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"Kyoya sempai, Have you ever dated someone?" Asked a hesitant voice from behind the dark haired second year.

"No," was his apathetic reply "why do you ask Kaoru?"

"No reason…" Kaoru was quick to reply (a little too quick?). He had a faint blush spread across his pale face. "I was just wondering… Is there a reason to why you haven't?" The questions kept coming.

"Yes, I like someone and they just won't ask me out. They seem to like being difficult." Kyoya mused.

"Plenty of girls have asked you out and none of them were it?" Kaoru asked amazed.

"Nope, he doesn't seem to be of that gender." Kyoya teased, there was no way Kaoru could've known it was a boy, but still Kyoya found it fun to tease the unknowing.

"Your gay?" Was the expected next question, I mean Kyoya did make it obvious.

"Why yes I am Kaoru, congratulations on pointing out the obvious."

"Yah, well is this boy in the host club?" Kaoru asked out of curiosity. If he was it would be narrowed down to two people- him and Tamaki.

"Hold on, you've asked me multiple questions, my turn." Kyoya said changing the subject.

Giving out a fake sigh Kaoru while replying with "Fine. What are your questions?"

"Hay, I said no more questions!" Kyoya warned. With a faint blush Kaoru let Kyoya continue without a question from him to lead. "Are you gay?" Kyoya asked throwing back Kaoru's question

"Uhm, well… yah…" Kaoru answered slightly hesitant to answer. It was awkward to be put on the spot to answer a question like that. Kaoru felt bad for putting Kyoya on the spot, the real question was how did he answer so calmly?

"Okay and my second question is- are you and Hikaru in a relationship?" Kyoya asked seeming very serious.

"Uhh…" was all Kaoru could get out. 'How am I supposed to answer that? I can't tell the truth nor can I lie…' silently Kaoru was conflicted with himself. 'The truth, he'll understand, right?' "Me and Hikaru are close, very close…" was all that Kaoru getting out before Kyoya pulled Kaoru onto his for an elegant kiss, elegant, and lovely.

"N-now Kyoya" Kaoru started after they pulled away for a breath, both breathing heavily. A deep blush was caked onto his perfect features. "Who is it that you like exactly?" He finished.

"I dunno maybe I can give you another hint?" Kyoya said before mashing their lips together again, this one wasn't nearly as elegant as the other, but just as good. It's not like Kaoru was complaining, but Hikaru would be soon.

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