Okay. 8 seconds can change everything - these are the 64 seconds that tell the story of Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera. This is going to be a set of 8 drabbles, based around 8 seconds that changed everything for Mac and Stella, and I shall post one a day over 8 days. (before you ask, yes, 8 is my favourite number). LOL. Anyway, enjoy. Reviews are love.

Prompt: Date

He'd been planning it all day. Down to the last detail. But now that he was here – stood in front of her, his plans just seemed to slip away. Her green eyes scanned him, looking for a hint as to why he'd called her over. He tried to force the words out of his mouth but silence continued to rein.

"Listen, Mac, I need to get going" Stella started making to turn away.

It's now or never. Bite the bullet, Marine, Mac tells himself. "Stella do you want to go on a date?" he asked quickly before looking to her. Her eyes widened slightly in shock. It took a couple of what seemed the longest seconds of his life for Stella to answer.

"Sure" she grinned back before continuing to walk away.

"Straight after work then? At seven?" Mac called, trying not to let his relief, that she'd said yes, slip into his voice.

Stella looked back over her shoulder at him, her eyes alight with happiness. "I'll see you then, Mac"

"Yeah, I'll see you then" Mac said to himself. He couldn't stop the smile that formed on his lips as he returned back to his office. He carefully set the alarm on his watch for seven. It'd taken him long enough to build up the courage to ask her out, he didn't want to ruin it all by being late.

P.S - the "11 reasons Mac Taylor needs Stella Bonasera" for those who are interested shall be updated within the next couple days. Once I knuckle down and start work on the next chapter.