Hello there! I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while. A lot of drama has been going on. I think I should tell you:

~ Yuugi and Yami are officially going out, so Puzzleshippers be happy. It's "cannon" as you say it!

~ Bakura and Mariku so like each other. That's right Tendershipping doesn't exist. BUT Pyschoshipping does! I really am happy for my yami. I don't think he'll ever like me in that way. Hahaha! So, let's start the show!

Hi Ryou!

I didn't tell you my name earlier - PurpleWildcat2010. I was the one that asked about your heritage, including the Egyptian ancestry one. =)

So I was wondering, during the Waking the Dragons arc, where were you and Malik? Was Bakura trying to concoct another plan to get the Millenium Items, or were you off having a separate adventure?

Did Yugi-tachi ever tell you what happened during aforementioned adventure?

Do you have another favorite Duel Monsters card besides Change of Heart?

Have you yourself ever dueled? (Not including that time in Battle City when Bakura suddenly let you regain control of your body, but you were too hurt to do anything.

That is all for now. *Hands you some cream puffs8 (I heard they're your favorite0 =D

P.S. Does Bakura really have bunny ears sticking out of his head? I'm assuming everyone means his hair makes him look like that, but I've never really paid attention to your yami all that much...Forgive me, I don't really like antagonists in stories unless they've *really* changed (like Malik during Battle City).

Well hello there PurpleWildCat! Wow that's a mouthful, but have no fear I did it! Oh, so that's who answered it! Cool!

Oh, the one where Yuugi ditched me? :'( Yes, well, I actually was WITH Malik. See, those guys (once again) forgot about me, so Malik took me in. Well.. to say I took HIM in. He stayed at my apartment. NO AGNSTSHIPPING HAPPENED! But, Bakura WAS plotting about some Diabound? I didn't know what it was until, I watched when Kaiba dueled Bakura… in my body…. Yeah…..

He told me bits and pieces, but Bakura was the one who actually filled me in. Weird, how he knew almost everything.

Hmmm…. Now that I think about, I always did like the card "Yami". It increases any fiend or spellcaster attack and defense points by 500 hundred, while decreasing any fairy type of monster by 500. It's pretty neat, because it helps my yami's deck A LOT!.

YAY CREAMPUFFS! Thank you very much. And to answer your question… yes… Bakura get's really mad if you say that. He tried to straighten them one time, didn't work out so well. Hahaha! He calls them devil horns, but come on! They are such bunny ears! Thank the lord I don't have those.


Bakura Ryo

Hey Ryo, it's me, Mystical! Thank you so much for answering my question! Here's another one!

What do you think is the worst Yugioh pairing? Mine is Toonshipping(Pegasus and Seto Kaiba). I HATE IT! Pegasus could never love Kaiba! CURSE YOU, WHOEVER INVENTED TOONSHIPPING!

Hey Mystical! Good to hear from you again! No problem at all!

Oh my! Very interesting question. Well, in my opinion, I don't care for deathshipping, because I hate Mariku and Mariku hates me. I don't know why people pair him with me. But the worst one I have seen is CARDSHIPPING! IT'S DISGUSTING. IT'S POOR YUUGI AND HIS GRANDPA! Then it does have me wondering…. Who's on top…?

WAIT DID I JUST SAY THAT! I need something to eat...


Bakura Ryo

Hi Ryo! I have a few questions for you!e

1. So do ever really see what Bakura is doing when he takes over your body? Or are you always in your soul room, or just darkness?

2. Have you ever been in Bakura's soul room?

3. If you've ever been in it, what does your soul room look like? I mean, what's in it and stuff like that?

4. What are your major pet peeves?

Thanks for answering my questions! Cheerio!


Hello there! And thank you for spelling my name right!

Yes, unfortunately I do. See, I am in my soulroom, however I have a mirror. This let's me see what he is doing. And boy, was I not happy with him sometimes. But then again, I really didn't have a choice, did i?

Oh God yes. I did I get in trouble! Let me tell you what it's like: BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK cold BLACK red BLACK evil BLACK AND OH YEAH BLACK! It's freaking SCARING! And I was like oh 14 and I went in, and then he yelled and punched me in the face. So yeah….. there's a bed and the Sennen ring, and ITS COLD AND DARK! And some weird Egyptian writing that god knows who can read.

Sporks. I don't know why, I just can't stand them. Seriously pick one or the other. It just doesn't work if you combine them! SERIOUSLY I'M TALKING TO YOU TACO BELL! NO MORE SPORKS. And yes we have a taco bell in japan!


Bakura Ryo

Hello Ryou! I'm finally going to ask a question!

Are you really as innocent as you look? Or do you want to kill people just like Kura does? If so, who would you kill?

Here's a cream puff for you! Oh, and give this raw steak to Kura from me! XD

Oh my goodness! Sorry, but I have to say this is coming from one of my favorite authors. I must say you write me very well. AND WAY TO KILL BAKURA IN YOUR AGNSTSHIPPING STORY! Bakura was kinda pissed (excuse my language), but it's about time someone got it right! Although, Malik was laughing…. Heh hehe….

Oh wow, Not expecting THAT kind of questions. You fans and your….. interesting… minds.

Yes, I have wanted to kill people before. Like that stupid gym coach who told me I was having sex with the girls! YUCK! Sex in a… bathroom. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW THAT WORKS! Seriously! AND HE CALLED ME A GIRL! I wanted him to burn in the deepest depths of hell for all eternity!

Heh. So that's my dark side. OH AND MY AUNT! SHE'S MEAN!


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Back! He said thank you, and started tearing the ever loving crap of it. By that I mean eating it. Hehehe!


Bakura Ryo

I think I'll do 2 more!

lala what should i ask..hmm oh i remember now! you know you voice sounds very similar to japanese ash ( i wonder why *cough*)..

& also this may sound confusing but..

in a pokemon episode, ash becomes possessed by an evil spirit.

my friend likes to think that it is yami. so what is your opinion on that


Uh… I do? Funny, never heard of this "Ash" person. OH FROM POKEMON! My mistake! Never heard his voice, I'll have to go on YouTube…..

Uh… my yami? Weird… I don't think Bakura would want to posses some weird guy who collects little monsters that are just plain annoying going "char char". So, maybe. I'll ask Bakura.

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He said this:

"The only thing I wanna posses is you right now Hikari." So, I ran in here and locked the door. I think he may have gotten drunk with Mariku. THIS IS WHY I HATE HIM!

So ya…


Bakura Ryo

Hey Ry!

Just a few questions this time. Were you of sorts aware that you were building the R.P.G. battlefield? Like were you in a trance or did your Yami just implant the idea in your head and let you think it was your own? Do you remember what Zorc ever said to you? if so what did he say? And I'm a bit confused, I was under the impression that you ran off from the museum in tears do to the fact that the millennium scales judged you as evil because of Bakura. Also my Yami, Arista, wants to know if Bakura (Or 'Kura-Kun as she calls him) liked that sharp as his mouth dagger she sent and she wishes to warn him not to lick it like he tends to with most his other knives. She says: I'm not kidding 'Kura-Kun that thing will slice off your tounge if you try. That said.

Bye,Bye Ry-Koi! -Wink-

Wow really good questions!

And you know my nickname! Yay! Yes, I was aware at the time. Although, I didn't "build" it. I just made the figurines and the castle. That's it. Bakura told me he wanted to play a game with me. I was very naïve at the time, so I blame that. He gave me "blueprints" in my head and I created it. I really don't. All he said was that I was very pretty and reeking of innocence. How… nice.

No, I was just by all the stuff 'Kura said to me. I mean, I helped with everything, and treats me like crap. It hurt… a lot. Oh my! You have a Yami too! How cool! Uh… hold on one second.

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Bakura told me to tell your yami to never call him that ever. Because If you do… let's say it wont be pretty. On that note, he did like it. He already did lick it, but did not cut himself. That tongue has been through a lot of stuff. WAIT THAT CAME OUT WRONG! I mean that his tongue is really strong. OH GEEZE THAT SOUNDED WRONG TOO! Just he didn't cut himself okay!



Bakura Ryo