Dramatis Personae

Alexander LaVelle Harris...Superman (Kal-El) Kryptonian Male

Cordelia Chase...Wonder Woman (Diana) Human Female

Liam Bruce Wayne (Angel)...Batman...Human Male

Daniel Osbourne...Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) Green Martian Male

Willow Rosenberg...Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol) Thanagarian Female

Charles Gunn...Green Lantern...Human Male

Graham Miller...The Flash...Human Male

Buffy Anne Summers...Black Canary...Human Female

William Oliver Queen III (Spike)...Green Arrow...Human Male

Doctor Rupert Giles...Doctor Fate...Human Male

Joyce Summers...Power Girl (Galatea) Kryptonian Female

Dawn Marie Summers...Supergirl (Kara)Kryptonian Female

Jenny Calender...Zatanna Zatara...Human Female

Riley Finn...Captain Atom...Human Male

Warren Meers...The Atom...Human Male

Amy Madison...Stargirl...Human Female

Frank Madison...STRIPE...Human Male

Amazo formerly the android known as Ted...Android

Drusilla Helena Bartelli...Huntress...Human Female

Larry...Aquaman...Atlantean Male

Forrest Gates...Mister Terrific...Human Male

Aura Lincoln...Vixen...Human Female

Harmony Kendall...Fire...Human Female

Aphrodesia Smith...Ice...Human Female

Jonathon Levinson...Plastic Man...Human Male

Andrew Wells...Booster Gold...Human Male

Willy Devino...The Question...Human Male

Tara McClay...Human Female

Faith Lehane...Human Female

Donna Troy...Princess of Themyscira...Human Female

Wesley Wyndham Price...Etrigan(Jason Blood)...Human Male

Chapter Five

The Sunken Land

Part Two

Graham wished that he hadn't taken the Mother Box when he had found it in the Watchtower. He had always been fascinated with computers but never had the knack for them like other people had. From his memories from being Wally West, the idea of the Mother Box was fascinating so he searched the Watchtower until he found the sentient computer.

{Dimensional Disturbance Detected.} The box stated.

"Take me there." He told the computer.

Instead of opening a boom tube, the Mother Box simply teleported him away to a highway and he could see what looked like a city in the distance. He ran until he saw a road sign that shocked him to the core.


"That's not possible." He said before he ran towards the city.

As he ran into the city, he felt like he was running into Wally's life. This was scaring him as he knew this city didn't exist yesterday but it was here now and what made it even scarier to him was the fact that the city wasn't a ghost town. There were people living in the city. If he didn't know any better, he would have thought the city was an amazing replica but he knew that couldn't be the case. He stopped in front of a newspaper vendor who seemed to recognize the costume.

"Yo Flash!" The vendor shouted. "Good to see you."

"Good to see you too, Mike." Graham said automatically before he realized it.

He looked at the newspapers and saw the Keystone City Gazette with a picture of him on the front page. The Flash on the front page was definitely him. He was more developed physically than Wally had been and a tad shorter. The headline proclaimed that he had stopped a major jewel heist yesterday. That paper was next to a copy of the Daily Bugle.

"Something bothering you?" Mike asked.

"Nothing to worry about." Graham said. "I think today should be an easy day."

"We interrupt this broadcast to bring you late breaking news." A female voice said coming from a small television set in the newsstand. "Captain Cold has been reported robbing the Keystone City Gold Repository. We go there live."

Graham slapped himself in the face. He shook his head as he saw Mike shrug.

"Guess I shouldn't have taunted Murphy." Graham said. "Later, Mike."

Graham ran to the Keystone City Gold Repository. The way there had been etched into his memory thanks to briefly being possessed by Wally West and it didn't take long to find the place. Then again, the police ice sculptures that Captain Cold had made would have been a dead giveaway. Graham spotted Captain Cold at the same time the villain spotted him.

"Flash!" Captain Cold shouted firing his freeze gun at the scarlet clad speedster.

Graham dodged the beam as he came at the icy villain with a vicious clothesline. The parka clad crook spun head over heels from the assault and was greeted with a swift right cross to his jaw which managed to knock the man out. It wasn't long before his henchmen joined him as they swiftly became unconscious as well.


"To a degree of ninety-nine point nine three percent, you are the father of the psycho chick." Spider-Man said after he snagged the test results away from Tony's hands.

The Avengers that had assembled as they were curious about the news appeared to be shocked.

"How could this have happened?" Steve asked as he pulled back his mask.

"Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much..." Spider-Man began to say.

"Or get drunk enough." Logan added.

"Guys, I think he understands the fine points." Tony said to them. "I'm thinking she might be a female clone of you, Steve. It's not like that hasn't happened to one of us before."

"Watch it, Stark." Logan snapped.

Hank Pym noticed one of the monitors on the wall and called attention to it. They saw a Javelin approaching the Avengers Tower.

"What do you want to do, Tony?" Hank asked.

"Let them in." Tony replied. "Let's find out what they want."

Tony headed for the hangar clad in his Iron Man armor with Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hank Pym, and She-Hulk following him. The Javelin craft flew expertly into the hangar and set down quite gently. The hatch on the aft section of the craft opened and five people stepped out. They recognized three of the five as Wonder Woman, Powergirl, and Stargirl but the other two were unknown to them.

"Hello Avengers." Wonder Woman said to them. "I've come to pick up my sister."

For those who knew Tony Stark long enough, they could detect the scowl he was giving Wonder Woman despite the fact that the faceplate of his armor was down. He took a step forward.

"The only place your sister is going is a small cell in the Vault." He said. "She launched an unprovoked attack against us and she will pay for it."

The return glare from Wonder Woman was bone chilling as she stared down Iron Man.

"Let me give you two choices. One, my team leaves here with my sister peacefully." She replied. "Two, my team leaves here with my sister and you remain more injured than you are."

Logan made a small grunt. "Might be difficult to hurt me, toots." He said.

Powergirl smiled. "I'll rip them off and cauterize the wound with my heat vision." She said. "I'd like to see you grow them after that."

Logan's eyes widened with the thought but he kept his eyes on the Kryptonian woman. The blond haired shirtless man stepped forward.

"We are wasting time." He said. "Every moment we waste leaves us one step closer to the apocalypse that is Namor's doing."

"Wait, Namor has triggered an apocalypse." Spider-Man said.

Stargirl rolled her eyes. "Yes." She said. "Try to keep up, webhead."

"Namor has sunk my homeland of Themyscira. If we don't raise it above the waves in a week, the gates of Tartarus will open and unleash hell on Earth." Wonder Woman said.

"And how do you intend to do this?" Iron Man asked her.

"I intend to fight my way to my homeland and raise it from the ocean depths." She said. "Anyone or anything that gets in my way will pay."

"I can't let you attack him." Iron Man informed her.

Powergirl glared at him now. "Can't never did a thing." She said. "Try got rich."

That was when Spider-Man noticed that one of the Justice League members was missing. He turned around once and looked back at Wonder Woman.

"Weren't there five of you?" He asked.

"I went to retrieve someone." A voice said as an atom symbol popped out of Iron Man's armor.

The atom symbol grew until the missing man grew back to his normal size but he had a hand on Donna's arm. He let go once they returned to normal size and Iron Man noticed that she was once again armed with her blue lasso and her shield. Hank Pym took a step forward.

"How did you do that?" He asked.

"Well, I shrunk myself down to the size of an electron and waited till Iron Man checked the audio feed for your infirmary/jail type area." The Atom said. "I went the direction of the feed, wild ride by the way, and entered that area. I freed the princess and we came back the way I had came."

"No, how did you shrink to the size of an electron?" Hank Pym asked. "Even with my Pym Particles, I can't shrink down to that degree."

The Atom smiled. "Trade secret." He said.

Donna stood there staring at Wonder Woman. She took a hesitant step forward. "Sister?" She asked questioningly with tears about to well up in her eyes.

Wonder Woman nodded and Donna ran over to her hugging her tightly. The Avengers were surprised to hear the woman who had shortly ago attacked them was now crying like a baby.

"I'm here, Donna." Wonder Woman said comfortingly. "I'm here."

"I tried to get strong, Diana." Donna sobbed. "But it looks like you found me first."

Luke Cage ran into the hangar. "Hey, I just heard on the police band that some of the Justice League are attacking the Sanctum Sanctorum." He exclaimed.

The members of the Justice League took a step back from the Avengers. They seemed rather surprised by this. Iron Man pointed his palm repulsors at Wonder Woman.

"I guess we'll have to go with option two." He said.


Giles, Jenny, and Wesley stared at the ruins of what had been the headquarters of the Watcher's Council. While they didn't have a problem with how it looked, the area had been destroyed shortly before they had arrived.

"Who could have done this?" Wesley asked.

"I don't know." Giles replied. "Have you heard any threats to the Council prior to your spying mission on me?"

"None that could have possibly done this." Wesley said. "Whomever did this was very powerful."

Jenny knelt down and ran her hand through a sandy substance. A grim expression filled her face.

"That's salt." She said.

"Who could have done this?" Giles asked.

The wind blew softly as a green cloaked figure appeared before them. Giles, Wesley, and Jenny recognized the figure thanks to the new memories they had as well as the feeling of pure power which came from him.

"The Spectre." Jenny said. "England, I don't remember that being a costume at the shop."

"That's because I didn't have it on sale." The Spectre replied.

Giles' eyes widened despite the fact that he was wearing his helmet. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Ethan, you're dead." He stated.

"A prerequisite for the position I find myself in, Ripper." The Spectre replied. "I have to say that I didn't expect to see God looking like Alanis Morrisette."

"If you're the Spectre now, why don't you take care of the Illuminati?" Wesley asked.

"Because God was surprised by the chaos I caused Halloween night and she has no idea what is going to happen next." The Spectre said. "She was rather amused by it and ordered me not to attack the Illuminati."

"So, you went after the Watcher's Council then." Giles said.

"Part of the reason was their earlier attack on the Summers home but another is the fact that my spell has caused far more to occur than what I had foreseen." The Spectre said. "Rupert, your little sister is alive again."

Giles pulled off the Helmet of Fate in disbelief. "How could Rebecca be alive?" He asked. "She died sixteen years ago."

"My spell has had unforeseen consequences. Places that didn't exist before are being inserted into reality in such a way that a common mortal wouldn't have any idea that it hadn't been there." The Spectre said. "Rebecca was only reported dead. Her new fate is far worse. She had been raped by the Demon Lord Trigon."

Wesley's jaw dropped at the same time as Giles' jaw dropped as well. "Did that bastard do what I think he did?" Wesley asked.

The Spectre nodded. "Your father cooperated with the Sorcerer Supreme and confined her inside the Dark Dimension." He replied. "I can not break the wards that protect the Sanctum Sanctorum but I can breach the ones on the Dark Dimension. Your sister and your niece are alive, Ripper."

Without saying another word to any of them, Giles put the helmet back on his head and teleported himself and his companions back to the Watchtower. He swiftly walked up to the command center and up to Nick Fury.

"What's got your tights in a bunch, Fate?" He asked.

"Our little jaunt to Britain brought us into a run in with the Spectre." Giles replied which caused a few of the heroes who were on the bridge to gasp.

Fury glared at those that gasped. "I'm still reading through the League files." He said. "Who in the hell is the Spectre?"

"The Spectre is God's Spirit of Vengeance. While Ghost Rider may be quite powerful, his powers are demonic in nature. The Spectre is not limited to merely delivering his vengeance to one person at a time but as many as is necessary." Wesley replied.

"What did the Spook tell you?" Fury asked.

"My sister had been raped by the Demon Lord Trigon sixteen years ago and my father covered it up. He faked her death and imprisoned her in the Dark Dimension with the help of the Sorcerer Supreme." Giles told him. "I intend to go down to the Sanctum Sanctorum and knock Strange's teeth down his throat."

Fury nodded. "You're not going alone." He said. "Attacking the Sanctum Sanctorum will have every hero in the city there in seconds."

"I know Wesley and Jenny may not seem like much..." Giles replied before Fury interrupted him.

"Taking them alone against Doctor Strange, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and whoever else is in New York City right now would be suicide." Fury said fiercely. "First, your assault team will include Hawkgirl. Her mace will be able to negate any magical defenses Strange will have set up. Everyone else will be guarding against any 'outside interference' that may occur."

"Alright, but make it quick." Giles replied.


Three Minutes Later...

J. Jonah Jameson opened the door to his office to find the man in the blue hat and trench coat was sitting in his chair again. He wasn't very pleased.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked loudly.

"That's the Question, isn't it?" The man replied. "I'm here to give you a rather good story, Jameson, that involves what the Justice League is about to do in seven minutes."

Information about the League's business was as good as gold. He kept his glare on the man who he noticed had no face.

"What's going to happen?" He asked.

"Would you believe that the Sorcerer Supreme had imprisoned a woman who had been raped by a Demon Lord sixteen years ago?" The Question asked. "Would you believe that this woman is Doctor Fate's sister who he had believed to have been dead?"

"You're telling me that Doctor Strange is holding a raped woman prisoner for the last sixteen years." Jameson exclaimed.

"I am, Jameson." The Question replied. "Now, I'll be leaving."


"Director, I'm picking up several contacts coming toward Manhattan fast!" A technician exclaimed.

"Identify them now!" Maria shouted.

"They're Javelins, ma'am." The technician replied.

Maria Hill scowled. "How many?" She asked.

The technician's face paled. "All of them, I think." He replied.

"Get Fury on the comm." She ordered. "I want to know what the hell he's up to."

A main screen flared to life with Fury not appearing to be pleased to be talking to her. Maria stared at him.

"What the hell do you want, Hill?" Fury asked. "As you can see, I'm busy."

"Busy launching multiple Javelins on a destination to Manhattan." Maria replied. "What the hell are you doing, Fury?"

"A high priority mission has come up and several League members are involved." Fury informed her.

She scowled at him. "What type of mission?" She asked demanding an answer from him.

"A rescue mission." Fury replied. "Doctor Fate's sister is being held prisoner in the Dark Dimension."

"I'm sure Strange has his reasons." Maria replied.

"Sure, how many women are imprisoned after they're raped?" Fury asked her rhetorically. "If I were you, Hill, I'd keep everyone away from the Sanctum Sanctorum. I've got every woman in the League wanting to cut Strange's balls off with a rusty butter knife and the men wanting to help them-"

Suddenly, Fury's transmission was cut off and Hill glared at the communications officer who seemed just as surprised as she was though she tried not to show it.

"What the hell happened?" She asked.

"I don't know." He replied.

Suddenly, a fast yellow blur began to run through the bridge and the blur attacked everyone onboard. The blur slowed down so that Maria could make out a color inverted version of the Flash's costume. She wasn't able to do anything as this Reverse Flash delivered a powerful punch to her jaw which knocked her unconscious.

The yellow clad speedster brought his right index finger to his ear. "Grodd, I've secured the bridge of the Helicarrier." He reported.

A portal opened and a few costumed villains stepped out. The speedster recognized Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, The Key, and Doctor Light. A few seconds later, the massive simian known as Gorilla Grodd or merely Grodd for short emerged from the portal. Killer Frost smirked as she examined her surroundings.

"I'm sorry, I figured it would be bigger." Frost said.

Boomerang glared at her. "It ain't a bleedin' TARDIS, love." He told her.

Grodd smiled. "Save your arguments for later." He ordered. "We have work to do. Download the SHIELD database, insert the computer virus, and then set the helicarrier's self-destruct. Will someone remind me to thank Sinestro for the loan of Mister Bedovian?"

Doctor Light was leering at the unconscious Maria Hill and licked his lips as he looked back at his leader.

"What about her?" He asked.

"Bring her as well." Grodd replied. "Not everything is kept in a database."


Luke Cage realized that he had made a mistake when the blonde woman wearing white seemed too happy. Her eyes suddenly became red as twin blasts of energy struck him in the chest. The force behind the knocked him down and he could feel the heat from the energy blasts on his chest. Iron Man brought his repulsors up to fire but the girl who looked like she had been trying to dress up as a female Captain America used her rod to throw an energy lasso around his armored wrists.

"Atom, now!" She exclaimed.

The Atom shrunk down and fell into Iron Man's armor once again. The billionaire's power armor suddenly sparked with energy as power became interrupted in the armor. The shrinking hero exited the armor as Iron Man began to dance.

"Hey, Tony." Spider-Man asked. "What's with the macerena?"

"It was either that or let Power Girl have at him and she is pissed off enough already." The Atom said.

"She probably would have tested the armor's overall strength." Stargirl said. "But then we'd be having more Nutcracker Suite jokes."

Aquaman had his arms crossed as he stared at Spider-Man.

"We aren't going to have any problems with you, are we?" He asked.

Without warning, a magic portal opened up beneath Spider-Man which the web slinger fell through. Aquaman stared at the spot that Spider-Man had been.

"I am so not getting blamed for that." Aquaman said.

Wolverine lunged at Aquaman but was interrupted as an energy lasso from Stargirl's rod looped itself around his waist and he was being hurled in the opposite direction. As the glass shattered from him striking a window, he thought he heard the girl yell out.



Ares, known in Greek Mythology as the God of War, handed his son one of the hot dogs he had just purchased from the stand. His son smiled before he took a bite.

"Dad, why is there a dog dragging the truck?" Alexander asked him.

He looked at the rear bumper of his truck to see a white dog with a red cape attached to its collar pulling his truck away.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He asked the dog.

The dog barked at him and looked up. Ares quickly noticed what the dog was concerned about and used his considerable strength to help the apparently super powered canine pull his truck out of the way as the body fell in the spot the truck would have been in.

"Good boy." Alexander said handing the hot dog to the canine. "Here you go."

The dog greedily ate the hot dog as a blonde haired girl flew over to them. She seemed happy to see the dog.

"Krypto, don't scare me like that!" She exclaimed. "Sorry about this. He just came out of a stasis chamber in the Fortress and suddenly zoomed off."

"It's okay." Alexander said to the flying girl. "He let Dad know about the guy who would have fell on his truck."

The girl turned to look at the area where the man had fallen to see him climbing out of the hole he had made with his impact. He looked up to her.

"You related to that mean blonde wearin' white?" He asked her.

"I am." She replied.

"Tell her I'm sorry. Whatever I did to piss her off, I'm sorry." He told her.

"Aren't you Wolverine?" Alexander asked the man.

"Yeah, kid." He replied.

"Who threw you out of the building?" The girl asked.

"It was another blonde dressed like she stole somethin' from Cap's closet." Wolverine said.

"Sounds like Stargirl." The girl replied.

A red and blue blur went by them quickly before coming back and stopping next to the girl.

"I guess you found Krypto, Kara." Superman said before looking over at the others that were there. "I hope he didn't cause any trouble."

Ares shook his head. "No trouble." He replied. "Com'n Alexander, let's go home."

Wolverine ran back to Stark Tower while Ares drove his son away. Xander looked over at Dawn.

"Quit peeking with x-ray vision." He told her.

Dawn's face blushed. "I wasn't!" She exclaimed.


The front doors to the Sanctum Sanctorum shattered into millions of pieces. There had been no warning. The wards had not been tested. No magic had been used against the Sanctorum. Iron Fist picked up the mace that had been thrown through and he knew he had seen it before.

"Excuse me." He heard a voice say. "That's mine."

Iron Fist turned to see Hawkgirl walking towards him. "A few words of advice." She said as she took her mace back from him. "Leave, we're aren't here to harm anyone but we will do whatever it takes to accomplish our mission."

Before Iron Fist could reply, a man in a dark suit walked up to them. He reminded Iron Fist of a librarian but he seemed dangerous.

"So, what are you?" Iron Fist asked.

"I've been wondering that for a while now." The man said. "Shayera, head outside. Your wings would only get in the way inside here."

Hawkgirl nodded. "Be careful Jason." She said before leaving.

Iron Fist noticed the man was not armed but in this day and age that didn't mean anything. The man seemed to be dreading this confrontation.

"You can always surrender." Iron Fist said.

"I'm sorry, Daniel, but what I'm concerned about is what my other self will do." The man replied.

He was a little shocked that the man knew his name but the man suddenly braced his footing.

"Gone, gone the form of Man. Rise the Demon Prince, forever damned. Burn the Blood with Heart of Fire! Free the Might from Fleshy Mire!" The man exclaimed.

Iron Fist took a step back at the bizarre transformation that had been taking place. He had seen similar things but this was almost unreal.

"Gone, gone the form of Man! Rise the Demon, ETRIGAN!"

With his transformation complete, the demon smiled a toothy grin at Iron Fist. The martial artist took another step back.

"No this and listen well." Etrigan said. "I am quite capable of sending you to your own personal hell."

"Deadpool on Open Mic Night at the bar?" Iron Fist asked.

Etrigan shuddered at the thought. "Perhaps not as bad but after awhile you'll wish you had." He replied.

Iron Fist charged at him only for the massive demon to grab him by his arms and hurl him out of the Sanctum Sanctorum into the street outside. He looked around to see the street had become a war zone with several of his friends and comrades fighting against members of the team, the Justice League. He saw Black Canary unleash a vicious sonic attack in the direction of the Fantastic Four. The attack dropped Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, to the ground as well as knocking him out of his elemental state. Susan Storm encased Black Canary's head in a force field that had began to cut off her oxygen supply. An arrow flew towards the Invisible Woman that suddenly expanded into a net that captured her as well as cutting off the force field that threatened Black Canary.

"You okay, Pretty Bird?" Green Arrow asked to the blonde who was now gasping for air.

"I thought I told you not to call me that." Black Canary told him sternly.

"Hey, it fits." Green Arrow replied. "What else can I say?"

"Get out of my way!" A strange man exclaimed as he rushed past them.

"Metamorpho, rude much?" Black Canary said at the pale man.

"All I know is that I want to fight the Thing." Metamorpho said.

The Thing ran towards Metamorpho. "It's Clobberin' Time, kid." The Thing said.

Iron Fist watched as Metamorpho suddenly took on a gray metallic sheen and pulled back his right fight as the Thing matched his move. Their fists collided and the Thing was forced back as he grabbed his fist in pain.

"Damn, that hurt." The Thing said.

"My power is that I can transform into anything inorganic." Metamorpho replied. "I decided on vibranium."

"Good choice." The Thing said.


Spider-Woman was running for her life against a member of the Justice League that seemed as though she had lost her mind. Granted, she wasn't truly Jessica Drew but rather Veranke, Queen of the Skrull, but it didn't make any sense why anyone on Earth would want to kill her. This Justice League was a major complication in the plans that had been made to conquer this world as no one had infiltrated the group. It concerned her but not as concerned as she was as the crazed woman named Vixen. The woman had led her away from the main battle intoone of the nearby buildings. She tried her paralytic blasts against her but the woman was shrugging them off as quickly as she was hit with him.

"Get away from me!" She yelled.

Vixen charged at her slashing her sharp claws at her but she was able to dodge easily enough. Even though she had been able to dodge most of the attacks, she wasn't able to dodge them all. Vixen knocked Spider-Woman to the ground and raised a clawed hand up.

"SOMEBODY HELP!" She yelled louder.

A man wearing golden shades and a gold and blue uniform flew through the wall followed by a strange little machine. She recognized him from the Justice League's website, Booster Gold, and the little machine must be Skeets.

"Vixen, what the hell are you doing?" Booster Gold asked before blasting her with an energy beam.

"Ah Boss, Spider-Woman doesn't register as human." Skeets said.

Before she could react, Booster Gold blasted her and knocked her out. Skeets floated over each one before returning to him.

"Well Boss, what will we do now?" Skeets asked.

Booster Gold smiled and snapped his fingers. He activated his comm.

"Booster Gold to Watchtower." He said. "I have an idea."


Fury watched the telemetry as it came in and noticed a couple of things were off. First, both Batman and the Flash were not in New York assisting the League in staving off the other heroes. Second, their communicators were showing that they were both in cities that hadn't existed until today. Batman didn't bother to answer his page but the Flash did.

"I'm a little busy, Fury." Flash said.

"Who are you fighting?" Fury asked.

"Mirror Master, got to go now." Flash replied.

Fury cut off the transmission and a thought crossed his mind. He keyed up Gunn's communicator.

"Green Lantern, take a team and head for the Helicarrier." He ordered. "I have a bad feeling."


The Javelin blasted away from Avengers Tower with Warren piloting the craft as Cordelia sat down next to her sister. It was a strange feeling for her but it felt right. Donna seemed relieved to see her. Aquaman smiled at Donna.

"Hi, I'm called Aquaman." He said.

"Nice to meet you." Donna replied.

"Donna, there are a few things that we need to talk about." Cordelia said.

"Diana, whatever it is doesn't matter." Donna replied. "We're sisters. That's all I care about. Where are we going?"

"Hermes told me of someone that can help save Themyscira but he is someone that is not easily trusted." Cordelia said. "He's actually a villain."

Donna seemed to think for a moment. "We have no choice but to place our faith in the gods." She said. "They would not have put forth this course of action otherwise."

Larry left the two Amazons alone so that they could talk and walked into the Javelin's cockpit where Joyce and Warren were. He sat down and Joyce looked over at him.

"Something on your mind?" She asked.

"The simple fact that Cordelia wasn't the only one visited by a Greek God and given orders." He said.

Joyce's eyes widened in surprise. "Poseidon, I expect." She replied.

Larry nodded. "He told me to take the throne of Atlantis away from Namor." He said to her. "All I know about being a king comes from Arthur's memories."

"You're a good person, Larry." Joyce replied. "Only a fool or someone with a tyrant's mentality would not be worrying about becoming a king."

"I'm not a king yet and I know one trouble I will have." Larry said. "Finding my own Mera."


The Green Lantern of Sector 2814 led his team to the Helicarrier and they landed on the flight deck which they found to be eerily quiet.

"This doesn't look good." Fire stated.

Ice walked over to a body that she spotted. The hole in the man's head almost made her vomit but she held it in as she noticed something unusual.

"Hey, Green Lantern, check this out." She said.

Green Lantern flew over to her and scanned the area. A surprised look came over his face and Ice noticed it.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Bedovian." Gunn replied. "We're not alone."

"Gee, I could have told you that." Ice said pointing behind him.

Gunn turned around to see a group of people he honestly wished he hadn't recognized but he did. Grodd, Doctor Light, The Key, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, and the Reverse Flash stood on the Helicarrier's flight deck. Doctor Light appeared to be carrying someone.

"Tell me again why you couldn't open a bloody portal where we were and why we had to come to the flight deck?" Captain Boomerang asked looking a tad bit annoyed.

"Not that it matters now." The Key said pointing his portal gun in one direction. "Reverse Flash, that's your cue."

Reverse Flash pushed the button on a detonator he held and multiple explosions rocked the Helicarrier as explosives placed in the propulsion units that kept the massive craft in the air went off. The Key fired his portal gun which allowed the villains to quickly escape.

"Well, this isn't good." Captain Atom said.

"Gee, Captain Cornbread, you think!" Fire exclaimed.

Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Fire flew off the Helicarrier with Ice catching a ride from Captain Atom. The emerald ring wielder tried to catch the craft with a massive green energy construct net but for some reason, the net was dissipated by the Helicarrier.

"I won't have the strength necessary to alter its course." Captain Atom informed Green Lantern. "I'll breach my containment suit. The resulting blast should vaporize the Helicarrier."

"No, there has to be another way!" Green Lantern exclaimed. "I'm not losing any member of my team."

"What other way is there?" Captain Atom asked.

"How about Superman?" Ice asked.

They looked to see the blue and red clad hero was lifting the Helicarrier as well as guiding it towards open water. The sight was rather impressive as he carried it away from the endangered people below.


Johnny Storm's jaw dropped as he saw Superman lugging the smoking SHIELD Helicarrier away.

"Is there anything that guy can't do?" He asked.


Like many of her students, Emma Frost had chosen to watch the live news broadcast of the clash between the heroes they were familiar with and the Justice League outside the Sanctum Sanctorum though most people didn't know about that detail. The cameraman's view suddenly changed to see Superman lugging the smoking SHIELD Helicarrier away.

Since the Justice League had premiered not too long ago, she had made herself familiar with what information she could find on them. The man that was known simply as Superman held a fascination for her. He held such power at his young age and was rather handsome. Were it not for her own relationship with Scott, she might have tried it herself.

She watched as the Man of Steel lowered the massive vessel into the water before speeding away from the camera's view.

Damn. She thought.


"What happened?" Xander asked looking over the smoking ship.

Gunn flew over close to the Kryptonian. "You aren't going to believe this." He replied. "It was the Secret Society."

Xander held his hands out. "Please just tell me Lex Luthor wasn't there." He said.

"Nope but Grodd was leading them. That was for sure." Gunn replied. "We need to stop them if we're going to stop the Illuminati."

Xander snapped his fingers. "What's with the League trying to beat the crap out of everyone in front of that strange house?" He asked a bit curious.

"Giles' sister got brought back to life by the spell but she's being held prisoner in the Dark Dimension." Gunn informed him. "He wanted to do it on his own but Fury made sure that he had back up."

Xander made a pointing motion with his right hand. "Knew there was a reason why we wanted him around." He replied. "How about I go introduce myself?"

Flying with the speed now inherent with his Superman abilities, Xander flew over the Sanctum Sanctorum and noticed a momentary gap in the line between the Justice League and the opposing forces. He let loose a blast of heat vision that caused the fighting to cease momentarily.

"Now, can we quit with the fighting?" He asked.

"As long as the lackeys of Stark, Richards, and Strange quit with their hostilities as well." Sir Justin replied.

"I am not a lackey!" Someone could be heard yelling though it was unknown who it was.

"I take it a bit personally at being associated with having lackeys to begin with." Reed Richards said.

"Oh shove it, Richards!" Plastic Man exclaimed. "How about I find a way to grab that stick that is shoved up your ass and turn it sideways?"

Okay, Plastic Man is acting rather violent. Xander thought.

Before Xander could make a reply, a gigantic green clad foot slammed onto the street and everyone looked up to see the new arrival. The members of the Justice League recognized him from their implanted memories and took a collective step back.

"Oh shit." Fire said.

"Okay, who's Mister Green Cloak?" Johnny Storm asked.

Fire flew over to him. "You know how Ghost Rider is a demonic spirit of vengeance?" She asked receiving a nod from him in exchange. "That guy is the Spectre. He's God's Vengeance and he doesn't look happy."

She flew back over to her side of the battlefield that Superman had so 'neatly' separated as the Spectre shrank down to normal proportions. The Spectre took a step towards what had been the front door of the Sanctum Sanctorum when the outstretched arm of Reed Richards grabbed him by the shoulder.

"I'm sorry but you can not go in there." Mister Fantastic said.

He noticed that his statement caused the Justice League to take another step back. The green cloaked figure turned to look at him.

"You think you can order me around, Richards." The Spectre said. "I am not some common mortal or godling you may be able to order around due to your own hubris. I am God's Vengeance. I am the Spectre."

"That may be but-" Reed began to say.

"BEGONE!" The Spectre said pointing a green gloved hand at the scientist.

A bright flash of light occurred which blinded everyone present momentarily. When the flash faded, everyone could hear Sue Storm-Richards screaming out the name of her husband. It seemed as though Reed Richards had been turned into a statue.

"And like Lot's wife, he had warning." The Spectre informed them before running his hand through the statue showing it to be nothing but a pillar of salt.

"I don't care who he is!" Johnny yelled. "He's going down!"

"BEGONE!" The Spectre yelled again pointing both hands at the non-League members.

An even brighter flash of light occurred and when the League members regained their ability to see, they saw a similar event had taken place to the other heroes.

"It is one thing to follow a great man into Hell." The Spectre stated. "It is another thing to follow a fool."

"BLOODY HELL!" Spike shouted.

To Be Continued...

Author's End Notes: I am so sorry about this but I had meant to update sooner but writer's block happened. Then, the fight outside the Sanctum Sanctorum took over this chapter so the actual Atlantis battle will be in the next chapter. I am very sorry about this. FYI: The Spectre didn't kill any of the Marvel Heroes. They were just sent home.