"Sakura's going on a date~!" Tenten sung as she rifled through Sakura's closest. Sakura tossed a pillow at Tenten's head before flopping back on the bed as it missed.

"You guys are making such a big deal out of it," Sakura complained, but her eyes showed her excitement.

"They're finally going on one," Hinata said, taking a look at Sakura's make-up and the different shades. "Sakura and Kiba are finally going on a date!"

"Oh, look at this!" Tenten exclaimed pulling out a green jacket.

"No," Sakura instantly said.

"Fine, fine," Tenten grumbled, throwing it back in. "What's the weather like today?"

"It's warm out, but kind of windy," Hinata replied with a glance out the window as if checking her own statement.

"How about a tank top and a jacket?" Tenten asked, poking her head around the open door to see Sakura.

"Sure," Sakura agreed. "I have a really cute pink and white striped tank top," she offered, standing up and retrieving it from her closet.

Tenten inspected it before nodding. "That'll work." She pulled out a pair of white, knee-length shorts. "These will go with that, too. Why don't you go look at jewelry while I find a jacket?" Tenten recommended.

Sakura went over to her vanity mirror where Hinata was going through her make-up. She opened a separate drawer, searching through necklaces and bracelets.

"Okay!" Tenten exclaimed, turning around with a pile of clothes. She placed them in Sakura's arms and then pushed her towards the door. "Go change! Quickly now, we still have to do make-up!"

"Pushy," Sakura grumbled as the door closed behind her. She walked into the bathroom across the hall, changing quickly. When she walked out, Sakura was dressed in the pink and white striped tank top with the white shorts, along with an orange jacket. She had placed a white headband in her hair, and she wore a silver necklace with a paw print hanging off of it.

"Nice job," Sakura complimented as she walked back into her room, holding her arms out for inspection.

"Yeah, I'm amazing," Tenten joked, sitting Sakura down in the chair in front of the mirror.

Hinata set to work applying mascara, a small amount of light pink eye shadow, lip gloss, etc. Sakura smiled at herself in the mirror when Hinata finished.

"I love you guys," she said, attacking them both in a hug.

"It's almost time," Hinata reminded, glancing at the clock. Sakura walked downstairs as Tenten and Hinata made up some song about her and Kiba going on a date.

"Sakura's going on a date~!" Tenten sang, joyfully prancing down the stairs.

"I can't believe Sakura's going on a date…"

The three girls looked over to see Sakura's father standing in the doorway to the kitchen with an overly sad look on his face. "My little Sakura Blossom! On a date!"

"It's okay, Dad," Sakura giggled, wrapping her arms around him.

The doorbell rang.

"He's here!" Tenten screeched in excitement, racing to the door and opening it. Kiba stood there in a red polo and blue jean shorts, a surprised look on his face.

"Kiba, are you ready?" Tenten asked, standing in front of him, shielding his view. "Are you ready? Are you sure? Positive? Are you sure you're positively ready to see this amazing beauty, outfit courtesy of Tenten and make-up by Hinata? Are you-"

"Oh, stop it!" Sakura said, playfully glaring at her friend as she pushed her out of the way. "I don't look that different."

"Beautiful like always," Kiba complimented with a grin. Sakura blushed as her friends squealed at it. Behind them came Sakura's father.

"I have a few questions for you."

"Oh my gosh," Sakura groaned, holding her head in her hand.

"What time do you plan on having her home?"

"Nine, sir."

"Do you have your cell phone on you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Are you willing to provide dinner?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs?"

"No, sir."

"Will you be going anywhere outside of town?"

"No, sir."

"Will you be going anywhere where no one can hear her scream as zombies attack?"

"No, sir," Kiba laughed.

"Dad," Sakura whined, but she had a smile on her face.

Mr. Haruno chuckled, giving his daughter another hug. "Okay, okay, I'm done. Have fun, honey, and stay safe!"

"Bye!" Sakura hollered as she ran out the door. Her and Kiba walked down her driveway and down the sidewalk.

"So…. where are we going?" Sakura asked.

"You'll see," Kiba said with a knowing smile.

Kiba led her down the street. They walked for a little while, just chatting while they held hands. They soon came to Kiba's house, where his mom came outside, bouncing down the steps.

"Oh, my little Kiba-Puppy!" Mrs. Inuzuka cooed, pulling him into a hug.

"Kiba-Puppy," Sakura snickered quietly, giving a small giggle. Kiba glared at her.

"Mom," he said, and she released him.

"Oh, fine," she pouted. "Here you go!" Sakura watched as Kiba's mom produced a picnic basket from inside the house. "Look how cute it is! It's like it's from a story book."

"Mom," Kiba said again, and she sighed.

"Fine, go on then and just be careful, okay? I love you!" Mrs. Inuzuka called as they walked back down the driveway.

"Sorry we have to walk," Kiba began, "but I didn't want my mom to have to drive us. That kind of ruins it, you know?"

Sakura laughed. "It's fine, it's more fun walking with you anyways."

They continued walking until the two came away from the houses and buildings to the park. Kiba took Sakura throughout the park, towards the small river that ran through.

"Here?" Sakura asked.

Kiba nodded as he set the basket down, pulling out a blanket and lying it down. He proceeded to bring out food, and even a small candle, which he lit with difficulty as Sakura laughed.

"It's beautiful," Sakura said quietly, grinning at him. The sky was starting to get dark, a faint moon surrounded by a few stars already appearing in the blue sky. The river flowed in front of them, giving off a soothing sound and leaving a faint, cool mist in the air. Sakura sat down on the blanket, taking in all the food Kiba brought, and couldn't help but laugh.

"Did you pack this yourself?" she asked.

"….maybe," Kiba said, a grin creeping onto his face. The picnic basket contained bags of chips, microwavable food (already cooked), leftovers wrapped in tin foil, and cans of pop.

"You did wonderful," Sakura giggled, settling herself down with some Fritos and a pop.

"You are wonderful," Kiba replied.

Sakura smiled as a blush crept across her face. They leaned back, Kiba's arm wrapped around Sakura as the stared at the sky. Sakura rested her head on Kiba's chest, closing her eyes at the warmth and comfort he provided.

"I'm so glad I found you," Kiba whispered. "You're one of the best things that have ever happened to me."

"I'm so happy we're together," Sakura agreed, turning her head up to look at him. The stars made her eyes shine as he stared at her, before he slowly leaned forward. Kiba took Sakura's lips in his, kissing her softly. When they were done, Sakura put her head back down as Kiba's arm tightened around her.

A shooting star flew across the sky, and, without knowing it, they both made the same wish.

I wish we'd be together forever.



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