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Not Again

Aqua POV

"Voda," Dimitri greeted. I could feel my insides shaking and tears try to form in my eyes, but I was too strong for that now that I had my family back. Well, most of my family.

"Dimitri," I greeted back in a monotone, completely void of emotion.

"I see you got the door fixed," he said like he wasn't some undead monster that I was supposed to - and probably would end up doing so - kill.

"Yeah. Not too long ago," I nodded just as casually. I looked at him. "Okay, I'm just going to cut right to the chase. I have to kill you."

"And what makes you think I'll let you?" he asked, Strigoi now instead of the more Dimitri part of him from last night.

"Who said anything about letting me?" I retorted. He charged at me, punching me in the face and catching me off guard. I got knocked on my butt with a slight thump and a yelp.

"Now, Dimka, you don't want Aunt Olena to find you hitting me. Remember what happened when you were ten?" I scolded and rubbed my cheek, trying to get the real Dimitri out that didn't fight back against me. Because he knew all my moves, and we were now equally strong and fast. I was on the urge of panic, but I didn't show it. He growled at me and picked me up by my shirt. I wiggled and tried to unclench his fists, but I just couldn't get down. He was older now and faster and stronger and he taught me everything I know.

"Get. Off. Of. Her," I heard someone growl from behind me. I looked back to see Alex, stake in hand and eyes practically green fire in rage.

"Why do you give a damn?" Dimitri asked him coldly.

"Because I'm her Guardian," he snarled back, knuckles white from clutching the stake so tight. Dimitri, my Dimka that I loved like the brother I never had, threw me across the room and I landed with a thump. It was quite comical. "You really shouldn't have did that." Alex launched at Dimitri and they battled, Dimitri usually getting the upperhand. I jumped Dimitri, catching him by surprise. I put him in a headlock and twisted his neck, breaking it. That wouldn't kill him, just distract him, like staking him in the heart with an uncharmed knife or stake. He froze, and Alex was able to get out of his grip. He was about to stake him when I heard small footsteps on the steps.

"Aunty? What's the noise ab-" True cut off as she saw Dimitri on the floor.

"Baby, go upstairs," I said to her. Damn, why couldn't she be a heavy sleeper like Rose?

"Daddy?" she squeaked. She knew what he looked like, in general, from pictures. Only difference was that he was super pale and had red eyes, instead of tan like hers. Oh, and fangs, of course.

"Pravda! Go up now! Get mommy and keep Aunt Lissa safe," I demanded, using her Russian name to get her upstairs. She nodded and ran upstairs.

"I hope he didn't hear that," I mumbled as Rose came running down the steps. By now Dimitri was concious again and I had him in a firm headlock, cutting off all air to his lungs. This wouldn't kill him either, but it would be irritating, like what Mia'd did to the Strigoi, Isaiah, in Spokane. I was sitting on his hands, twisted behind his back. I threatened to break them every time he tried to get me off.

"Roza," he choaked out through his airless tracia.

"Dimitri," she greeted, much like how me and him had done, her Guardian mask firly in place.

"You haven't aged a day," he complimented. I let him talk, but I didn't let off my grip.

"Neither have you," she punned. I stiffled a laugh. He started to fight against my arms again.

"I wouldn't do that, Dimka," I whispered in his ear, using my free arm to put just under enough pressure on his left arm to break it. He hissed in pain and stopped struggling.

"So, let's get this show on the road. Which one of us is staking him?" I was okay with killing him now. The mother fucker had thrown me across the room!

"You," Rose said, tossing her stake to me. It felt weird, but I shrugged it off. I frowned, the realization of what was about to happen setting in, but I swallowed my sorrows and got ready to stake him.

"Sorry, Dimka," I whispered and then drove the stake though his back and into his heart. But the weirdest thing happened: he didn't die. A bright white light exploded around me, filling the whole room. It wasn't a bother to me, but I can't say the same for everyone else. Rose and Alex screamed and covered their eyes. I couldn't feel Alex and I doubted he could feel me. And then it was just... gone. No fade into the darkness, just snapped out like when you turn out the lights. I was suddenly exausted and laid down on Dimitri's back. I'd pulled the stake out after the light had gone out. He was limp, but he was breathing. I climbed off of him and flipped him over. His eyes were open and the second he looked at me, eyes brown again, he started crying, scooting over towards me and laying his head in my lap. My eyes widened as he hugged my waist and cried into my thigh. I smiled and kissed his head, running my hands through his hair.

"Dimka, it's okay. Don't cry, please." He was warm and tanned and everything he was before the attack. The only difference was what he was doing. He was weeping. Dimitri Belikov never weeps. But he'd been a Strigoi, which was probably a scarring experience. As Alex got his sight back, he tried to pull me away from Dimitri, but I pulled my arm out of his grasp and kept on soothing Dimitri, running my hands through his hair and whispering to him that everything would be okay and singing a Russian lulaby that he use to sing to me when I was little and had nightmares, anything I could do to get him to stop crying. We held onto each other and about 20 minutes later, after many attempts by Alex and Rose to get me away from Dimitri, a bunch of Guardians busted in, causing Lissa, Olena, Vikki, Sonya, and Karolina to come downstairs.

"What's going-?" Vikki cut off, seeing Dimitri in my lap. "Dimka?" He said nothing. He hid in my thigh and I kept trying to calm him down. And then the Guardians pulled him off of me. I tried to pull him back but there were too many for me to fight. They took Dimka away. I screamed.

"No! No! NO!" I was throwing a royal hissy fit, jumping up and getting in the Guardians' way at the door.

"Drop the dhampir," I growled.

"He's a Strigoi, Princess," one guy said softly, trying to get me to accept that he wasn't him.

"No he's not! Look at him! Brown eyes, tanned skin! Does that look like a Strigoi? No!" They all looked at me with sympathy and then a few guys moved me out of the way with dificulty.

"Dimitri!" I tried getting free, but the guys had a good hold on me. Dimitri was trying to get to me, struggling against the Guardians' strong hold. I was grateful they didn't stake him, but I was still mad they wouldn't let him go.

"Aqua!" he yelled back, kicking and screaming. There were tears on both of our faces. They shoved him into the back of a truck and I caught a glimse of someone giving him a needle before they closed the doors and drove off. The Guardians still holding me held me until they were around the corner and then let me go. I grabbed two by their collars, the others backing up to steer clear. I pulled them down sharply to my level, baring my fangs.

"Where are they taking him?" I growled.

"We can't tell you that." I shook them and a nasty growl started in my chest.

"Where are they taking him!" I yelled. They looked terrified, which, to humans, would look retarded seeing as they were, like, 6 foot something and I was 4'10", I was in a skirt and heels and they were in black and white guardian suits, and I was skinny and they were all muscles. But everyone in the Moroi world knew I was the most dangerous dhampir around, Dimitri and Rose close behind me.

"They're taking him to Court," one said in a rush. I smiled sweetly and let go of their shirts.

"Good boys. Now run along before I kill someone." They ran to the other car they had and sped off. I walked in, ignoring everyone and going straight to the phone, ordering plane tickets to Court.

"Thank you," I said and hung up.

"What happened?" Lissa yelled at me.

"Well, we're getting 10 plane tickets to Court. They'll be sending us the private jet tomorrow. It costed me-"

"You know what I'm talking about!"

"I turned Dimitri back to dhampir somehow but they don't believe me." I pouted.

"What kind of stake did you use?"

"Rose's." Lissa's eye widened.

"That wasn't Rose's. It was mine." Everyone stared at her.

"Where did you get a stake?"

"Well, I found Dimitri's old one and I used it to try and charm it with Spirit. I didn't know what would happen, but I had a feeling it was good."

"You went behind my back and tried to charm a stake?" Rose asked.

"Don't be mad at her. It brought back Dimitri." But that wouldn't mean anything if no one believed it. Which is why I had to go to Court. Alex was looking at me intensely.

"Brain fart?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"The bond... it's not gone, but I can hardly feel you." I tried feeling him, but it was hardly even there.

"I think all the magic I used must have overrided the bond, numbed it. I hope this wears off soon."


"So, I guess as long as we're up, we might as well get packed for tomorrow, call Chris to tell him to go to Court instead of here."

"Chris? As in Christian Ozera? When did you guys start talking again?"

"Earlier today. Turns out it was a big misunderstanding and they're back together," I said cheerfully.

"Well, that's good. Now we have to go get Dimka and we'll be all happy dandy," Viktoria said sarcastically.

"Oh, haha." I rolled my eyes. "We have a lot to prove first. Like that he's dhampir. And that he's not evil. And that he has no intentions of going back."

"Touche." And so we all went upstairs, packing a weeks worth of clothes for thejourney that could last the rest of our lives, as far as we knew.