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PHOENIX HONOR, which you happen to be reading, is the sequel to Family Honor. I reccomend reading FH first, but it's your choice, since FH was a little longer than I planned :)

In Phoenix Honor, it takes off with the storyline of Order of the Phoenix and ends in the Deathly Hallows. Other than that, this is rated M, people will die, I'm still following the original plot of Harry Potter. Alright? I'll try to delve into Aero's past a little more, get inside her head, and explore teh grown-up relationship between her and Fred while they go through the second war. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW

Everything was quiet at Malfoy Manor besides the sound of the piano as Draco got in his daily hour of play. It was normal. When they were little they had tutors who taught them French. When they got a little older, around age twelve, they were taught to Ball Room Dance. Ever since she could remember Aero had a servant woman here, Marcela, who would teach her proprer etiquete, which utensils to use during meals, to sit and walk straight, to move with grace. Marcela had died when Aero was fifteen, but since she had been a quiet woman who only every spoke harshly Aero had never thought much of it.

But Draco was downstairs, practicing piano. He was still doing the will of his parents, and though some may see it as fine, it worried Aero immensley.

She knew she had to get herself out of this house. She was turning eighteen soon and in her last year at Hogwarts. Things became even more complicated when she became an Auror and then joined the Order. She was the very opposite of Narcissa and Lucius...how long would it be until the shit hit the fan?

She took care in avoiding them. She was quiet during meals and left promptly after quietly being excused. During the day she mostly stayed at the office, trying to find the information Dumbledore wanted. And then she would go to the Order meetings, go back out and do an Auror mission and return to the manner. Of course she fit quality time with Fred in.

Nothing had been happening so far, as far as Voldemort was concerned. He was being pretty stealthy and it didn't help that the prophet only focused on discrediting Harry and Dumbledore. But no matter how much it bothered her, she followed Dumbledore's orders to the T. She apologized for the disrespect she showed Fudge while she had been in the infirmary. It got Fudge off her back so she could look for any files or something Dumbledore wanted.

Aero was sitting on her bed, slipping into a casual lavender sundress and lavender colored heeled sandals. She threw her black hair up into a spiky poinytail, thick side-bangs on the right side of her face. She slipped on the necklace Fred had given her before and grabbed her wand, apparrating from the Manor.

She came to a stop at the Burrow and Mrs. Weasley immediatley let her inside, talking happily as she bustled about the kitchen.

Arms wrapped themselves around her waist and she was pulled against Fred's hard chest. He kissed her cheek and smiled down at her.

"Hello there." He said.

"Hi yourself. What've you been up to?" she asked as he lead her up the stairs.

"George and I are just putting the finishing touches on some products." he shrugged, opening his bedroom door.

George was hovering over their desk, writing on a bit of parchment. He glanced up when the door closed.

"Hello." he grinned brightly before returning to his work.

"So you're really going to open the joke shop, then?" she asked, settling herself by the window.

"Sure are. Harry forced his plentiful winnings into our hands, and really,-"

"- who are we to deny a gift?"

Aero shook her head, smiling. Harry had refused to accept his Triwizard earnings, and no one could blame him. It was only later she fould out that he had given it to Fred and George in exchange that they would buy Ron some new dress robes. That train ride no one had really talked much. Fred barely left her side the whole time, and when he had it was when he got Harry's winnings. It had been a somber time.

But now most things were back to normal.

"So, you gunna tell us what you've been up to?" George asked.

She had yet to tell them about the Order of the Phoenix, per Dumbledore's orders. He had said they would know in time.

SHe shrugged.

"Auror missions, surviving life at the manor, the usual." she replied cooly.

"Aw..." George whined. "Nothing too exciting? No rebellion against Voldemort? I heard rumors of one in the first war, wouldn't that be wicked to join?"

Aero smiled tightly.

"I don't want you getting any more excitement, you get enough just going to school. I'm gunna go gray before I even hit twenty." Fred groaned.

Aero laughed. She remembered Fred's face every time something happened to her.

"Though it would be wicked..." Fred agreed.

"Your mother would never let you join." Aero reminded them.

"We're seventeen!" the chorused.

"In your mother's eyes you're not legal until you get out of this house, though taking a look at Charlie and Bill...maybe not even then." she said.

The twins frowned.

"We're legally adults. We get to make our own choices. It's high time we start living our own lives, especially now with the War coming up." George said.

"What kind of choices would you make that you haven't already made? You already do anything you want." Aero asked curiously.

She watched as George smirked and playfully punched Fred in the shoulder, and Fred immediatley frowned and shoved him, grumbling and muttering under his breath.

Aero raised an eyebrow.

"Well, for one thing, mum doesn't approve of the Joke Shop, but once we get a location set up it's a done deal." Fred said.

"It's the only thing we're really good at. We couldn't take sitting at a desk all day, and we don't have the attention spans to be little Aurors." George agreed.

George glanced at his brother before he smiled again.

"Not to mention the part where we'll be living our own lives then. Making a future, a family."

Fred seemed to twitch and his hand flung out, knocking over a jar of ink. He swore and flicked his wand to clean it up before glancing quickly, almost nervously at Aero and glared at his brother.

"What is up with you two?" Aero asked, exasperated.

"Nothing!" Fred replied quickly.

Aero rolled her eyes and jumped onto Fred's bed and began reading one of the many Witch Weekly magazines she'd left here. She had a few things here. She had a draw here in Fred's dresser with some clothes even. There were pictures everywhere.

There were some of George and Angelina, the old team with Wood, Weasley Family picture, and quite a few of Aero and Fred.

Aero sighed and fell backwards onto the bed, staring hard up at the ceiling. Sure, things were better, much better, between her and Fred. They said 'I love you' to each other constantly. They held hands, kissed everything. They were closer than they'd ever been before. And yet it wasn't close enough. She turned her head to the side and looked at the picture George had taken some time earlier this summer with Fred and her in the back yard, his arms around her as they laughed. She looked really...really, happy there.

And being with Fred made her happy. But she couldn't help the nagging feeling in the back of her mind. Fred had always told her he just wanted the truth, no secrets. And yet she hadn't told him about the Order. She hadn't told him how bad this war was getting. He didn't know.

And a part of her liked it like that. She liked that he didn't have to feel the painful uncertainty, the fear that snuck up on you when you least expected it. He didn't have to worry constantly, look over his shoulder. He was blissfully ignorant, and though he'd hate it later, she basked in it.

She watched him smile and laugh with George, his eyes sparkling in amusement. He was carefree, almost a certain innocence about him. He had been practically untouched by this oncoming chaos, and she couldn't bring herself to burst his perfect, sunny, happy bubble. It just seemed to wrong...

And then there was Harry. Harry was always lingering in her mind. He had, once, a very, very long time ago, known innocence like normal children. He was so young, he had so much potential. And seeing the way he smiled, truly smiled, on those rare occassions made her want to cry. She savored those moments. He always had so much going on, so much danger and drama. He had the weight of the world on his shoulders and she felt like all she could do was watch from the sidelines as it would eventually, slowly collapse around him. He was her little brother. All she wanted to do was take him away from all this, hide him from the world and the suffering and tell him everything would be alright.

But they both knew it wouldn't.

She had written to Harry as soon as Summer started. He was very curious, wanting to know every little disturbance in the Wizarding world. He asked questions frequently and she answered them as best she could, but made them innocent enough in case the owls were intercepted. She felt horrible not being able to tell him what was going on. He deserved the truth, but there it was again...the ignorant bubble she couldn't bear to pop.

"You alright love?" she heard Fred ask her.

She looked at him again. George had disappeared and Fred was lying beside her on the bed. He draped an arm over her stomach.

"I'm fine.."

"No you're not. Something is bothering you...what is it?"

She sighed.

"Fred...you know how there are some things, some secrets, that you just can't tell? This is one of them. You can't know, not yet, soon though..."

He frowned but nodded and kissed her quickly. He brushed a thumb over her cheek, staring into her eyes, searching for something.

"Alright. But when those secrets get too much, get too bad, I want you to tell me, no matter who you promised."

"Alright." she replied.

"How is life at the Manor?" he asked casually.

She knew Fred didn't like her living there. She didn't like it either. She liked the warmth of the burrow, the business of the family. At the Manor it was so empty and cold.

"I won't be there much longer..."

He looked at her again.

"Well, Lucius is threatening me on a daily basis about disowning me. Narcissa is insisting on our break-up and me to be with Vain, but that's to be expected really. In their minds what I'm doing in wrong. It won't be long now before everything explodes and someone looses their cool." she admitted.

"And Draco?"

"Draco is...being the natural Slytherin he is. He tries to stay out of the arguements, but if they pull him in he sides with them. He comes to apologize to me afterwards, I know he doesn't mean anything by it, he's always just tried to please his parents. He doesn't like the fighting, he's scared. I know he knows about the war, how could he not with Lucius being who he is? Draco's never been one to actually go through with a fight, he's all just talk. But it's that need to please that's got me so worried for him. It's why I've stayed so long..."

"You don't want him to feel as though by leaving the family, you've left him."

"Exactly. The last thing I want is for him to think I abandoned him. I'd never do that...I don't want him to become his father either. I don't want to leave him by himself in that envirnment...the same one I grew up in. It really messes with a kid's head..." she mumbled.

Fred pulled her tight against him and rest his chin on her head.

"You can't always do what's best for everyone else, Aer. You have to take care of you too." he told her.

"I know, I know. I'll get out soon...it's just surprisingly hard."

"I imagine leaving any family is."

"That reminds me...how's Percy?"

It was Fred's time to sigh.

"Percy is a giant prat. He's 'disowned' himself from the family until we stop believing Dumbledore. And get this, we'll have to apologize to him. Him and dad had a big blow out. Never seen him so mad before. Mum was a mess, you know. Percy's killing her."

Aero rubbed his back soothingly.

"Percy will come around. You know it's not because he doesn't love you all, he's just one of the people who's too scared to admit he's back, he's just in denial. He'll come around eventually and then he'll have to apologize to you."

She felt Fred grin.

"Yeah, slimy little git. I'll make him beg. I'm not going to have mercy on him, you kow."

Aero laughed.

"Of course not."

The door opened. George was there with his hands over his eyes.

"Alright, put teh clothes back on you filthy animals, this is a public bedroom, not the Leaky Cauldron." he said.

Aero and Fred rolled their eyes and sat up.

"Clothes are all accounted for, Gred. Now open up those eyes before you knock something deliate over." Fred laughed.

George peaked through his fingers before putting his hand down with a grin.

"Good. I'd rather not walk in on my brother and his lady friend. Scratch that, I'd rather not walk in on my brother, you're fine Aer." George winked.

Fred promptly threw a pillow at his head.

"Just kidding mate, just kidding, no need to get violent."

Aero shook her head, smiling. Just then Bill burst into the room.

"Anyone here speak French?" he asked.

"I do...why?" Aero asked.

Bill blushed.

"Just uhm...wondering. You wouldn't mind coming into work with me one of these days, would you?"


"Great. Thanks." he said before charging back through the door, narrowly missing Ron and Ginny who watched him leave before shaking their heads.

Ginny skipped into the room.

"You're hogging again. Didn't mum ever tell you to share?" Ginny chided Fred, tugging on Aero's arm.

"She taught me to share my toys, not my girlfriends."

"It was implied."

"She came here to see me."

"Well she did, now she's going to see me."

"You're right in front of her, she's seen you now off you trot, Gin."




The two swiveled around to look at the other twin.

He smiled sheepishly and shrugged.

"Felt left out." he mumbled.

Aero sighed and Ginny took the opportunity to haul her out the door and up the stairs, Fred shouting and thundering after them, leaving a bewildered Ron on the staircase, shouting his alarm, Bill shouting into the fireplace at someone, George laughing loudly and Mrs. Weasley calling shrilly after them all to stop shouting and no running in the house.

Just a normal day at the Burrow. Too bad it wouldn't last...