Giima was chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool with his best buddy, Hamlet, in hand. He was having a swell ol' time when Renbu took a seat next to him, chugging down a Gatorade.

"Hey, keep it down, will you? I'm getting to the part Horatio comes in," Giima said after hearing Renbu's loud swallowing noises. He was a very thirsty big boy, and he didn't have to take this from him, gurl. Instead Renbu changed the subject because he was very talented at that.

"NO, WE SHOOT HOOPS!" Renbu exclaimed and pounded his meaty fists down on the cushions. This was so intense Giima bounced and dropped his book to the ground. He gasped.

"Bananabroooows!" he said scoldingly as he tried to pick his book back up. "No. Not now. Hamlet."

"NO! SHOOT HOOPS!" Renbu shouted as he smacked the book out of his hand as if he couldn't control himself.

Shikimi heard this bullshit and came over.

"Giima, are you being a faggot again?" Shikimi questioned even though she knew that the answer was a heellll yeeeaaaahhhh.

"No, I am not," he replied as he went to fetch his book again. My god, look at those ankles.

Shikimi noticed what book he was reading—or rather, bending over for-and shook her head again. "Giima, you read that five times already. You should stop reading Shakespeare, and start reading real literature."

"Your writing sucks."

"You have a Jew-nose."

"Ruh-oh, Shaggy," Renbu said, sounding the equivalent of Scooby Doo. He usually said this when shit's about to go down, and hell, he was right all the time. This time, though, he took a swig from his Gatorade like a champ, slammed it down, and shouted, "SHOOT HOOPS!"

Because, dammit, son, they were going to shoot hoops whether Giima likes it or not, motherfucker.

And so they did.

And after they did, they went out to eat. They went to McDonalds, and after that, they went back to the Pokemon League HQ because, believe it or not, they were both very busy men. Giima sat down to read his precious Hamlet again as Renbu was sitting by him, pulling out his leftover tater tots in his pocket and eating them. Giima peered over at Renbu's stash behind his book and went, "Hey, give me your tots."

Renbu looked back at him and hissed as boogers sprayed out of his nose and showered Giima, who all he could do was stare wide-eyed and mouth agape.

He never lived to tell the tale.