In the wake of all the new fics I've decided to update my story. So here it is. The Fourth installment of the series.

Cassie Lang

For all she was worth she was young and inexperienced and sometimes she missed the important stuff. She should have realized the effects the Pym particles would have on her. But she did not.

Still, now she was a superhero, with a new name, Stature. She was proud of it, it was unique and original. That's right, no lame Ant-Girl or the annoying Giant-Girl. She was Stature, a girl of size, her name implied her power without being overly obvious about it.

Right now, she was sitting in the dusty old Bishop Publishing building, which was going to be the new lair of the Young Avengers, on a dusty old chair filled with cobwebs from twenty years ago and a broken, battered, brown desk, plus a chalk board covered in a pound of dust.

Across from her sat Kate Bishop, who's code name had yet to be determined. So they each grabbed a paper and wrote down a couple possible nicknames for her. Nothing really popped out to Kate.

"We're not getting anywhere." said Kate annoyingly, starring at the pieces of paper.

"How about we put up all the superheroes who's gear you borrowed and see what sticks."

Using the old chalk board they wrote down more names. The final list was up on the board. "Hawkingbird."

"No!" said Kate flatly. "That's horrible."

"Okay then, sorry." dripping with sarcasm.

"Let's not focus on my nickname problem and focus on Billy's."

Cassie starred at her. "Why does Billy need a new codename?"

"Come on Cassie, think about it."

It hit her like a ton of bricks falling from the ceiling as memories piled into her. Teddy had lost it, seriously lost it when Billy had faded. And what was the first thing that Billy said as he faded away? It was "Teddy..." followed by a plea for help.

Teddy rammed at Nate, if Eli hadn't stepped in, who knows what would have happened to the Young Kang.

She hadn't seen much from them other than Billy screaming after Teddy fell to the ground.

Cassie thought about it, looking back at the little amount of time she had spent with the two boys. The little things, the light touches, the looks. Even the media had seemed to get wind of it.

"" said Cassie attempting not to snicker. "Billy definitely needs a new code name. " Kate smiled turning the page in her notebook to begin another chapter.

A few days later Kate and Cassie met up with the Young Avengers and Cassie saw first hand. Eli was sitting to the right of Teddy and Billy was sitting slightly lower on the steps of central park, resting under Teddy's arm.

Then as they walked towards the old publishing building Cassie observed them. "So Billy about your new code name." began Kate.

"Why do I need a new codename?"

"Because you're not an Asguardian you're a warlock, plus you need a name that won't become a national joke when the press finds out about you and Teddy."

One look at Teddy, with Eli snickering in the back. "I definitely need a new code name."

And as the ideas came floating in Cassie couldn't help but think. That was the moment, that was the time where she really saw what Billy and Teddy meant to one another. She saw the love, at that moment she knew. And she could only hope that one day she could meet someone special too.

Okay so it was an okay chapter. I'm considering ending it here or if I get reviews I may write a Speed chapter. I'm not sure how Tommy knew. I mean its one thing to see it on the news. I suppose he read the exclusive Kat Farrell wrote about them. Does Tommy read?

Oh well, tell me what you think.