"Amu-chan!" Ran's energetic voice called up the stairs.

Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia all heard a thump, and it was decided that Su would go see what happened.

She floated upstairs, and stopped in front of a closed white door with a black heart on it. This was Amu's room. Her little sister, Ami, had a pink heart on her own bedroom door.

"Amu-chan, are you okay, desu?" Su asked, with her customary ending "-desu" at the end of her sentence.

A groan was heard from behind the door.

"I stubbed my toe on the dresser," Amu's faint voice cried.

Su giggled and flew back downstairs, where she was making yet another dessert. Strawberry shortcake, Amu's favourite.

Miki looked up from her drawing.

"What happened, Su?" She asked.

"Amu-chan stubbed her toe on the dresser again, desu," Su replied cheerfully.

Miki shook her head while Ran jumped around as per usual.

Dia sat on a countertop, humming quietly to herself. After Ikuto left, Dia felt Amu's radiance dim a bit, so she decided to come out of her gold and black diamond egg, at least until Amu regained her lost sparkle.

All of the Charas heard footsteps, which meant Amu had recovered from her ordeal with the dresser and was on her way downstairs.

Amu appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, wearing red skinny jeans and a black hoodie with cat ears on the hood. Underneath her hoodie she wore a white t-shirt with a black and silver panther on the front. Her socks were purple-and-black-striped, and she had put on a layered chain necklace. Amu's hair was left down but held out of the way with a black headband, exposing her dangly black star earrings.

"Ohayo Amu-chan!" all of her Charas chorused, with Su adding "-desu" at the end.

"Ohayo minna!" she replied in kind, smiling at them. "I'm going to go to the park, okay?"

"Will you be fine by yourself, desu?" Su asked worriedly.

"Yeah, it's okay. I'll be back in like an hour or so," Amu reassured Su, who was in her motherly-mode.

"Are you sure, Amu-chan, desu?" She asked again to make sure.

"Yes, Su," Amu smiled exasperatedly.

"Alright, Amu-chan, if you say so," Miki said dubiously. She had a feeling Amu wasn't all that happy, but figured that she would work things out on her own. After Ikuto, and thus Yoru, left, Miki had felt the same as Amu, because of Yoru. It was only fitting that the Charas of two people in love would also fall in love, especially since Charas were the would-be selves of the owner. It was just a matter of which one of Amu's Charas would fall for Yoru, and it happened to be Miki.

Amu put her black heeled boots on and left, leaving her Charas in the kitchen.

As she started walking, she pulled her black iPod out of her pocket and started listening to music. She started thinking about how Rima and Nagihiko were together, as were Utau and Kukai, and Yaya and Kairi. They were all in middle school now, with Kukai. Even Tadase, her former crush, was in a relationship now.

It was always Amu who was alone, ever since Ikuto left. She never felt the same without him; his teasing, his deep, husky voice whispering her name into her ear… She absolutely loved the way her name sounded when he said it.

She saw a flash of green in her peripheral vision, and looked up, surprised. It had only seemed like 2 minutes, but she was already at the park, which took 10 minutes to walk to from her house. Walking a little more, she found the place where she first heard and saw Ikuto playing his violin. Walking up the steps, she sat down on a nearby bench, looking at all the people passing by.

It seemed to Amu that there were so many couples, people who looked so happy together and wouldn't trade their lives for anything. The sight only made her more depressed than she already was; she wouldn't admit it to anyone but herself, but Ikuto's absence really affected her. Soon after he left on the plane, she realized that he was the only one who really saw through her "cool and spiciness", to see the hurt and lost girl inside. It tore at her heart to know that she wasn't sure if she would ever see him again, even though he promised he'd come back. After all, it had already been 3 years.

Amu felt something hit her cheek. She looked up and saw gray clouds amassed in the sky.

"Shit!" she whispered to herself, and got up. Pulling up her hood, she started running back home, as fast as she could while wearing heeled boots.

When she opened her front door, she was greeted by silence and the faint smell of sugar. She assumed Su had finished baking a little while ago, and they were probably sleeping in their eggs, judging by the lack of noise.

Slipping off her boots, she padded up the stairs, and opened her bedroom door. Her thoughts from earlier in the park just served to worsen her mood. She decided to take a shower, since warm water would hopefully relax her.

Amu walked into her bathroom and stripped off her clothes. As she made her way to the shower, her eyes caught metal glinting in the fluorescent light. She picked up the metallic object and stepped into the shower. Turning on the water, she closed her eyes as she felt the water bombard her body. It was a wonderful feeling that she had come to associate with an even better sensation. Opening her hand, she looked down at the object she had picked up earlier. It was a small razor blade, and it represented her relief, her salvation, her relaxation. This was how Amu let go of all her pent-up emotions and thoughts.

She never made more than 3 cuts at a time, and made them small and unassuming. This way, no one would really notice and they would heal faster.

Amu lined up the blade to make the first cut. Metal skated across wet flesh, and beads of blood welled up. She quickly moved her wrist through the warm water; fast enough so the blood would wash away, but not slowly enough that copious amounts of water would enter her cut and make it sting more.

Aligning the razor in a different place this time, she repeated the same gesture. More of her negative feelings were washed away with the blood. Sighing, she savoured the moment. After the next cut, she wouldn't be able to do this again until these new ones healed…

She was about to make the last stroke with the razor when she heard a bang coming from her room. Fearing the worst (she was home alone with just her sleeping Charas, after all, and Charas, sleeping or otherwise, are no help if there are burglars or other criminals afoot), she quickly turned off the water, dried off, and got dressed as fast as possible. In her panic, she didn't think about bandaging her cuts when she yanked on a black tank top with a red skull on it. She pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans, and advanced towards the bathroom door slowly. She opened it a crack, and peered around her room, ready to slam it shut again in a second. Her eyes fell on a figure lying on her bed. A figure with midnight blue hair…

Amu gasped. She couldn't help herself. After 3 years, the man who stole her heart was in her room again. Suddenly, her surprise turned to anger. Just what the fuck possessed him for him to think it was okay to just drop by suddenly after 3 fucking years and pretend everything was normal? How dare he!

His head had whipped around at the sound of her intake of breath, and therefore saw when her golden eyes changed from a light gold to a dark honeyed amber colour. He knew she was pissed, and he was in for it.

She flung open the bathroom door in her rage, and stomped over to the feline man who was now sitting up on her bed. Amu started yelling at him.

"You fucker! How dare you leave me for 3 years without a fucking word to say you were alive and that you were okay! You couldn't even text me just to say hi or anything?"

Evidently Amu was livid, with reason, too.

"I can't believe you sometimes!" Caught up in her rant, she got closer and slapped Ikuto's cheek. His head snapped to one side, but not before he caught a glimpse of red on her wrist.

Ignoring her rant and grabbing her arm, much to her surprise and ire, he examined it more closely.

"You're bleeding," were the first words out of his mouth aimed toward Amu for the first time in 3 years.

Amu's eyes widened while Ikuto was still examining her cuts.

Oh fuck, she thought.

She snatched her wrist away and turned around, huffing.

"What the hell do you care, I just cut myself by accident this morning and it re-opened while I was taking a shower."

"What did you cut yourself on?" Ikuto wanted to know.

Shit, he must be on to me, Amu frantically thought. How the fuck am I going to explain away this one? I mean sure, my parents were gullible enough to believe it when they noticed my cuts last month, but Ikuto is perceptive!

He looked up at her while she was panicking in her mind. With one look in her eyes, he immediately knew what had happened.

"Amu," he said, getting her attention. She looked into his glittering pools of navy blue, and had to catch her breath.

"You cut, don't you," his next words ungracefully disrupted her admirations, and brought her mind back to the situation at hand.

"Alright fine, you got that much out of me. Now what do you want?" Amu had changed a little bit while Ikuto was gone. A small part of her "cool and spicy" façade integrated into her real personality, making her a little sarcastic and better at lying. She also gained some of the attitude her façade was so infamous for.

"Why?" His next question surprised her, and instantly brought back the anger.

"You ask me why, when it was fucking all for you?" Amu demanded. "Do you realize just how much you fucked my life up?"

She knew he was taken aback from the look in his eyes, but he quickly masked it.

"And what do you mean by that?" He seemed to be a little irritated now.

"HOLY FUCK! How retarded can you be?" Amu screamed. "You fucking broke my heart when you left, and then you didn't even text me or anything to say you were fucking alive, and now you come waltzing back after 3 fucking years and expect everything to be sunshine and daisies? What the fuck have you been smoking?"

She was aware of how similar that rant was to her previous one, but evidently Ikuto didn't quite catch her point last time, so she felt it appropriate to reiterate everything she had said just before he noticed her cuts.

His eyes darkened.

"Did you think it didn't hurt me at all to leave you too? You weren't the only one I had to leave behind. I had to leave my own sister, not just you. Even all the friends I had at school. You're so selfish sometimes, little girl," he ended mockingly.

"Get out," she said quietly, her eyes closed.

Amu turned away from him, and when she didn't hear any noise indicating his departure, she said it again, this time louder.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" She yelled.

She heard her balcony door open and close, but waited a few minutes just to make sure he was far away. Tears filled her eyes, and she flung herself face down on her bed.

This wasn't how it was supposed to go, Amu thought, sobbing.

Miki peeked out of her egg, having been awake since Amu first started yelling. Ran and Su were still asleep, while Dia lay awake quietly in her egg, as she was up as soon as she felt more of Amu's radiance drain away.

Amu wasn't the only one who felt sad. Miki didn't even get the chance to see Yoru, because he didn't come in with Ikuto.

After a while, Amu fell asleep, worn out from her emotionally exhausting day. Dia eventually dozed off as well, but Miki couldn't sleep, not after seeing Amu's anguish so similar to her own.

Drifting out of her egg, she sat just in front of it, and started sketching. It was a picture of Amu and Ikuto together, but happy. They were the perfect couple, but even they had their disagreements. The drawing took about 10 minutes, and seeing nothing else to do, Miki decided to go back inside her egg, and emulate her owner and sisters. All five of them slept, unaware of what was about to happen.

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