Perhaps he liked the fact that he was helping Billy become more confident in his own abilities. Or maybe he was just lazy, or unaware of the full potential of his shape-manipulating powers. Whatever it was it seemed to make the smaller boy smile like a Cheshire cat, full of glee and giddiness.

Why were they always so close, what did they do that made them that close? Iron wanted to know, yet at the same time something in the back of his mind told him he should not know. Something reminded him that it wasn't any of his business.

Then after the cathedral incident they walked into the bushes together, even though they lived around ten blocks away from each-other, at least.

Then during the fight with his older self, when Hulkling hit the ground, it was Billy that was the first to notice, the first to run over and help. The first to check to make sure he was okay.

Was it then that he knew, no, thought Iron Lad, it was later. It was in those precious few minutes that he had left with them, when Billy began to vanish and panic came over the shape-shifter. It was that hysteria and the look of distraught in his eyes.

It was the pure terror-stricken look on his face and the worried, natural reflex before he too vanished.

And as Nathaniel Richards stood in his shirt and boxers, outside the time portal, it was then that he realized. It wasn't simple friendship that the two shared. It was so much more than that.

With one last look and as he stepped inside the time portal never to see or remember them again, that he knew. He knew exactly what it was that they had than he hadn't seen in any other team in history of the Avengers, aside from the Scarlet Witch and Vision, but that hardly counted.

It was love, pure and simple, love.

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