This is an alternate reality and not set in the canonical BSG universe. The Cylons are different and there are thirteen human models. The seventh Cylon model is now female and was never destroyed by the Number One model.

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Battlestar Centarus

Chapter 1

12 Days Before the Fall of the Colonies

Admiral Struchen Adonai was lying on the floor of the commanding officer's quarters of the Battlestar Centarus. His eyes were empty as he stared up at his ceiling. He had a couch right next to where he was lying, but he was at peace when he was on the floor. The floor was tile and hard but it didn't effect Adonai. He found it relaxing when he would lay on that floor and looked up at his ceiling. Several times he had fallen asleep on his floor, and he nearly fell asleep this time. As his mind drifted, he took off his glasses and laid them next to him. He thought about how many people thought that he was too young to be an admiral in the fleet and commaning his own battlestar. They may be right, but he didn't care. It wasn't just him who was criticized. His battlestar had the youngest crew of all the battlestars, but Adonai knew that they could go and fly with some of the best.

The lights flickered in his room and he snapped out of his trance. He heard sirens go off and then they died down. He rubbed his face and put on his glasses. "Frakking system's doing it again."

This was the Centarus, a Mercury class battlestar and one of the newest at that, but it was acting as old as the decommissioned battlestars. He knew it was Dr. Gaius Baltar's networking program. At first he found it amazing, but soon after, the ship started going crazy and now it was a sure bet the program was going to shut down the ship sooner or later. The program had similar problems in Battlestar Huntress and Battlestar Byzantium. Adonai wanted that system taken out of his ship. It was driving him insane, but there was something about that program. He could sense it, but he couldn't figure it out. There was something not right about it.

As he laid there thinking about it, the power went out in the ship. He sat up and said, "You have got to be frakking kidding me!"

Adonai stood up, grabbed a flashlight and stormed to the Centarus CIC. The glass doors opened to the room and he entered inside. He was saluted as he entered the CIC and he saluted back. The XO of the ship, Commander Persephone Johanson, subconsciously smiled as he entered the room. Everyone knew that Adonai and Persephone had a thing for each other, but they were blind to it themselves. But as she looked at Adonai she could tell he was not in a very good mood and she decided to tell him what happened, "Power just went out all across the ship."

"How did this happen!" asked Adonai.

"We don't know," answered Persephone.

"I bet you anything that it is Dr. Baltar's program," said Adonai, "I want that thing out of my ship."

"I know what you mean," said Persephone.

The power came back onto the ship. Adonai looked around and asked, "Where are the closest shipyards at?"

Persephone looked on the map and said, "We're here and that makes the closest shipyards are about four hours away, and they are the shipyards orbiting Sagittaron. Looks like you're going home, Adonai."

Adonai nodded and said, "I could visit them. I haven't had time, but now, with this system failure, I will, and you can visit your family. Canceron is only a raptor jump away from Sagittaron."

"I might do that," said Persephone.

"Do you want me to make it an order?" asked Adonai.

"No, Sir," said Persephone.

"Good," said Adonai, "When we get there, go take a raptor and get some time off with your family, Persephone. We'll pick you up when the Centarus is straightened out."

"Yes, Sir," Persophene said.

She walked out of the CIC and Adonai told the crew, "Let's get this ship fixed."


Memphis Law Academy

Brianna Swanson walked down a hallway of the Memphis Law Academy. The sunlight poured in and lit up the white marble hallway. She walked to her car after her classes had ended and was going to catch a ship to visit her cousins on Canceron for spring break. Her cousins were from Libran but by chance both got jobs on Canceron. Jeremiah was a viper pilot stationed on the brand new Battlestar Byzantium and his older sister, Christina, was working for the Canceron government in the efforts to help the exploding Canceron population. Brianna got into her car and drove to the interplanetary airport and got her ticket for her flight to Canceron.


Orbiting Concert Hall

Allison Santorini was finishing practicing for her concert she was going to give in orbit around Picon. It was the third colony in a tour of all the colonies. She had already performed for Gemenon and Leonis. After several more songs, she finished and went to her dressing room. She opened the door and went inside. She saw a man sitting in one of her chairs. She smiled and said, "If you were anyone else, I would have already called security."

"Maybe you should," the man said.

Allison walked over to him and smiled, "Shut up, Nathaniel."

"Testy," Nathaniel Graystone smiled back at her.

"Just because you came into my dressing room without my permission," said Allison. Allison sat down on Nathaniel's lap. She leaned over and they kissed each other. Allison broke off and said, "I love you, Nathan."

Nathan looked into her eyes and replied, "I love you too, Ally."

Allison smiled again and sat straight up on Nathan's lap. She looked at him and asked, "Are you going to do a song with me?"

"Why? Do you want me to?" asked Nathan.

"Maybe," said Allison.

"You do, don't you?" asked Nathan. She didn't answer him and turned her head around. He said, "You do."

Nathan tickled Allison's sides and through laughter she said, "Stop it, Nathan. Stop it."

Allison jumped and ran away from him. He chased and made it to her door first and blocked it. He asked, "Where you going in such a hurry?"

Allison stopped and said, "I have to do another practice."

"Oh come on. Picon can wait," said Nathan, "Now it's my turn."

"Well then, Nathan," said Allison, "Come and get me."

"Oh I will," said Nathan.

Allison ran away and Nathan chased her again. She stopped running and leaned against a wall in the room and Nathan came up to her. She smiled and jumped at him. They kissed passionately and the two fell to the ground. Allison was on top of Nathan as the two still kissed. She stopped and rolled off onto the floor. She was sitting down next to him. Allison looked at Nathan and took off her shirt. She then sat on Nathan's lap in her bra and told him, "You're right, Nathan. Picon can wait. It is your turn."


Gerald Bhuta walked towards his car on his way home. He was going to visit his brother and congratulate him on his new command. His brother was Mickey Bhuta and had just gotten command over the newest Mercury class battlestar, the Battlestar Byzantium. It was a special occasion for his family. He was going to go home to pick his wife up so they could make the last flight to Canceron for the day. He got into his car and drove off to his house which was a couple hours away. He began his drive over the expansive great plains of Leonis.


The Battlestar Centarus flew towards the Sagittaron shipyards. Even though the planet Sagittaron was probably the poorest of all the colonies, the colonial fleet put shipyards in orbit around the planet like it did with the other colonies. The Sagittaron shipyards may not be the best, but they would have to do.

In the Centarus CIC, Admiral Adonai called the Sagittaron shipyards and said, "This is Admiral Struchen Adonai of the Battlestar Centarus requesting to dock at your shipyards."

"This is the Sagittaron shipyards. You are cleared to dock. Welcome to the Sagittaron shipyards, Admiral Adonai. Welcome home."

"Thank you," said Adonai, "And it's good to be home."

Adonai hung up and turned to Persephone and she said, "I'll take a raptor to Canceron when we dock and get the ship checked it. I actually bought a couple tickets to a pyramid game a few days away. The Hades Vice are going to put the hurt on those Sagittaron Archers. I bought you a ticket to witness your defeat."

Adonai smiled and said, "Oh I don't think so, Persephone. Your Vice won't win against my Archers."

"We'll see who wins this in the arena," said Persephone.

"I'll be waiting for that," said Adonai, "Bring it."


Allison and Nathan were laying on the floor of Allison's dressing room. Their clothes were thrown all over the room. Allison's head was on Nathan's chest and she was sleeping, but Nathan was awake. He was staring up at the ceiling looking both hurt and scared. Nathan looked down at Allison sleeping. He smiled and kissed her on the head. She woke up and looked at him, "What is it?"

Nathan shook his head and said, "Nothing, Ally. Nothing's wrong. Go back to sleep."

Allison nodded and fell back to sleep. After several minutes, Nathan whispered, "I hope she can forgive me."