Haruno Sakura got out of bed and turned off her alarm clock. What an annoying contraption. Walking over to her dresser, she pulled out a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt. She ran downstairs and said good morning to her dad after combing her bubble gum pink shoulder length hair.

"Morning, sweetie! Have a good first day of school!" Mr. Haruno called as his daughter raced out of the house.

Sakura opened the garage door to find her sapphire blue bike. Sliding on a silver helmet, she raced off to her new highschool. Her dad had switched jobs so she had to move to Konaha, leaving behind her bestest friend ever, Naruto. Her mother… her mother had died when she was five. She had been working at an office building when it caught on fire. Being on a higher floor, she didn't make it out. Therefore Sakura is terrified by fire. Those small little camp fires are okay, but anything bigger scares her.

Sakura was broke from her thoughts as she arrived at school. She parked her bike, chaining it up, and started walking towards the tall entrance.

'Will the teachers be nice?' The butterflies had woken up in her stomach. 'What if they make fun of my forehead and/or hair? Will I make new friends? What if I get lost-' Sakura's questions stopped running through her mind as she crashed into someone, making them both fall to the ground.

"Sorry!" both victims said in unison.

"It's okay, it was my fault, I'm new here." Sakura said as she helped the girl up. She noticed that the girl had long violet hair reaching halfway down her back. Her eyes were pearl white.

"O-oh, it's okay, I'm Hinata." The girl introduced.

"Sakura." She replied.

"Do you need help finding your way around? I can help you." Hinata offered as the two walked into the building.

"Really? Thanks!" Sakura followed her new friend to the office, observing the building as they walked, eyeing the other students.

"Now, there are a few things you need to know." Sakura's head snapped back to Hinata as she began talking. "First off, there are two groups in the school, the Wolves and the Cobras. You'll need to pick which group to be in. Well, you don't have to. But if you do, it's a lot of fun, otherwise you just have to pick which one you support. I'm in the Wolves. Our leader is Kiba and the Cobras' leader is Sasuke." Hinata explained.

'Sasuke? That name seems familiar...'

"Well, I guess I'll be with the Wolves since you are. I mean, you're my first friend here." Sakura decided just as they reached the office. They walked inside and went up to the front desk.

"Hello! You must be the new student, Sakura Haruno. My name is Shizune, and here is your schedule! If you have any questions just ask Miss Hyuuga here." The secretary said.

Sakura nodded and walked out. Hinata compared their schedules.

"Hey! We have every class togeth- oh, wait. Never mind. We have all the same classes except third period. Look! There's the group! Come on!" the violet haired girl suddenly dragged a surprised Sakura over to a group of people.

"Hey guys! This is Sakura! She's new here and decided to join our group." Hinata explained.

"Hello!" Sakura greeted.

"Hi! My name's Tenten." Sakura smiled at a girl with two brown buns on her head and chocolate brown eyes.

"I'm Shikamaru." A pineapple? Oh, wait, it was a boy.

"Neji." 'Hmm, must be related to Hinata.'

"Chouji!" For some reason, Sakura seemed to sense that she better call him pleasingly plump…

Sakura looked around at all the friendly faces and smiled.

"Where's Kiba?" Hinata asked.

"Right behind you."

They all spun around to see Kiba. Spiky brown hair, warm eyes, and red upside down triangles tattooed on his cheeks. In his jacket was a little brown and white dog, who's, after hearing from Tenten, name was Akamaru. "Who's this?"

"This is Sakura. She's joining our group." Tenten introduced, lightly pushing said girl forward.

"Yeah, now we have more members than the Cobras!" Chouji exclaimed.

"Well then, welcome to the group, Sakura." Kiba said.

'How does he know my name?' Sakura was kind of creeped out by that.

Nevertheless, Sakura smiled at the leader. "Hello! Aw, he's so cute!" she said as she pulled Akamaru out of Kiba's jacket.

"Wait! I wouldn't do that if I were you-" Too late. Everyone clenched their eyes shut. The little puppy never liked strangers and always bites them. Hahaha, chomp, chomp, chomp. They waited for the scream…

Sakura giggled. They all opened their eyes to see her laughing while Akamaru licked her face.

"He's so adorable! Oh yeah, what was wrong with you guys?" Sakura questioned as she held the dog like a baby and scratched his belly.

"He's not-"

"He didn't-"


Sakura looked at them confused.

"Never mind… the point is that maybe now we can beat the Cobras!" Kiba decided, grinning a canine-like grin.

"And why is that?" a cool voice spoke from behind.

Akamaru jumped out of Sakura's arms and started growling. Three people stood behind them.

"That's Sasuke, Ino, and Kabuto." Tenten whispered to Sakura who nodded in response.

"We'll win because now we have seven members, too." Chouji said triumphuntly.

Sasuke's gaze landed on the pink haired girl making her shiver. This guy creeped her out! And yet, he looked so familiar, with the ebony hair and solid black eyes… He walked over to her and slung an arm around her shoulders.

"Hey there, beautiful, what are you doing with these losers? Come join my gang." He said. She could feel his hot breath on her neck making her shiver again.

"Get your hands off our member." Kiba growled. Sasuke didn't move.

"He said get your hands off-" Neji started but was soon cut off by Sasuke yelling in pain while stumbling back, almost falling to the ground. Sakura put her leg back down from kicking him, um, where the sun doesn't shine. She ran over to Tenten and half hid behind her.

"That dude creeps me out! Plus, his hair looks like a duck butt!" Sakura said with the tiniest hint of fear in her voice. This caused the Wolves to crack up laughing. Sakura soon joined in laughing and the group walked away as Ino helped up her fallen leader.

"Sasuke-kun! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Kabuto." Sasuke called.

"Yes?" the gray haired teen pushed up his glasses.

"Get some information and make a plan. I want that girl on our team." Sasuke ordered before walking off into the darkness of the shadows.

The janitor then fixed the light and everyone watched as Sasuke walked away mysteriously.

'I'm BOOORED.' Kiba thought as he walked around after school. There was nothing to do. He took a short cut down an alley and took in his surroundings. Trash cans, dumpsters, brick walls, mice, Sakura surrounded by a group of Cobra members…

Wait a minute. He did a retake. Sakura surrounded by Cobra members? He was separated from them by a fence but climbed up going unnoticed.

"Sasuke-kun said that he wants you in our group, so join." Karin whined.

"No." the pink haired girl stated simply.

"You need to come with us to the hideout." Juugo said.

"No, and I'm leaving."

He was almost to the top of the fence…

Sakura pushed past a girl named Ami when suddenly her hair was yanked back and she was punched in the side of her head. She fell to the ground and her head hit an un-convenient old chipped cinder block.

"Sakura!" Kiba yelled as he raced towards the fallen girl. He lifted her head up and saw that her eyes were closed and blood trickled from her head as she groaned.

"You…" the canine-like boy growled, his glare fixed on Ami.

"Eep! Guys, help m- guys?" The Cobra member looked around to see that the rest were already gone. "Uh-oh." And then, she ran for her life.

Kiba didn't follow; instead he thought about whose house was the closest. That would be… Neji's and Hinata's. He raced off in search of help.

At the Hyuga household, some idiot was banging the door wildly.

Neji opened the door hastily. "WHAT?" he snapped. His gaze turned worried as he saw the sight in front of him; Kiba holding an unconscious Sakura in his arms.

"Hinata!" Neji called as he let the two in. She arrived as Kiba set Sakura on the couch.

"What happened?" Hinata asked as she ran to her friends.

"It's all stupid Sasuke's fault. He sent some members to get Sakura to join the Cobras. They cornered her in an alley, but she refused. That stupid girl Ama or Ami or whatever punched Sakura right as I arrived." Kiba explained, the anger inside him growing. Those stupid Cobras would pay.

"I swear, if I see that Sasuke tomorrow, I'm gonna-"

"K-Kiba? Neji? H-Hinata? What's going on?"

Three heads spun around to see the pink haired girl sit up.

"Sakura! You shouldn't get up yet!" Hinata fretted.

"I'm fine, I- oh snap. I have to get home! My dad must be worried sick!" she exclaimed as she caught sight of the time. She quickly got up before wobbling, her legs still unsteady. One hand clenched her head in pain.

"You really shouldn't get up yet." Kiba agreed, grabbing the rosette's arm before she could fall.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I just need to get home."

"I'll drive you two home." Neji offered as he picked up his keys. Secretly he smiled smugly since he could drive without Uncle in the car with him.

Sakura and Kiba nodded thanks as they headed out to Neji's white car.

Hinata sat with her cousin in front with Kiba and Sakura in the back. The car started and they were off.

Somewhere during the ride Sakura had fallen asleep. Her head rested lightly on Kiba's shoulder, making him blush. Neji pulled into the driveway of Sakura's house, her dad pacing in front of the door. Kiba carried Sakura out.

"There she is! I have been worried sick! What happened?" Mr. Haruno exclaimed.

"She came over to my house because I wanted to, uh, play video games with her in my room and we kind of lost track of time and fell asleep." Hinata quickly lied, not wanting to worry the poor man more. Neji caught on.

"I had invited Kiba over and realized that it was very late. I went to check on my cousin, thinking Sakura had gone home, but was surprised when I found them both asleep. Not to mention that Sakura fell off the bed and hit her head. We're very sorry. We'll make sure it doesn't happen again." Neji explained, laughing quietly as he lied about Sakura falling.

"Ah, well, it's okay. No one's hurt so I guess it's fine. Thank you for taking care of my daughter." The girl's father said, taking her from Kiba's arms. He turned around as the three teens nodded and left in the car. He walked upstairs and put Sakura in her bed.

"Goodnight, Blossom."

Sakura got up the next morning for school. After getting ready she went downstairs and saw her dad smiling happily. Like, REALLY happily.

"Uhhh, dad, are you okay?" Sakura asked worriedly. Maybe he ran out of the low-sweetener for his coffee.

"I have a surprise for you today!" he said in a sing-song voice. Sakura's head bolted up from her poptart and her eyes brightened.

"What is it? Tell me!" Sakura demanded.

"You'll find out later." Mr. Haruno said.

Sakura pouted but popped the last of her breakfast in her mouth and said a quick good bye to her dad before jumping on her bike. She raced off to school.

"She's gonna be so surprised." Her dad smirked back in the kitchen.

Sakura sat and ate lunch with her friends. She was having a conversation with Hinata and Kiba when she suddenly stopped.

'Those colors… could it-?' out of the corner of her eye she saw a blonde haired boy wearing a bright orange t-shirt. He had blue eyes and three lines on each check looking like whiskers. The boy was scanning the cafeteria as if looking for someone. Kiba and Hinata looked at her strangely, wondering why she had just stopped in the middle of her sentence. Everyone watched as Sakura quickly scrambled out of her seat and ran towards the boy.



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