And Then There Were None

Summery: Soul, Maka, Tsubaki, Black Star, Liz, Patty, Kid, Stein, Kim, and Ox are invited to a mansion. But when one of them dies, they have to discover which of them is the killer. But what is their connection? And why them?

Warnings: sexual actions, OOC-ness (due to them being older)

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater or Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None'

Ch.1: Setting the Board

-Dear Miss Albarn,

I wish to inform you of certain facts which you may be unaware of. You're great-grandfather was good friends with my own great-grandfather. If you would permit, please join me at my mansion on November 8th. I have sent you a train ticket, already paid for, in this envelope with this letter. If you decline, however, please send a letter saying so along with your ticket. Perhaps your father would come?

If you do decide to come, then don't forget your ticket. I have taken the liberty of informing the train station to announce when my guest should depart the train.

I hope to meet you soon and wish you well with your studies. Baba Yaga welcomes you.


- Ethan Owens

Maka sighed as she re-read the letter. It had arrived a week or so ago, leaving her confused. She'd been young when her great-grandfather had died, so she couldn't recall much about him. But she could vaguely recall hearing him mention something about an Owen.

Moments passed by quietly while she sat at her desk, watching her outside classmates from a near-by window. She closed her eyes and nodded determinedly. Gathering her things, she quickly made her way to the office.

She had a vacation to plan.

Maka glanced up, watching as even more people got up and left. She huffed and snuggled deeper into her seat. Flinging her head back with a breathy growl, she groped blindly for a book. She found a newspaper instead. With a shrug, she started reading.

An unknown amount of hours later, she was startled from her reading by a shout of "Baba Yaga!" Swiftly gathering her things and dropping the paper, she stood and made her way to the exit.

After being given a warm goodbye and several remarks containing her re-usage of the Excalibur, she left the train and walked. She knew that Baba Yaga was located on an island near here, so it would make sense to head to the docks.

Luckily for her, the train station was fairly close to the docks. She began to head to the area where sea-sounds were coming from. She breathed deeply and smiled when the sea-smells wrapped around her.

She loved the sea, which was why she'd decided to attend Shibusen. Of course, whenever her mother called from a near-by town, or there was a break from classes, she'd head away from the sea. She theorized that it was the sea which had made Lord Death-his real name, funnily enough- go a little...loopy.

Of course, his wife flinging herself from the cliffs to the deep waters far below probably helped.

With a sigh, she shook her head, clearing thoughts of Mr. and Mrs. Death, suicide, and Shibusen from her mind. She turned a corner and stopped, watching a small group of people near the docks. A foot or so away, was a small sign.

Stepping closer, she saw that it read "to Baba Yaga". She narrowed her eyes and walked up to a tall girl with a long black ponytail.

"Excuse me, miss? Are all of you going to Baba Yaga?" she asked politely, setting down her suitcases. The girl turned, studying her with dark-blue eyes. She nodded after a moment and replied, "Yes, we are. You too, then?"

Maka nodded and stuck out her hand. "I'm Maka, Maka Albarn. I'm a student of Shibusen."

With a start similar to waking up, the girl smiled and grasped her hand, "I'm Tsubaki, a gov-..." here she flinched and paused but quickly forced a smile and restarted. "..a librarian. The governess job was a bit much for me, so I switched to being a librarian." She muttered, eyes holding a strange form of regret and sadness.

Since the girl had already studied her, Maka returned the favor. She had a beautiful face, bangs framing her face, kind eyes, a ...large chest-here, Maka felt her brow twitch- and a plain, but lovely, brown dress and matching shoes.

"Hey, don't forget about me!" A male's voice yelled. They both turned to see a blue-haired man an inch or two shorter than Tsubaki walking towards them. He pulled his hands away from his own ponytail-which only reached half-way down his shoulder-blades, Maka noticed- and grabbed their hands, shaking them firmly.

Stepping away, he bowed and said, "My name is Black Star. I run a small dojo a few towns from here." He straightened back up and grinned, mischievous eyes glinting.

'Strange.' Maka thought. 'I don't think I've ever seen eyes glint before.'

"Black Star! Stop torturing them! Get over here." Another strange boy said. He'd somehow managed to sneak up behind Black Star, remaining quiet while standing behind him. The final man rolled his amber eyes and strolled over as well.

"Aww! Soru! Don't be so me-ean! I'm just introducing myself!" Black Star pouted. The other man smirked, amusement making his amber eyes shine. He turned to the two women.

"My name is Kidd. Death the Kid. And this," he gestured to the boy-who Maka now realized was around an inch or two shorter than Black Star, and only an inch or so shorter than Kidd- who interrupted by grabbing his wrist, positioning his hand, and making him point.

"-is Soul." Soul finished, smiling. Kidd gave a fond scowl while Black Star snorted. Maka and Tsubaki exchanged looks that said, 'Does this happen often?'

They heard a snort of "idiots" and turned to find a girl with short blond hair leaning against a fancy car. She was holding a key chain with multiple keys loosely in her hand. She was staring boredly out to sea, watching the waves dance under the fog.(1)

A sudden movement drew their eyes to another girl, who was taller-like Tsubaki- leaning against the fence surrounding the dock. She had dirty blond hair almost to her waist. She turned and Maka scanned over her form.

She took in the darkish-blue eyes -not as dark as Tsubaki's-, the gray suit-pants, black boots, and matching gray suit-jacket. Her dark-blue button-up shirt stood out against her suit. All in all, she seemed pretty normal, sophisticated, and..something else. Like she was...more of something. Something secret. A sudden flash drew Maka's and Soul's eyes to a pair of sunglasses in her hand.

Everyone's attention was drawn back to the sunshine-blond by the car. "Name's Patty. Now when is the boat getting here? I'm tired."

The other girl shrugged and turned back to the sea with a sigh of, "Rebecca." A glint caught Soul's eyes, making him glance in its direction without drawing any attention. What he saw made him smile.

A man in a stitched lab coat sat on a bench, head just barely tilted. Soul surmised that he was asleep. Making sure that no one was watching, he quietly walked over to the bench where the man sat and stood there, observing him.

The others looked over to watch him when Kidd groaned, "Oh, no. Black Star look. He's at it again." Then Black Star snorted and tried to hold back his chuckles. The others watched, caught between worry and wonder.

Soul suddenly bent over, whispering to the strange man. When he didn't answer after a few, Soul turned back to check for the boat before slowly and cautiously slipping onto the man's lap.

You could almost hear the sound of jaws dropping and crickets chirping when he wrapped the man's arms loosely around his waist and his own arms around the man's neck. When Black Star and Patty started to guffaw loudly, he looked over with a proud gleam in his eyes and a satisfied grin. Then he turned back, placed his lips against his ear, and started to mutter.

They couldn't make out what was said, but apparently Kidd heard, if his gasp of laughter meant anything. When the man groaned and wrapped his arms fully-and tightly, if Soul's squirming said anything- around him, Tsubaki made a vague chocking noise. By the time Maka had turned around, there was a thin trail of blood coming from her nose.

Maka looked back and felt a similar trail of blood run down her chin. Soul had twisted somehow, pushing his chest fully against the now-awake man's while he nibbled on his ear. He released the abused appendage, blowing hotly into his ear with each word and breath. "Baba Yaga, right? What's your name?"

"S-Stein."(2) he stuttered with a nod. Soul let out a sound of agreement that kind of rumbled in his chest before he whispered, "I'm Soul." and latched onto his neck.

Everyone except Tsubaki- who half-turned but kept sneaking glances- Kidd and Black Star- who was used to it- and Patty, turned away.

Moments later a boat pulled up and everyone started to load their belongings; Black Star and Kidd grabbed Soul's and Stein's. Before anyone could call out, Soul had detached himself and stood up.

"Call me Soru." he purred, grinning and helping Stein to his feet. They boarded the boat, Stein's flush never fading due to Soul's hand on his upper-thigh.

-Back at the Excalibur train station-

"Hm. Well this is odd. I hope they plan on buying another ticket." A blond-haired man-Hiro, his tag read- muttered.

"Oh? Why's that?" asked a taller brown man-Harver, read the tag- asked curiously.

"Oh, nothing. Just that these tickets are all one way." He answered, flashing several tickets for Spinner's Island.(3)

If there are any similarities between Agatha Christie's book and my story, please ignore them. They were not meant. I also hope that you enjoy this new story. Feel free to hunt me down for not writing SP and DLLaL. SP does, however, have some progress on the next chap.

(1)- This will be further described in the next chapter.

(2)- You'd stutter too, if you were sleeping and woke up with someone sitting in your lap and nibbling your ear.

(3)- Named after Lady Arachne, who owns Baba Yaga in the Anime/Manga.