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Kamen Rider OOO: Medals of Ikki Tousen

Original Idea by Tailsmo4ever

Written by: Ten-Faced Paladin, Kamen Rider Chrome, and Tailsmo4ever

Chapter 9: Of a Bento, a Heartbreak, and the 1000

Chuubou Sonken wasn't her real name. She wasn't even the sister of Hokufu Sonsaku. It was just the name she assumed to get close to Hakufu's main guardian, Kokin Shuyu. Contrary to what others may think once they learned that, this scheme is anything but malice. It was very much the opposite of that, actually.

She was having very disturbing nightmares. Nightmares that she wasn't able to fathom. In the darkness, she could see Kokin being menaced by green insects, yellow cats, blue fish, grey apes, red birds, orange reptiles, black scorpions, and pink bats. He did everything he could shake them off, but it only increased the torment. She tried to reach out for him, but he was being pulled farther and farther away, until suddenly, he was swallowed up by a purple Tyrannosaurs, creatures and all.

She knew that there something wrong. These dreams... they were telling her that something had happened to Kokin. Something bad. Immediately, she talked to Daikyo about her visions, and that she needed to go to Kanto straight away to look after her destined husband. Normally, Daikyo would have declined, as she and Kokin were not yet mature to meet each other face to face. Still, her sister relented after the amount of pleading that she had put into her request. Normally she was very agreeable and if you had a good reason for denying her anything she would accept it, revealing her discipline and maturity. After calling Goei, the necessary preparations were made, and she was off to the Kanto Region.

Upon arriving to the Shuyu Estate, she was overjoyed to see that Kokin was alright. Although, she didn't expect him to be so... rough? Yes, rough. Maybe he's just like that to keep Hakufu safe, though it might not be such a good idea. As Sun Tzu once said, "If you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know others but know yourself, you win one and lose one; if you do not know others and do not know yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."

Still, everyone at school was nice. Ryomou Shimei was straight forward. Gakushu was very friendly. Saji Genpou... was lewd, but thoughtful. There was also Shoichi Sonshoko, the newest student at Nanyo who was proving to be very nice although she couldn't understand why it seemed that he was afraid of her.

In spite of everything appearing to be fine in Kanto, she had been also hearing rumors about strange monsters attacking the city. There was even word about to giant monsters, one a bee and another a moth, appearing sometime before she arrived before someone, with the help of the other schools, defeated them. Could it be that these monster sightings had something to do with her vision?

Shokyo prayed she was wrong.

Shu Household

Ankh was stewing on the roof overlooking the backyard of the Shuyu property. He had the Lion Medal in his hand, the sunlight shining off of its surface. His mind was still thinking about the fact that Kougami had it in his possession to just hand over when he thought that it would come in handy for him and Hakufu.

"How many more does he have?" he asked himself. "More importantly, how many of mine do you have stashed away somewhere?"

Ankh clenched his fist and reabsorbed the Lion Medal into his arm. He was going to have to do some research into Kougami. He first thought the man was an idiot with a birthday fetish, but he was turning into more of a threat with each stunt he pulled. First taking so many of his Cell medals, now holding Core Medals? It spoke of more than a moron with backing.

Just who was he really?


"Speaking of annoyances," Ankh growled to himself.

Chuubou was making an absolute pest of herself ever since she showed up in the household. He tried grilling that wench Goei dozens of times and he did not believe for one instance that she was Hakufu's sister nor was she related to his host. Still the woman would clam up and wouldn't confirm or deny what the girl's relation was. His suspicions grew further when none of Hakufu's friends would believe that she was a relation either. They didn't bear any resemblance and their personalities were very different.

'Maybe if I don't speak, she'll give up and go away,' Ankh thought to himself as he lay back and tried to ignore the girl's voice.

The pest part of his problems with her came from the fact that she wouldn't leave him alone! Every morning she'd come storming into his room with that annoyingly happy smile and her sunny chatter, all but pushing him into the living room where the breakfast she made would be waiting. She'd pester him with questions about Kokin and wonder if they could do something together. The only thing that made it bearable would be the food she made. Then she'd have one of those lunchboxes under his nose before she would follow him and Hakufu to the torture district (Nanyo Academy) like a damn lost dog. Then she'd come during lunch 'just to chat' and then meet them at the gates after school before she'd hover around him like a shadow, poking her nose where it didn't belong when he was trying to do a tally on the remaining Medals or see if the other Greeed had been up to anything. He was tempted to many times to break his cover as Kokin because she would not just GO AWAY!

"Kokin-niisama!" he heard the girl call out again.

'I'm not here you little pest. Go away!' Ankh frowned to himself.

Just why was it that the girl continued to pester him so? Alright, so she thinks that he is his host, but his host isn't here! Why was she interested in him anyway? What did she know about him? It wasn't like they had met before or anything! Hell, she had never met Kokin before as far as Ankh could tell so just why the hell was she claiming him as her future husband?

"Kokin-niisama! I made a snack!"

"Tsk!" Ankh frowned. He repositioned himself so to walk across the roof before leaping over to the streets. What the hell was it going to take to make her go away!-?

Seito High School

The swimming pool of Seito High was empty save for a single pair. Sitting on one of the bleachers was the new student Gama Sagozou who was holding a jar of candies and munching on them as he watched the person in the pool go about her laps. Of course, the person actually using the pool was the other new student known as Mizu Shauta. Gama was in his school uniform while Mizu was in the school swimsuit for girls.

"Hmmm," Mizu sighed, drifting on her back. "Such a nice way to relax."

"Mnnn," Gama shrugged, munching his candy.

Mizu smiled before she turned over and swam to the edge of the pool where the stairs were situated. Coming out, she pushed her hair back to keep it out of her eyes. She would have walked to take a towel and reunite with Gama, but her path was quite suddenly blocked by five figures. They were Seito students, all of which were female. They were all looking at Mizu with frowns on their faces and challenges in their eyes.

"Can I help you sempai?" asked Mizu teasingly.

"Can it, freshman!" the leader of the group, a tall girl with brown hair. "You've been infringing on our territory. This pool belongs to the swim team and we don't like anyone who's below us using it without our permission."

"Oh?" Mizu blinked, putting a hand on her chin, "I was under the assumption that this pool could be used by all Seito students."

"Mmm?" Gama grunted, looking up at the commotion. He frowned as he saw five mean girls picking on Mizu. Growling, he stood up from the bleachers to confront the girls, but five boys quickly stood in his path. "Ah?-!"

"Sorry pal," one of the boys said, "But this is between your girl and ours."

"It basically is," the lead girl continued. "But you need permission from us! To use this sacred pool without it is not allowed!"

"Oh, well I'm sorry to hear that," Mizu frowned. "Let me ratify that." She stretched her right foot out before taping it lightly three times. A small rumbling was felt, which caused the Swim Team to do a double take. It was a second later when the water from the pool suddenly crashed out splashed the Swim Team to the side.

The girls screamed as they were swept away into a soggy pile. Mizu merely smiled and watched them struggle to get back onto their feet, "I thought the Swim Team would be able to handle a little wave like that."

"You bitch!" the leader snapped as she and her comrades scrambled to their feet. She dashed towards Mizu with an arm brought back before lashing out with a straight punch. Mizu easily slipped past the blow and twisted around her attacker. The team leader tried to attack a second time, but Mizu easily twisted around the blows, moving almost like an eel. Another blow was easily dodged before Mizu made another twist which turned into a roundhouse kick which knocked the team leader onto her back.

"Mizu!" Gama shouted, seeing his sister figure in trouble. He tried to charge forward and go help her, but the group of five boys tackled him to try and put him down.

Mizu watched the event, starting to giggle, "Oh, now you've done it. You've gotten Gama-chan upset. You mustn't like your boyfriends very much if you sent them after him."

"What?" was what the leader could only say before a loud voice shrieked out.

"RRRAAAAAAHHH!-!-!-!" an angry voice echoed before all the boys were sent flying up into the air. Gama stood up, his face an angry red with steam blowing out from his nose with each breath he took. That would have made him appear comical, if not for the grey battle aura that swirled around him, signifying how angry he was.

"You won't hurt Mizu!" Gama thundered as he stomped over, the ground shaking with every step he took.

The Swim Team now knew that they were in over their heads. It was obvious that Gama was dumb muscle, which was why they had sent their boyfriends while they dealt with the girl. It seemed that Gama was much stronger than they anticipated and it was now going to bite them in their butts.

As Gama stalked closer to the group of female Fighters, one of their men managed to get back up to his feet before charging towards the gray magatama wielder. Grabbing the boy's shoulder, he spun him around to punch him in the face. Gama growled and quickly captured the fist before it could strike him.

"Go away!" Gama bellowed, punching the boy in the stomach. The force was so great, it sent him sailing backwards before landing heavily on the tiles. The force actually pushed the moist tiles up from the ground and to the air as he slid backwards a few more feet, creating a prominent pathway of dirt and stone. He wasn't going be getting back up for awhile. The Swim Team felt themselves getting wet in their nether regions as they witnessed this happening, and it wasn't due to a climax!

The distraction taken care of, Gama turned to glare at the group of girls. He would have continued on his mission to beat them up, but Mizu had stepped up next to him and began rubbing his shoulder. It seemed to calm him down, "There, there, Gama-chan. It's okay. Those mean girls learned their lesson and aren't going to bother me anymore," she turned a gaze at the fallen girls. "Right?"

"Y-yeah, we're sorry," the leader whimpered, still winded from Gama's terrifying power. "You can use the pool whenever you like." Not willing to cut their lives short any longer, the Swim Team picked themselves up and scampered to get their boyfriends. With what just happen, a little TLC wasn't such a bad idea right now.

"Ah, my little Gamaru-chan," Mizu cooed as she rubbed his head. "There's no need to be afraid now. They're all gone."

"Hai… Mezul," Gama blushed with a light smile.

"Good boy," Mizu smiled. She walked over to get her towel, "Now then, let's get going."

"Where are we going?" Gama asked.

Mizu gained a sinister gleam in her eyes as she dried herself off. "We're going to take a little walk around the town."


Ankh had his hands in his pockets as he walked through the streets, a rough snarl on his face. He was glad to be out of the house and away from Chuubou, but he had absolutely nothing to do. There wasn't even a Yummy for him to try and take down. All he saw was the worthless distractions and nothing even a bit worthwhile in his eyes. He needed Cell Medals and his Cores dammit!

"Hey, if it isn't Kokin Shuyu."

Ankh perked up and looked around. In front of him were a small group of thugs that all had smirks on their faces. Predictably, each of them were sporting magatama which revealed them as Fighters. He didn't recognize them from Nanyo and they didn't spot Seito colors plus Kyosho was officially anti-Greeed so they were likely from one of the smaller schools who were either ignorant of the situation or wanted to take advantage of it.

"You're awfully far away from Nanyo's turf," one of the thugs snickered.

"Yeah, we'd thought you'd stick to hanging out behind the Booby Bombs' skirt!" laughed a second.

"Seems like he's got a backbone after all," grinned the leader. "Too bad we're going to have to break it."

Rather than be intimidated perhaps like Kokin would have been, Ankh just grinned and flexed his right hand. "Hello stress relief."

Chuubou hurried down the street, a bento in her hands. She had been looking for Kokin when Goei-kaasama playfully pointed out where he went and how she could follow him. It warmed the girl's heart knowing that she had such strong support for her impending relationship with Kokin. So she followed the older woman's directions which she was sure would take her to one of the places Kokin liked to hang out in his spare time. Maybe…maybe they would finally get some time alone together.

The thought made her cheeks grow warm.

Kanu walked down the streets with her shielded Green Dragon Crescent Blade in hand and her eyes trained for anything out of the ordinary. Some of Seito's contacts had been reporting some thugs from Yoshu were pressing on the territory lines with all of the chaos with the Yummies going on. While dealing with the Greeed was important, they couldn't ignore other enemy schools lest they get attacked at a moment of vulnerability.

Coming along one of the side streets, she heard the telltale noises of fighting. Gripping her weapon, Kanu picked up her speed and ran towards the source. She passed into the side street and skidded to a halt where the noises were coming from. Rather than a fight, she entered the closing end of a curb stomp battle.

Thugs who she could tell came from Yoshu were littering the round, unconscious, bloody, and missing some teeth. Sitting on a fire escape where the largest of the thugs was hanging precariously on the railing was none other than Ankh, a satisfied grin on his face and his Greeed arm revealed to the world around him.

Kanu looked at the condition of the Fighters on the ground and then back up at the grinning Ankh, "Worked off some steam?"

"Hm?" Ankh blinked, glancing down to Kanu. "Oh, it's you. Yeah, I did. Gonna make something of it?"

"Since they weren't Saito, Nanyo, or Kyosho not really," Kanu shrugged. "You must have been in a bad mood if you did this much damage. You usually leave this sort of thing to Hakufu."

"Damn right I was steamed," Ankh sighed, leaping off of his perch onto the ground. "That little blonde pest never gives me any peace."

"Blonde pest?' Kanu raised an eyebrow. "You mean Hakufu?"

"No, I mean that little pest Sonken Chuubou!" Ankh growled.

"Sonken Chuubou?" Kanu frowned, the name bringing a note of recognition. "You mean Sun Quan, the younger brother of Sun Ce during the Three Kingdoms era? The one who took the throne after Sun Ce was assassinated?"

"That's what she calls herself," Ankh frowned. "But if she's really Hakufu's sister I'll eat my wings when I get my body back."

Kanu frowned, "You don't think she is who she says she is?"

"I'd bet my Cores on it," Ankh growled. "You only have to look at them to be able to tell that the twits aren't related. Their personalities are completely opposite and only one of them shares any kind of resemblance to that witch Hakufu calls a mother. It's like staring at a sun and a moon."

"Who do you think she is then? An assassin?" asked Kanu. This sounded serious. If an assassin had come for Hakufu, it could mean bad things especially in the middle of the conflict with the Greeed. She was currently the only one of them who could use the Core Medals' power until the end of her life, and as a consequence the only one who can destroy the Yummy and wound the Greeed, so one of the weaker schools may have sent someone after her so that they could use the Medals for themselves. Still, only Kanu, and a few others knew how the OOO Driver worked, so who else could have known?

"If she was, I would have known that from the first moment I saw her," Ankh huffed, "I can not only sense Yummies, but the desires of humans as well. And what she desired wasn't Hakufu, but Kokin Shuyu."

"Pardon?" Kanu blinked. There was something you don't hear every day.

"The runt said that she was my future wife!" Ankh continued to rant, "I've looked into the boy's memories, and none of them included her! And why is she always bugging me? Can't she tell that I want nothing to do with her? The brat wouldn't leave me alone so just decided to get away from the house. Good thing these losers here were around or else I wouldn't have been able to cool off."

Kanu rested her guandao over her shoulders, "I didn't realize that you Greeed could feel stress like the rest of us."

"Damn right we can," Ankh grunted, standing from his perch. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna find some grub. Beating down these chumps gave me an appetite. Ja ne." He didn't say another word as he blurred into the air.

Kanu could guess that with having to give up sixty percent of the Cell Medals and now with some girl claiming to be Hakufu's successor who is crushing on him, Ankh was getting peeved with the developments so far. Still, why would someone bearing the name Chuubou Sonken claim that she is the wife of Kokin Shuyu? The only who ends up marrying him is...

Wait a minute...

A sudden sound took her out of her thoughts. Turning to the corner of the street, she found a wrapped up bento on the ground. Kneeling, she picked it up to examine it closer. It was still warm and fresh.

"This isn't good," she frowned.

She didn't realize that she was being watched. Sitting inside of a blue compact car that was parked on the other side of the street was Dr. Maki, and in the passenger seat with a safety chair made just for it was his doll.

"Another desire has been realized," Dr. Maki muttered. "This will be an interesting observation."

'He hates me! He hates me! He hates me! He hates me!'

Those were Chuubou's thoughts as she dashed through the streets, her vision blurred with tears. She had followed Kokin's trail to try and give him the bento she made, but she then heard his voice from a side street. Thinking she found him, she turned onto the street to say hello. She then froze when she saw the beautiful tanned girl talking to him and she hid. He spoke so…so…casually to her, making Chuubou's heart sink feeling that the girl was quite close to Kokin while she was still at arm's length. Then Kokin ranted about how much he disliked her, was suspicious of her, and a number of things he hated about her.

That made her heart shatter like fine china.

Sobbing while continuing to run, Chuubou found herself in an empty parking lot when her legs finally couldn't run anymore. She dropped to the ground limply, curled in a ball while she continued to cry without shame. Her Kokin, her destiny, her very reason for being born who she was, everything she worked to be…he didn't want anything to do with her.

'Why does he hate me? What did I do? Why is he so mad at me? I'm sorry Kokin. Please forgive me. I'm sorry. Please give me another chance.'

So engrossed in her heartbreak, Chuubou didn't notice the pair of Seito students entering the parking lot. One male, and one female approached her with blue and gray magatama sparkling in the sunlight.

"Ohhh ohhh, it looks like the poor girl had her heart broken," the girl whispered.

"Heart…broken?" asked the boy, his mouth half-full of sweets.

"Yes. A terrible condition, but one with a lot of desire," the girl replied. "I suppose this could be seen as being at the right place at the right time."

Sniffling, Chuubou opened her eyes as she heard the words of the people in front of her, but only saw a pair of mummified feet in front of her and gray armoured feet like an elephant's or rhino's behind them.

Then an empty feeling appeared in her head and she lost all sensation.

"Chuubou! Kokin! Where are you guys?" Hakufu called, walking through the estate. "Hello? Is anyone here?"

Walking to the living room, Hakufu spotted her mother watching some daytime soap opera with a cup of tea in her hands, "Mom, have you seen Kokin or Chuubou anywhere?"

"Ankh-kun went out this morning," Goei answered flippantly, taking a sip of her tea. "Chuubou wanted to give him a bentou and I sent her after him. I don't think they went too far."

"Then do you know which way they went?" asked Hakufu.

"Hmmm," Goei pondered. "I wonder. It seems to have slipped my mind at the moment."

"Nnnngh!" Hakufu growled. "Your memory's going old lady."


"Ow!" Hakufu was dealt the wrath of a karate chop as Goei managed to suddenly leap up from her spot and leap to where Hakufu was standing before delivering the attack. One may wonder how a housewife could do such attacks, but the woman was married to a Fighter and taught Hakufu a lot of what she knew. It made sense that she'd be beyond the norm compared to her neighbours.

"You should know better than to tease someone about their age," Goei frowned. "I know you're bored without Ankh or Chuubou to keep you company but you're just going to have to deal with it. Besides, what could be better than spending time with your mother?"

"Lots of things," Hakufu said offhandedly.

"Well, maybe you should go out and find something to do as well."

"Fine!" Hakufu grumped. "I'll go hang out with Mou-chan then!" With a huff, she turned and headed out of the room to go find her bluenette friend.

"Hm, that's a shame," Goei shrugged. She then broke out into a grin. "Oh well, maybe that hot guy in the coffee shop will be working today!"


Kanu was walking down the street, the dropped bento in her hand. After guessing that it had been the mysterious Sonken Chuubou who had dropped it, Kanu likewise discerned that she had heard all of the things which Ankh had said to her. Since she likely believed that Ankh was really Kokin and assuming she really wanted to be his wife, she likely took it hard. Despite her aloof personality at times, Kanu was a real softie at heart when it came to more intimate situations. It was why she let Ryuubi slack off so much where Chouhi would try to make her train. She didn't know where Chuubou could be found, but she did have a good idea where to find Hakufu. So she dared the Nanyo patrols to find Hakufu's house so she could return it. Since Nanyo, Seito, and even Kyosho were working together no one gave her a hard time for stepping onto Nanyo's turf. Just to be on the safe side though, she left her guandao at home so no one would think she was looking for a fight.

Turning to the corner, she noticed the a Japanese estate building just a few meters ahead. She saw the words "Shu Household" on the sign of the building, as well as two black vending machines next to it.

"Looks like this is where they're staying," Kanu shrugged to herself. Before she could get within stepping distance of the entrance, a voice behind her made itself known.

"Kanu Unchou, I take it?"

Turning around, Kanu saw the an unfamiliar blond girl in a green dress approach her casually. On her ear, her gold magatama sparkled in the sun. She had the looks of an innocent school girl, but straight look on her face spoke otherwise. She could be an assassin out with an Imperial Order against her, or...

"You must be the one who claims to be Sonken Chuubou," Kanu greeted.

"You have something of mine," Chuubou replied, stretching out her arm, "It's important I get it back."

"I was actually looking for you so I could return it," Kanu answered. In spite of that, she noticed something off about the girl's tone. From what Ankh said, she always seemed to be smiling, and was also incredibly cheerful. It might as well be the only thing she has in common with Hakufu. However, the girl she was looking at now seemed have no emotions betraying her face. Looking to the side behind Chuubou, she noticed something that looked like a red cuttlefish the size of a small dog hovering from behind her shoulder. But this cuttlefish had tentacles that look like boneless hands. It also had ridges on its back which look like a grasping hand.

"Yummy," the exotic girl mouthed. She had been turned into another Yummy host by the Greeed.

"It's my friend," Chuubou replied. "Now give me what I want."

Kanu frowned and backed away, taking a stance, "Not until you're free from the Yummy."

Chuubou frowned as the Cuttlefish Yummy's tentacles began to squirm, "I see. You want to give it to Kokin yourself."

Kanu frowned, "Excuse me?"

"I saw you with him," Chuubou frowned. "You were talking to him so casually. You obviously think you're so close to him. You want him don't you?"

Kanu withheld the urge to sweatdrop. While Kokin did seem like the right sort of guy, she wasn't interested in him more than a passing thing since she didn't know him that well. Since Ankh took him over, that interest was put on hold. Besides, she was much more interested in Ryuubi anyway!

"I won't let some ganguro girl come in take my Kokin!" Chuubou hissed. "He's mine, so get lost homewrecker!"

"Just hold on for a moment! I know this isn't you!" Kanu tried to persuade her, "That Yummy is manipulating your thoughts!"

"Enough! Silence!" Chuubou shrieked as her battle aura flared. In response, the Cuttlefish Yummy moved forward and began to swarm Kanu. It lashed out and struck with its tentacles that stretched out in length for the attack. Kanu ducked and jumped backwards from each attack the came at her. It's speed and agility was making it very difficult for her to keep up, and with the bento in her hands she was practically handicap. She was starting to regret leaving her guandao at home.

"Give that to me!" Chuubou shrieked. The Yummy reacted in response and charged at Kanu once again. Kanu moved swiftly to avoid being struck, but mistakenly assumed that she was the target of the Yummy. The tentacles lashed out and struck the bento box, knocking it from Kanu's hand. It flew through the air, allowing the Yummy to capture it before hovering back to Chuubou's waiting hands.

"Ahhh," she smiled. "Now Kokin-niisama will feel my love in my cooking." She purred in a most satisfied way while Kanu grimaced at the sight. Then suddenly, there was a flash and the noise of coins rattling from behind Chuubou before a second Cuttlefish Yummy rose up to accompany its fellow.

"Tsk!" Kanu frowned.

"Now," Chuubou frowned, looking to Kanu. "Kokin-niisama doesn't need a ganguro girl in his life. Go away!"

The eyes of the two Cuttlefish Yummies flashed before they dove at Kanu, doing a decent imitation of fighter planes as they flew at her. When they were close enough, they would lash out with their tentacles like whips, striking Kanu's body as she twisted and curved to avoid the blows. The strikes were powerful, leaving small cuts in her skin and tears in her clothes and clean slash marks on the concrete. She attempted to strike back, but the two Yummies were able to dodge her blows.

'Dammit!' Kanu cursed mentally as she backflipped away from the Yummies. Landing in a crouch, she eyed the Yummies charged at high speed towards heir, their tentacles firing out like small spears with all of them aimed at her vitals. Kanu grimaced and prepared to move again…


The tips of the tentacles were suddenly severed with a flash of steel. Kanu blinked and at first thought that Chou-un had followed her. She was soon proven wrong when she saw not the silver-haired swordswoman, but a woman in a black kimono with short hair and glasses. In her hands was a katanna and a frown.

"Who…?" Kanu blinked.

"Are you alright Unchou-san?" the woman asked.

Kanu's eyes widened, "How do…?"

"Hakufu talks about you from time to time," the woman replied. "My name's Goei, her mother." Kanu blinked as Goei turned her attention back towards Chuubou and the two Yummies. "Excuse me while I discipline my other child about accepting gifts from strangers."

"Goei-kaasama," Chuubou grimaced. "Are you against my and Kokin-niisama being together too?"

"Not at all," Goei shook her head. "But when you take things too far, that's when I have to be a mother and stand in."

"I had no choice. She was going to take Kokin-niisama from me," Chuubou insisted.

"What gave you that idea?" Kanu questioned, "Because you saw him speaking with me? Furthermore, you should know that Kokin isn't exactly feeling like himself these days."

"So you still try to dissuade me," Chuubou glared, pulling out what looked like an organic egg sack from... somewhere. "Very well. Then forgive me for what's about to happen next." There was yet another flash and a jungle of coins that came from the egg, and the two Cuttlefish Yummies were joined by another one. They didn't stop there as they all suddenly changed into coins and flashed as they all merged together. The flash dimmed as a new figure stood in front of Chuubou. It was red and humanoid, with moist and slippery flesh. A cloak of tentacles hung from its shoulders and it wore a black belt decorated with chains on its waist. Its feet were bare but webbed and made slapping noises on the ground as it moved. It looked as though one of the Yummies was serving as the head.

"Oh great," Kanu frowned. Just what they needed.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I going off to find Kokin-niisama to have some alone time with him," Chuubou perked up as she tossed the egg sack up and down, and turned to skipped away.

"Chuubou!" Goei shouted after the girl. The Cuttlefish Yummy quickly spat an ink ball to keep her at bay, which soon sizzled as it ate away at the concrete.

"It's the Yummy," Kanu explained. "It's intensified her desire for Kokin to make her act like this so to create an army. It's the same thing that happened to my leader, Ryuubi Gentoku."

"Oh my!" Goei gasped, covering her hand over her mouth.

"Can I borrow your sword?" Kanu asked.

"Can you use it?" Goei asked, handing the weapon over.

"Sometimes when I spar with Chou-un," Kanu answered, swinging the katana around to get a feel of it. "Call Hakufu and Ankh, quickly. I'll try to keep it busy."

"Very well," Goei nodded. She didn't like it, but she knew her own limits. "Just don't die before they get here. I'd feel horrible if I let a child die practically in front of my house, even if she is a Fighter of your caliber."

"The thought is appreciated," Kanu nodded. "Now go!"

Goei nodded and turned to head back to her house. Kanu raised the sword and charged to fight the new Yummy.

Ankh was lounging on a park bench with a popsicle he had swiped from a vendor. The man was busy with a bunch of little kids so he got away with it cleanly. It was cherry so he was content for a while. The only thing that could make this better was…


Ankh's eyes bulged as he sat up in a hurry, a grin overcoming his lips. Tossing the popscicle to the side, he yanked out his cell phone and dialed up one of the numbers.

"Moshi moshi?" Hakufu's voice came up.

"Hakufu, get moving! There's a Yummy on the move!" Ankh barked. "It's at-!"

"Hold on a sec Ankh-chan, Mom's calling me."

Hakufu sat on one of the handrail with an ice cream in hand as she received the second call. "Mom?"

"Hakufu!" Goei's voice said in an unnatural panic. "Come home quickly! It's Chuubou!"

"Chuubou?" Hakufu eyes widened, fearing for her sister, "What happened?"

"Is one of those Yummy things! She's become a host!"

"WHAT?" Hakufu gasped, actually dropping her ice cream in shock.

"Your friend Kanu came by to return Chuubou's bento when those things attacked!" Goei continued. "She's outside trying to hold them off right now, but you'd better get to here quickly!"

"Alright, I'll call Ankh!" Hakufu said before switching over to Ankh's phone line, "Ankh-chan! It's Chuubou! One of the Greeed got to her!"

"I was going to tell you that you twit!" Ankh bellowed. "Wait, the annoying twit? She's the host this time?' Ankh's voice trailed off into silent cursing. "Just perfect. This was exactly what I needed to make my day better."

"No complaints!" Hakufu snapped, running for one of the black vending machines while riffling through her pockets for a Cell Medal. "We're going to save my sister! Hop to it!"

"Don't order me around you-!" Ankh barked, but was cut off as Hakufu ended the connection so she could concentrate on what she was doing. Her sister needed her and she was going to help!

Meanwhile, Kanu was still holding her own against the Cuttlefish Yummy. It would seem that this Yummy was defiantly much stronger than the White Yummies which she fought before. She made sure to stay clear away from the acidic ink that it spat at her. Each missed round sizzled as it melted asphalt, portions of buildings and even trees.

Kanu growled as she rushed forward, sliding underneath another ink bullet, and struck with a downward slash. While she was more used with using a guandao, a katana was still very much a useful weapon. The way Chou-un used hers was proof of that. The Cuttlefish Yummy staggered backwards before she leaped after it. The Yummy sent its tentacles to stop her, but Kanu quickly slashed at them, causing them to fall into pieces. Once within striking distance, she focused her Chi into her palm for a single burst of power and slapped it onto the monster's chest, making it fly backwards several feet and getting Cell Medals to spill from the wound in the process.

Despite the situation, the sight of the wound made her smile. It seemed her extra training was beginning to help. Well, that and the fact that Mezul's Yummies according to Ankh were known more for their quantity rather than their quality. Still, it meant that she had a chance of actually driving the Yummy off instead of simply being a distraction.

The Cuttlefish Yummy hit the ground roughly with a few Cell Medals spilling around it, but it recovered quickly and got back up to its feet. Inhaling deeply, it sent a stream of acidic ink across the distance, which made Kanu leap to the side and avoid it. The ink splattered across the asphalt and quickly began eating the material away to create a pothole.

The Yummy made a wet gurgling sound which Kanu felt was a mocking chuckle as she heard it begin to approach, "He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious." Kanu's eyebrows rose in surprise. Was it actually quoting Sun Tzu? Not good! This one might be of a strategic mindset! "You…are outmatched."

Frowning, Kanu stared down on her opponent as they both circled one another, during the other to make a move. Both suddenly dashed toward each other for the attack. The Cuttlefish Yummy struck with a chain of kicks and punches, but Kanu managed to block each blow with her sword. She then countered with a kick to the midsection, and then hooked her foot on the abdomen before kicking off, sending it flying backwards and crashing into a fence. The Yummy recovered quickly and lashed out with its tentacles again. Kanu rolled to left to avoid the swarming whips, only to get tackled to a wall. The Yummy held her in a vice like grip. Grimacing, Kanu bashed her knee onto its chest several times before its grip started to loosen. Its arms finally slackened, she pushed it off her with a roundhouse.

Kanu eyed the Yummy warily, slightly short of breath. She was bound and determined to stop this Yummy or at least hold it off.


Attention was turned to down the street when a familiar motorcycle speeding towards them. The rider of course was a familiar sight to the Nanyo area. She sped past between the two before skidding to a halt. Leaping off the bike, the rider tossed her helmet aside to reveal Hakufu Sonsaku with a deep frown on her face.

"Okay squidface! Where's my sister?-!" she demanded hotly.

"Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make its every move," the Cuttlefish Yummy replied.


"It means he's not going to tell you!" Standing above the group on top of the territorial walls was Ankh. His true arm was revealed with familiar red, yellow, and green Medals in his fingers. "Now kill the damn thing and get me Cell Medals!"

He tossed the three Medals to Hakufu who caught them easily. Reaching into one of her pockets, she produced the O-Driver and strapped it to her waist. She then slotted the Medals into place before locking the buckle in place and swiping the O-Scanner across the Medals. "Henshin!"



With the transformation complete, OOO leaped over the gap between her and the Yummy and started her assault. She sent a kick to its midsection, which the he managed to block. She continued her attacks with several more roundhouse kicks, each one shimmering in green with each swipe. The Cuttlefish Yummy worked its way around each kick as he analyzed his opponent. He struck back with a kick to OOO's left shoulder and another to her chest armour, causing her to skid back.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized!" the Cuttlefish Yummy hissed as it started spiting salvo ink bullets. OOO swerved around each one before it came into contact, each missed around creating a heated explosion. OOO roared as she lunged forward and delivered rapid stop kicks on to the Cuttlefish Yummy's chest, causing it to stagger backwards with each blow. The Cuttlefish Yummy growled, rushing over with a flying kick. OOO caught the sole of its foot and tossed to into the air. The Yummy didn't stop once it landed back on the ground. It charged again and sent its fist flying. OOO traded the blows before it managed to take hold of her leg.

"Not gonna let you!" OOO shouted as she maundered her other leg over the Yummy to get herself loose. She followed by trying to get it to trip with a low sweep, though the Yummy evaded with an aerial cartwheel. She continued with a roundhouse kick, but the Yummy continued to slip from that as well.

Still OOO wouldn't be derailed. She had to save her sister, damn it! Allowing her Batta Legs to be charged up, she jumped up to the air and spun herself in ball, landing a kick on the Cutterfish Yummy before it could react. It flew backwards as Cell Medals flew from its wound, but it kicked of a wall to counterattack.


It was better off staying down. Just as the Yummy approached, OOO swung her Medajilabur right through the middle of it. Without even making a noise, the Yummy crashed and instantly exploded in flames and Cell Medals.

"Okay, did that do it?" asked the armoured Sho Hao. "Will Chuubou be back to normal now?"

"Baka!" Ankh snapped, leaping down from his perch. He crossed the distance with his eyes trained on the Cell Medals on the ground. "It was one of Mezul's Yummies. There's going to be a whole lot more where those came from unless we get to the nest."

"Oooooh!" OOO whined, stomping her foot, "I hope Chuubou will be okay until we finish off the Yummy."

"That's going to be difficult to accomplish," Kanu spoke, approaching the duo. "She's holding the nest. It's all inside of one single egg that she's carrying around."

"Tsk!" Ankh frowned. "A moving nest. How troublesome."

"Do we know what she wants?" asked OOO.

"Kokin," Kanu answered, gesturing at Ankh. "She overheard you badmouthing her back when you dealt with those other Fighters. She dropped a bento she no doubt made for you and I was bringing it back when she jumped me with the Yummy. She thought I wanted Kokin for myself."

"Huh?" OOO blinked, but then another aspect of the conversation came to her. "Ankh-chan! You made Chuubou cry you jerk!"

"Do I look like I care?" Ankh scoffed.

"Damn it, it's your fault that Mezul-chan got to Chuubou!" OOO shouted as she started chasing after the Bird Greeed in a fit of anger. "And you're gonna fix it!"

"What do you expect me to do?-!" Ankh shouted after her.

"You're the one she wants so think of something!"

"Stupid! I want no part of it!"

"Hey! You called me stupid again! People who call other people stupid are really the stupid ones!"


"OW!" both OOO and Ankh cried as the both received chops to their heads. One could only wonder how OOO could feel such a thing through her helmet, or how Goei popped out of nowhere to deliver the punishment.

"Now's not the time to be arguing," Goei abolished, frowning at the both of them. "What we need to do is figure out how to get the nest away from Chuubou. Ankh-san, is it safe to assume that Chuubou will return to her normal self once the nest is destroy?" the woman asked.

"Yes," Ankh answered, still rubbing the goose egg on his head, "As long as the nest is active, she will be stuck following her desires. If the nest is gone, she'll be back to her irritatingly cheerful self."

"Then the first priority is to reclaim the nest from Chuubou," Kanu said. "I just hope the Yummies haven't attracted the attention of the other Fighters yet."

"My apologies, but can you hold off on exterminating the Yummies until later?"

"Eh?" OOO blinked and turned to where the new voice came from. Come from the other side of the street was a middle-aged man with short black hair, dressed in a black coat and glasses. In his right hand was a metal briefcase which looked like something bank guards might carry. On his left arm he carried a creepy looking doll. It was bald and dressed in a white suit. OOO cringed at the sight of it.

"Who are you?" Kanu demanded, "And what do you mean by holding off on exterminating the Yummies?"

"Ah, yes," the man realized, although he shifted his gaze to the doll on his arm as he spoke, "We have not yet introduced ourselves. My name is Dr. Kiyoto Maki. I am the creator of OOO's equipment."

"Wait," OOO realized. "You're the one who created the sword, the motorcycles and the little robots?"

"You are correct," Dr. Maki answered.

"What do you mean by leaving the Yummy alone?" Ankh asked suspiciously, approaching the strange doctor.

Without looking away from his doll, Dr. Maki continued, "I am currently conducting an experiment which requires the Yummy to be functional for a set period of time. I would be most appreciative if you would refrain from destroying it for twenty-four hours."

"Huh?-!" OOO gaped.

"Are you insane?" Kanu demanded hotly. "Don't you know how much damage those things would do in that amount of time?-!"

"Since Ankh's host is the target, the chances for catastrophic damage are rather limited," Dr. Maki argued. "However, I am willing to offer compensation in return for your inaction."

"Oh yeah?" Ankh frowned. "And what could you offer us?"

Dr. Maki glanced at Ankh before he set down his briefcase. Laying it on its side, he undid the latches and opened it, all while keeping his doll from falling off of his shoulder. Once the case was open, he turned it around to allow everyone else to see. Ankh's eyes bulged while the collected women openly gasped at the sight. Lining the case to the point of near bursting were rows upon rows of Cell Medals.

"I offer 1000 Cell Medals as payment," Dr. Maki offered.

Ankh frowned and looked at the score of Cell Medals, trying not to show his blatant eagerness for them. Looking up to the doctor and back to the collection of Cell Medals, he considered his options for a moment. After that moment, he looked up to the doctor, "Deal."

"What?-!" Kanu gasped.

"Ankh-chan!" OOO gaped. "What about Chuubou?-!"

"What do I care?" Ankh shrugged, slamming the case shut and picking it up. Turning to the doctor, he continued, "You've got twenty-four hours. After that, the Yummy is toast. Understand?"

"Perfectly," Dr. Maki nodded to his doll. "A most satisfactory end to our negotiations."

The doll-wielding doctor then walked away from the scene, leaving Kanu, OOO, and Goei to glare at the possessed boy.

"Do you realized what you just did?" Kanu glared, "You made a deal with over the Cell Medals to leave the Yummies be for 24 hours!"

"Correction," Ankh replied. "The doctor said OOO couldn't interfere. He never said anything about the other Fighters."

"Wait, what do you mean?" Goei asked.

"He asked us not to interfere with the Yummies for the whole day," Ankh repeated, throwing the case over his shoulders. "But he won't count on the other Fighters confronting the Yummies. Since this is Mezul's batch we're dealing with, they might have a better chance. As long as the egg that the brat is holding is undamaged, it'll be fine."

"You made the deal knowing that?" Goei blinked.

"I've already got more Cell Medals than I expected for today, so I've got no complaints," Ankh shrugged.

"Yeah, well what about Chuubou?" OOO argued, "What if she stays like that forever?"

"Not likely," Ankh huffed, "As the egg is the source of her greed."

"Actually Hakufu," Kanu began, "I don't think that Chuubou is really who she says she is."

"Huh?" OOO turned to the tall girl while Goei seemed to stiffen, "What do you mean? She is my sister... right?"

"Think about this for a moment," Kanu continued, "Do you know about the Two Qiaos?"

"Umm..." OOO pondered, crossing her arms. "Oh! They were called the two greatest beauties of the Three Kingdoms era! They were also partly the reason why the Battle of Red Cliffs happened because King Sousou Motoku had a crush on them or something."

"That's right," Kanu nodded, "Except the Two Qiaos where already married at the time. The eldest, Daikyo, was married to your ancestor, while the youngest, Shokyo, was married to his sworn brother. Ring any bells?"

Now most people who knew OOO knew that she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Sure she was a very accomplished martial artist, but that was about the only thing she was brilliant in. Still, when the situation calls for it, she figure out pretty much anything. Almost.

These were one of those times.

"EEEEEHH!-?" OOO gaped loudly, "Chuubou is Shokyo!-? One of the Qiao sisters!-?"

"Haha! I knew that little pipsqueak couldn't be related you!" Ankh laughed, before the name finally sunk in, "Wait... that means she's his fiancée! Damn it, no wonder she's been pining after me like a lost dog!" He turned to Goei, and saw the paled expression on her face. "And you knew that, didn't you?"

"Is that true?" Kanu asked.

Goei hesitated slightly, but nodded. "Yes, I did."

"You knew?" OOO asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I promised not to say anything," Goei answered. "You see, Chuubou- I mean Shokyo has been receiving nightmares that involved Kokin, and I think that it may have something to with his... current condition. She called me sometime after Ankh first appeared here to make the necessary arrangements."

"So she could keep an eye on me without revealing who she really was," Ankh frowned. "Smart girl."

"I hope you aren't upset about it, Hakufu," Goei addressed her daughter, "She only wanted to see if Kokin was alright. She didn't mean to deceive you."

"Don't worry about it, Mom," OOO shook her head, "Chuubou is still Chuubou to me, so she's still my sister. The only thing I'm worried about is what the Yummies are doing to her."

Goei smiled. Hakufu was always able to forgive easily. As long as the person had no truly ill intentions, she had no reason to hate them. It's the way she always was. Part of her actually hoped that this personality trait of her daughter could bring an end to all the violence in Kanto.

"Glad that's over with," Kanu sighed, reaching out for her phone, "Guess we'll just have to take his suggestion and rally the other Fighters to keep the monsters at bay for the next 24 hours."

"Fine," Hakufu sighed as she undid her transformation, "You call Seito and I'll get Mou-chan. I'm sure she'll tell Sou-chi about everything too."

"Then you both better get to it," Ankh said as he walked back to the estate, "I'm gonna count these Cell Medals so no one bother me."

"I'm still mad at you for making that deal," Hakufu glared after him. "In fact, I'm gonna tell Mou-chan that you're the reason why we can't save Chuubou."

"Seconded," Kanu added.

"Whatever," Ankh snorted.

Chuubou wandered around the streets, holding the egg sack in her arms. Nobody gave her a second look at first since the egg sack could be mistaken for a bag filled with shopping items and such. She looked like her mind was a million miles away, but otherwise she wouldn't stand out in the least compared to other people in the district.

Reaching another street, Chuubou idly looked around her several shops were open and accepting customers. She spotted a confectionary, a florist, and even a jeweller. Each of the shops were merely average, but they stood out like neon lights to Chuubou.

"Kokin-niisama and I will need flowers for our first date," she murmured. "Candy for a daytime picnic would be good too. He'll need a ring to propose to me with."

The egg sack began to glow.


"Wait, you can't go after the Yummies because Ankh made a deal with your sponsor?" Ryomou blinked. She was with Saji and Gakushu in their usual patrols. All of them where using the RideVendors, making their jobs a bit easier. Each of them were equipped with a Batta Candroid which allowed them to communicate with each other or receive calls from other Candroids.

"The creepy guy with the doll bribed him with 1000 Cell Medals to make us leave the Yummy alone for the day," Hakufu answered over Batta Candroid. "But Ankh-chan says that the man didn't involve you or the other Fighters in the deal, so you can go after the Yummies without breaking it."

"That figures," Saji said coolly, "Leave it to Ankh-chan to find loopholes to slip through."

"You said that girl Chuubou is the host this time," Gakushu said. "Do you know where she could be now?"

"No I don't," Hakufu sighed. "She could be anywhere, and Ankh-chan won't talk."

"Well, what's here desire then?" asked Saji. "If we know that we can probably figure out where she's going."

"Well…" Hakufu began, sounding reluctant.

"Hakufu, this is no time for cold feet!" Ryomou scolded.

"Okay, okay!" Hakufu replied, sounding slightly upset. "Chuubou wants Kokin. He's the whole reason why she's here. She wants to be together with him and she had been receiving nightmares about him which Mom says might be connected to what happened to him with Ankh-chan."

"Aren't you cousins though?" asked Gakushu. Sure in Japan cousins can get married but…

"…Chuubou isn't her real name. She's not related to me by blood," Hakufu mumbled through her Candroid. "She's one of the Two Qiaos. She's Shokyo, Kokin's destined wife."

"No shit?" Saji blinked before letting out a whistle. "Wow. I might have a rival with Kokin after all. He can seduce a woman even when he's in a coma. My hat's off to the guy."

Ryomou frowned, already guessing that Chuubou hadn't been related to Hakufu at all. She feared that the girl was some kind of spy or assassin despite her gentle behaviour, but this was likely a best case scenario. Now they knew that Chuubou, or rather Shokyo, wasn't going to be a threat to their leader outside of being made a Yummy host.

"So if her desire is Kokin, shouldn't she be wanting to go where Ankh is?" asked Gakushu. "Why would she run away? To regroup?"

"Well, maybe she wants to get things she wants to give to Kokin?" asked Hakufu.

"That makes sense," Saji pointed out, "One of the best ways to romance a cute girl is with flowers and jewelry. She might have sent the Yummies to collect some."

"So when need to keep an eye on florists and jewellers," Ryomou listed. Looks like Saji's knowledge on how to woo women might be useful this time. "That should narrow things down."

"Kanu came by earlier to return Chuubou's bento and had to fend off the Yummies before I got here," Hakufu added, "She's telling Setio right now. Kyosho might find out sooner or later."

"Alright," Ryomou nodded. "We'll handle this from here on. Ryomou out."


The Tiger Generals of Seito and the Barbarian King were inside a group training session inside the dojo which the private school sported. Ryuubi and Chou-un were seated at the side, the latter with her ever present katana at her side and her senses trained on the spar which was going on between Shamoku and Chouhi.

"Chou-san, Sham-chan, gambatte!" Ryuubi cheered for her friends.

Sure enough, the two Fighters the leader was cheering for were in the midst of a heated spar. Chouhi was moving through every martial arts move in her arsenal while Shamoku moved like your average brawler. On paper, the one who would be victorious should be simple, but if the Fighters were so predictable then the war between the schools would have been very different even before the Greeed came into the picture.

Despite having no real training of his own, Shamoku had the instincts of a man who had been through hundreds of fights. He could tell from signals Chouhi's body made when she attacked where she was going to try and strike next. Add in his natural talent for battle and it became clear that he could match Chouhi on the battlefield easily.

Shamoku blocked an incoming kick and forced Chouhi back, making her acrobatically twisted in the air and back to the ground. "Pretty good, Chou-chan!" he grinned.

"Not bad yourself! You definitely live up to your name!" Chouhi praised back.

"So, how about we keep going?" Shamoku asked as he got himself in another stance.

"Didn't need to ask," Chouhi grinned as she prepared herself for another attack.

As the pair prepared to go for another round, the door to the dojo opened to reveal Koumei, looking more like a serious young woman than the child she usually was, "I'm afraid that's enough training for today."

"What is, Koumei?" Ryuubi asked.

"I just got a call from Kanu," Koumei answered, a Gorilla Candroid passing by her feet as it made its noise. Everyone could now guess why she was here, but she answered anyway. "More Yummies have appeared."

"Did she say who the victim is?" Chou-un asked as she grabbed her blade and stood up.

"Yes," Koumei nodded. "It's Shokyo, one of the Two Qiaos. Apparently, she went under the name of Chuubou Sonken so to get closer to Kokin Shuyu, or rather Ankh-san, without him knowing who she truly was. From this we can already assume what her desire is."

"Yandere, huh?" Shamoku frowned, "Just what we need."

"There is also another problem," Koumei continued. "The creator of our new equipment has bribed Ankh-san with 1000 Cell Medals to keep OOO from interfering for 24 hours in order to continue his research on the Yummies."

"What?-!" Chouhi gaped, giving voice to the disbelief of the others. "Why that two-timing-!"

"Ankh-san has made his position clear to us in the past," Koumei reminded her fellow Tiger General. "All he wants are his Core Medals and Cell Medals in order to make himself complete. I suppose 1000 Cell Medals were too much for him to resist."

"When I get my hands on him..." Shamoku growled.

"How many Yummies are we dealing with?" asked Chou-un, keeping her feelings of slight betrayal at the sidelines where they belonged.

"According to Kanu, these ones are Cuttlefish Yummies that rely more on quality rather than on quantity," Koumei replied. "Ankh-san believes that since these Yummies will be of a poorer quality than the others, the average Fighter will be able to hold them off or even destroy them. However, it seems that they also speak in the quotations of Sun Tzu, so it's likely that they have a strategic mindset."

"So where do we look?" asked Ryuubi.

"By my best guess, Shokyo, or rather Chuubou, will be setting out to claim aspects of what she believes to be the best aspects to achieve her desire for Kokin Shuyu. I would suggest we search places associated with marriage and relationships. Wedding store, florists, confectionaries, and the like."

"Alright, then it seems like we're going to have to split up to knock down a some Yummies. We might even need to mobilize some of the other Fighters to," Shamoku said.

"We'd better get to it then, because we've got our work cut out for us with OOO temporally out of the picture," Chouhi growled, cracking her knuckles, "And after that, I've got some few words for that birdbrain."

"I understand how you feel, but please remember that Ankh-san is the only thing keeping Kokin Shuyu alive," Koumei told her. They had been all told about how one of the earlier Yummies sent put him in a coma when he thought it was after Hakufu, "If anything happens to Ankh-san in the state he's currently in, Shuyu could die."

"How do we even know if he won't kill Shuyu after getting his body back?" Shamoku asked.

"That I can't say for sure, but the only thing we can do now is follow his advice," Koumei sighed.

"Damn, and in the meantime he's grabbing more Cell Medals to make that body of his," Chouhi frowned. "If he ever does get his body, I'm gonna have to find a super powered armor so I can deal with him myself!"

"Yeah. Good luck with that," Shamoku muttered.


Sousou was inside one of the classrooms, pondering the most recent events. The Greeed and then OOO were tricky enough, but then finding out that OOO was Hakufu Sonsaku was something of a shocker. The Haoryuu within Sousou didn't like that very much, being enraged over the fact that one of its fellow kings had something that it didn't.

The soul of the first Sousou wanted the power of OOO, whispered urgently for his reincarnation to take the power that should be used by a true king. The modern Sousou fought it though. This was not the kind of situation that needed infighting for selfishness to make the situation worse. The Greeed were way more powerful than a regular Fighter and not even he was able to stand against just one of them. The spirit thankfully understood that much and kept its attempts at manipulating him to a minimum.

With him were of course Kaku, Kakuka, and Kakoton. The basics enthusiast managed to survive his scrape with serious injury with only several bandages over his eye. The glass caused some damage to his eye, but if he managed to keep it from receiving further trauma then there was a good chance that it would recover without any hindering of his eyesight. Of course, that hinged on keeping the enthusiast out of fighting for a while and that would be difficult when it came to watching his friends fight.

"So OOO was Hakufu Sonsaku the whole time?" Kakuka spoke, his eyebrow arching. Sousou had told his Generals about what happened the other day when the Firefly Yummies came back for Chukou and Kakoken. "I guess that explains why Ryomou was there when Ton-chan got possessed. But still, really?"

"Hard to believe but I saw her change myself. She seems to know how to use the armor's powers pretty well too," Sousou sighed. "There's a lot more going on than we know."

"Well, at least we can trust Sonsaku, right?" asked Kakoton. "I mean, from what I know of her she's the straightforward honest type."

"You'd know since you're dating her mother," Kaku commented.

"I am not!" Kakoton snapped back.

"That's not what she seemed to think when I bumped into her the other day," Sousou grinned, "She was asking me if you had any free time to spare."

"That's not funny!" Kakoton frowned. It seemed that the deal he made with the older woman at the last Big Fighters Tournament was following him everywhere. It didn't help matters that Goei was extremely attractive in spite of being someone's mother.

Further teasing would have followed about Kakoton's tastes were in not from the hooting noises coming from the gathered students' bags. Almost as if on cue, the bags were unzipped from the inside before Gorilla Candroids began hopping out, waving their arms and making their eyes flash brightly.

"Yummies," Kaku frowned, adjusting her glasses.

"Then let's go," Kakuka nodded, standing up.

"Oh yeah! Payback time!" Kakoton grinned, leaping up.

"No way Ton-chan," Sousou frowned as he got up. "You've got a bad handicap and we don't want it to become a permanent one by getting you involved in a fight. You're grounded."

"But-!" the teen tried to argue.

"No arguments," Sousou frowned. "Your job is to recover."

Kakoton groaned, "Fine."

"If you want to feel useful, then put the other Fighters on high alert," Kaku told him, "Have them monitor the area too."

"Yeah, I'll do that," Kakoton nodded, clearly depressed over being left out.

"Good. Alright you two, let's go," Sousou beckoned and Kakoton and Kaku followed. That left Kakoton to flip open his cell phone.

"I just hope this Yummy ain't as bad as the one's we've dealt with so far," Kakoton muttered as he dialed. "Then again, that's just wishful thinking."


The streets were in chaos as people were running and screaming to get away from the epicentre of it all. All around them, humanoid Cuttlefish Yummies were busting into or out of stores, grabbing everything from jewellery and candy, to dresses and bundles of flowers. They ignored the civilians or simply smacked them aside to get what they wanted.

In the core of it all, walking in the middle of the streets in the midst of a pile of romantic goods was Chuubou, holding the egg in her hands like a small child. Every time one of the Yummies would give her their goods, several small Cuttlefish Yummies would pop out of the egg before fusing into another humanoid Yummy which would join its siblings in its pillaging.

"Soon, Kokin-niisama," she whispered. A blue aura flared around her as a disturbing smile appeared on her lips, "Soon out wedding will begin."

To Be Continued...

Omake Segment: Count the Medals

"Hi everybody!" Hakufu cheered as she jumped onto the colorful stage with the confetti falling around her. "Welcome back to another awesome episode of Count the Medals! I'm your hostess with the most-est, Hakufu Sonsaku! And joining me today is Setio's leader, Ryuubi Gentoku!"

More cheers erupted as the bespectacled brunette walked on to the stage, waving shyly with a small smile. "It's great to be here."

"Today we're in a real fix!" Hakufu cried. "My little sister is possessed by a Yummy and now she's on the rampage and Ankh-chan won't give up any Core Medals so OOO can fight!"

"It's awful!" Ryuubi agreed. "We need OOO-sama to be able to beat the Yummies! What will we do?"

"Anything we can Ryu-chan!" Hakufu insisted. "In the meantime though, we've got a job to do here."

"Right," the timid leader nodded. "Today we're looking at another Core Medal and this time it's…"


"The Kuwagata Medal!" Ryuubi smiled. "This one is a green Core Medal which is marked with a stag beetle across its surface."

"It also lets m…uh, OOO take on the Kuwagata Head," Hakufu added, sparing a small glance at Ryuubi when she paused. "It let m…him shoot lightning from his head which is super useful when there's a fight against multiple opponents!"

"OOO-sama was so amazing when he last used it," Ryuubi sighed, looking dreamily into the distance.

"He?" Hakufu mumbled in confusion. Shrugging, she continued. "Since the Core Medal is green and has an insect theme, we know that this Medal comes from Uva. We have one already, but Uva-chan is going to want it back."

"OOO-sama can beat him!" Ryuubi insisted. "He's incredible!"

"He?" Hakufu blinked again. Shaking her head, she continued. "Anyway, that's all the time we have for Count the Medals! So, this is Hakufu Sonsaku."

"And Ryuubi Gentoku!"

"Signing out!" Hakufu beamed. "Be sure to keep an eye out for the next chapter. Bye bye!"

TAILSMO4EVER: This is an interesting development. Let's see how Hakufu can coop with this.

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