Back in Shego's Jet…

"Shut it," Director Du said as he kicked a shackled scientist in the ass and pushed him into the jet, "or I'll rip off your head and shit down your neck."

Ron took him aside and said, "Will, just quoting Duke Nukem doesn't make you a badass."

"Who the hell is that?" he asked, mildly irate.

Ron shook his head and went over to Kim, who was sleeping on the floor of the jet. He knelt beside her and laid his hand on hers. "Whatever happened up there," he whispered, "what's wrong has been set right." He took a seat next to Dr. Director, who was looking over the mission reports of the other teams.

"We're ready to depart," Dr. Director shouted to the pilot. The jet slowly ascended.

Kim sat up slowly, awoken by the movement of the jet, dazed and taking in her surroundings. "Hey, you're up," Shego said.

"Mmmm," Kim replied, wits still scattered. "I feel like a completely new person. The voice is gone; all the anger and the nightmares, everything, all gone. For some reason, I'm just thankful to be alive." She paused for a second. "I feel really strange; what happened after I passed out?"

"He and I fought, and I won," she said simply, standing up and helping Kim to her feet. "Then we brought you back here, and Dr. Director gave you a shot of something which she said would help bring you around. It's got some painkillers in it, so you're feeling the effects."

"How's your shoulder?" Kim asked. "And what happened to your arm?"

"I hit him too hard," Shego said, smiling sweetly, almost wickedly. "I'll be good as new by tomorrow morning. Did you have any dreams while you were out?"

"No, nothing," Kim replied.

"It's for the best," Shego said.

CIA Black Site, Anchorage, Alaska…

"Mr. Blue, this is an unprecedented event," said the woman on the screen, veiled in black save her green eyes.

"Absolutely, ma'am," Black suit agreed. "Yvarra's dead, taking with him to the grave the blame for the events which have transpired. We should have enough time to deal with the aftermath and prepare for the next phase of our offensive."

"Is the next phase of our plan ready?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am, it is. With the expertise of Amy Hall, we should be able to create all manner of chimera," Black Suit replied. "And with our mole inside the organization, we should encounter little resistance until they recover from her self-termination."

Atop the Empire State Building...

She climbed over the railing, sat atop one of the railings, and said, "I've traveled since; half the world. Art museums, bus stations, airports; always looking for you. It's cold; the world is cold without you. It is dark, and empty, and cold, and I need you, now more than ever. Where are you, my love; where did you go?"