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When Nick turned around the first thing he did was groan.

He groaned because he forget that his whole family was in the room.

Tom and Sandy he didn't mind as they were mature, but Joe and Kevin were giving him the look.

"Our little Nick is all grown and in love" Joe said. Kevin nodded.

"Yeah we'll just call everything else a flaw" he agreed.

Nick rolled his eyes. "Shut up, every girl is special ding bats, Mace is just..." he answered.

"The most special we get it, come on lets get ready, may as well make Macy's day as special as she is" Joe said.

At 6:30 Kevin took his car and Joe to Stella's and then the three met up at Macy's house. "Hello Marie how are you? Sandy asked as Mrs. Misa opened the door for her guests

Hello Sandy, I m fine, come on in

Tom and David greeted each other as well

Come on guys Macy is in the living room setting the game, go play till dinner

They entered the living room to find Macy sitting on the couch playing video games Frankie ran to her



She hugged him and when she did she greeted all the other while cuddling in the couch with Frankie.

Frankie step away I want to hug Macy Nick complained

No way Nick she is mine now and go do something else Frankie said with a smirk on his face.

Macy smirked. "Okay Frankster, let me just go make some cookies again" she said and Frankie paled.

"Second thought she is yours again before she poisons me" he said and Nick chuckled.

"I'll take her anytime" he said. He sat beside her and kissed her cheek.

Hello beautiful Nick said and Macy blushed.

Hi she kiss him. Just because I said you can have her don't mean you should kiss in front of me" Frankie scowled clearly still in love.

Nick smirked. "Sorry dude but she is all mine" he said and kissed her lips and Frankie rolled his eyes.

"Whatever I can beat you at anything else" he said and Nick took over Macy's control and they played a fighting game that Nick won.

They played sing, and then they had dinner

All families went home but the gang went for ice cream before helping Macy put her stuff in the car.

"Well not much longer now" Macy said and Nick nodded clutching her hand.

"Good luck, you'll do fine" he said and Macy could hear the crack in his voice.

"Thanks...well almost time to go to the airport" she said and everyone nodded.