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Chapter 1: the interview

Macy Misa packed up her bag as the bell rang ending the day for Horace Mantis Academy that Friday. She left the room, following her classmates and went down the hall to the school lockers

She saw her four best friends by three lockers and walked over.

"Hey Macy, what's up? Wanna come over to the firehouse and hang out?" Stella asked spotting her first.

Macy shrugged. "Maybe later, I have to go home and do my homework, I promised my mother school work comes first" she said.

They all nodded. "School work is important, okay maybe later, you know your always welcome at the firehouse" Nick said.

Macy smiled as Nick's brothers nodded in agreement. She hadn't always been on great terms with the guys but she liked they were friendly with her now.

Macy waves goodbye and jogs off and out the door to the bike rack and takes out a red ten speed mountain bike after undoing the lock.

She rides home and greets her mother with a kiss and hurries upstairs to her bedroom. Her sister and father aren't home yet so Macy takes the bathroom and showers.

After she finishes the simple homework she boots up her computer to check her fan site and the doorbell rings.

"Macy, can you come down please" her mom then calls a minute later.

Macy leaves her computer on and leaves her bedroom and goes downstairs to find her mom sitting on the couch holding a yellow envelope.

"Yes mom, something wrong?" she asks a bit nervously as she was not a troublemaker in school unless you count hurting a JONAS on accident.

Her mom smiles. It's good news baby girl, you have an interview for that scholarship"

Macy's eyes widened. "Wow, that's great! When is it?"

"It's on Saturday in Florida" her mom says still smiling. She stands and hugs Macy proudly. "I can't believe your going to that school" she says.

"Have to pass the interview first mom" Macy says chuckling and Mrs. Misa waves that away. "You will, you're a very special and clever girl Mace" she says.

"thanks mom, I will go pack a duffel bag but can u not tell Stella? I don't need her or the Lucas's knowing till I get my approval" she asks and her mom nods.

"Okay, honey, now go pack while I start dinner and I promise I'll only tell your father and sister"

"Thank you mom " Macy says bounding back upstairs. She texts Stella and tells her she is busy and turns off her phone.

The next day Macy is dropped off by her family at the airport at seven for a nine o'clock flight. The Misa's walk her to security where she leaves them.

"Be safe and call us when you arrive, the test giver says he'll meet you there" Mrs. Misa says and Macy nods.

"I'm almost eighteen mom, you ever going to stop worrying? she asks and Mrs. Misa shakes her head.

"It's a mothers job to worry" she says. Macy chuckles kisses her then her father and then finally hugs her ten year old sister Molly.

"Can I sleep in your room till you return?" she asks and Macy says yes long as she doesn't destroy her stuff. Macy has two computers, one for school work and a laptop for on the go.

Macy gets through security fine and finds her gate. She sits and puts her duffel and laptop bag beside her and turns on her phone.

She sees a few voice mails from a worried and slightly angry Stella and wonders if she should call. Her phone rings then solving that problem.


"You hiding from me Macy Misa?" Stella answers.

"No sorry Stella, my aunt called when I came home about some family problem so I'm flying out right now" she said calmly.

Stella's voice immediately changes to concern. "Oh, well that's different Macy, my gosh you don't have to scare me" she says.

"Sorry Stells, but I'll be home tomorrow night most likely, my aunt is a bit dramatic and it's usually nothing" she answers, shocked she is such a good liar.

"Okay, well call me when you come home please and try to have fun"

"I will, thanks Stella"

"Bye Mace"

"Bye Stella"

Macy closes her phone both excited and guilt ridden about the call.

She loves and hates she got away with lying to her best friend. 'It's no big deal Misa, you'd couldn't tell her the truth now anyway' she told herself.

She got up and went into a magazine store and bought the new teen magazines deciding to read about the boys to take her mind off Stella.

Soon everyone is allowed to board and she got the window seat and stares out anxious and excited about her interview.

The flight is only a couple hours from Jersey to Florida and soon she is shaking hands with her test giver who seems to be a very kind man in his fifties.

He drives her to the hotel room her parents paid for and says he'd pick her up at four for her test.

"I'll even buy you dinner kid but lunch is from your own pocket I'm afraid" he says.

"That's okay sir and you don't have to buy dinner I have my own money both from my parents and babysitting jobs" Macy replies politely.

"It's my honor Ms. Misa"

"Please call me Macy sir"

"Okay then you can call me Patrick or Pat, I hate sir, makes me feel old, like I'm not old enough as it is" he answers making her chuckle.

"Okay Pat, thanks for the ride and I'll meet you in front at four" she says and waves as she walks inside. She gets her room key as the room was paid in advance.

She visited her room and placed her bag down and hid the laptop in the dresser drawers covering it with her clothes. She then called home and told her family she was safe.

She then went back down and inquired about anywhere to eat as she wasn't too fond of room service choosing to eat healthy and saving the bad food for parties or Nick's delicious cookies.

She walked out after the man said there was a shopping center a block away. She found a restaurant and got a salad and a cheeseburger with fries for lunch.

She then walked around for an hour before taking a nap in the hopefully clean bed. She showered before her interview and put on a nice Stella approved going out outfit.

Stella couldn't force her to wear the clothes on a daily basis but when she and the guys went out she could be demanding.

The nice top and black silk pants Stella stored in Macy's approved going out outfits did make her feel grownup though. She silently thanked her friend for the first time.

At four she was ready and as she looked in the mirror after applying a very light touch of make up an and fixed her hair nicely she knew Stella would approve.

Pat was outside waiting at four when she walked out and he was impressed at the change.

"Doesn't someone look pretty" he remarked and Macy smiled.

"My friends idea, she is big into fashion, she even designs clothes for the band JONAS" Macy says and he was impressed.

"Well she has nice taste you definitely seem very mature Macy, a good quality for college but you also have that edgy nature that makes me believe you do very well in sports" he said.

Macy smiled at the description. "Thank you, so do you think I'll get the scholarship?" she asked and Pat shrugged.

"I haven't interviewed you yet Ms. Misa but I can tell you honestly you do seem to have a good chance" he said kindly.

When they arrived they were a bit early and so Macy sat in the lobby.

A woman came to her ten minutes later. "Hi, Ms. Misa?"

"Yes" Macy said, standing.

"Your interview will start in two minutes, could you please come with me?"

"Yes Ma'am"

The lady guided Macy to an empty room and sat her down in an empty chair in front of a desk

"Thank you"

The woman smiled and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Two minutes later Pat entered the room.

"I'm sorry Macy, I forgot about another interview I had at four" he aplogized. "That's okay was he or she mad?" she asked.

He nodded. "A little but very polite and understanding, my kind of teenager, so I guess we should start" he answered.

He sat behind the desk and took out a folder from a drawer. He studied it a moment.

"Let's begin with what you can tell me about yourself Ms. Misa"

"What would you like to know?"

"Well according to your school file here in my hands you seem to be very serious about sports. Your coaches seem to think highly of you" he answers.

"What you can tell me about your family"

"I live in New Jersey with mom and dad and my little sister Molly, my dad is a doctor and my mother own a thrift store next to the house, and sometime I work for her"

"So you could work if we offer you a job beside the sport"


"So your application said you want a scholarship for gymnastics, but there is no gymnastics in school"

"Yeah, but I do gymnastics since I was 7 years old and I want to be in the national team"

"I like your spirit, we watch the photo and videos you sent with the application and we will send you a letter in 2 days so you can know if you are in or not"

"Thank you sir"

"one last thing ,if you past the first year on tope you could teach beginners gymnastics, in one of the most popular club in Florida until you finish college then you will peck the place you want to work after college, so it will be next to where you will be"

"Thank you sir, it's an honor"

"thank you ,it was pleaser to meet you "they shock hands and she went back to the hotel to call her mother and tell her the news

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