Andy POV

I sat on the stage in our school's auditorium, my legs dangling over the side while I was strumming my acoustic guitar.

It was lunch time now, so I knew no one would come in and bother me, besides my friends who spent this time with me. We never ate lunch, so we would use this time to catch up and have some band practice.

I heard the doors open so I looked up and smiled, speaking of the devil, here comes my friends. I counted heads and I realized someone was missing, "where's Ashley?"
Christian ("CC" as we call him, because his full name is Christian Coma) spoke up, "he's in the principal's office, he got in a fight."

"Again?" I asked, and everyone shook their heads, "why now?"

"Why do you think?" Jake snapped, "it was a jock picking on him, Ashley had enough of it, and a fight broke out."

"Do you think he'll get in trouble?" I inquired.

"Yes," Jinxx (full name being Jeremy Ferguson) answered, "the principal hates us, so of course he will."

I sighed, and silently agreed with him. The principal did hate us, along with the teachers and other students. Apparently we were "emo." They thought this because we wore black a lot, skinny jeans, a lot of eyeliner, and we straightened our hair. That didn't make us emo, just who we are. I guess people don't appreciate originality anymore.

The guys hopped on stage, each grabbing their instruments from backstage. Ashley, his bass, Jinxx, his rhythm guitar, CC, since he couldn't bring his drum kit to school, had borrowed a snare drum from the band room and used that, and when Jake would join us he would use his electric guitar. I sing.

"Did you see the new girl moving into the house next to mine this morning?" Ashley asked me.

I shook my head, "I didn't notice, you made us late so I just wanted to get to school. Why?"

Ashley smiled, "she's hot."

"Wait," Jinxx laughed, "like preppy hot? Or emo hot?"

"Emo hot," Ashley answered. "At least I'm assuming, since she was wearing black skinny's and an Escape the Fate t-shirt."

"I think it's time we had dinner at your house again, Ash," CC said, "who's with me?"

"Why are we eating at Ash's?" Jake asked, walking into the auditorium.

"Hot girl next door," I replied, "what happened to you?"

"I have detention the rest of this week," Jake answered, "no biggie. Now, back to this hot girl."

I laughed, "since they all seem interested, Ash, can we come over tonight?"

"Sure," Ashley smiled, "my parents are inviting them over for dinner anyway."

I smirked while the rest of the guys high-fived each other. Tonight should be interesting…

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