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Herbie series

Not Ready to Jump

Summary: Herbie's thoughts of his very first demolition derby experience. Drabble-ish.

A/N: No really, that's what this fic is about. I will do another to build up this fandom's fics but this is just to get the character traits so nobody goes too OOC in later ones. I know this wasn't the greatest Herbie movie ever made but I haven't seen HRA (Herbie Rides Again), HGtMC (Herbie goes to Monte Carlo), HGB (Herbie goes Bananas) or the TV movie The Love Bug. I'll watch them as soon as I can but for now, enjoy this fic. Also, try to catch a reference to another movie!

Disclaimer: I don't own Herbie/any Herbie characters mentioned in this fic. I do not own anything in said fic. Disney does.

To the humans, it's entertainment. To me, it's abuse. As much as I hate to admit it, abuse isn't all that new to me. If it happens once, it will happen again. That's why I try to make the best out of life. That's why I race; I love the speed, the thrill, the danger. I've always put my own life after everyone else's. I mean, it's not like I'm going to find another car like me. He's spraying something on me. All around me, others are starting their engines. I refuse to. Maybe this time, I'll let the abuse work. They're driving towards me. I know what happens now.


Pain shoots through my frame. I let go. I let go of everything around me. I'm ready to go. No will left and no friends left. Even Maggie left me for some new racing car. Her life is better without me. Maggie, I hope you have a happy life racing in all those new cars. You're a great driver; I just wish I could have been better.


More pain, but I'm numb now. Soon, it will all be over. I'll just be another car. Just another one for the scrap heap. I'm ready to go and this time, there's no Jim Douglas to stop me from jumping over the bridge. I guess I'll be with you again Jim. You and Tennessee. I'll finally be happy again. Bye Maggie.

Huh? Maggie? You came back? You want me to come back? No, you're just saying that. You don't really want me back. You could have so much more, a better car, a real NASCAR team. I'm worthless.

Wha-what is that? No, no Maggie! Look out! Don't worry, I've got you. Wait a minute, just got to get rid of the trash. Heh, that was fun. Haven't done that in a while. Ok, ready for this? Appropriate music? Check. Now let's get this show on the road! Literally. Jim, Tennessee, wait for me. I guess I'm not ready to jump just yet. Wish me luck.