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The Courtyard

(Seth POV)

It was a year later and everything was still perfect. Well maybe it wasn't perfect, but it was close enough. I had moved back into Edward's house after a year of love, devotion, and sessions. What better way to celebrate than with a house party.

"Sam, please tell me you're driving," I asked as I helped him steer Quil towards their car.

"Oh don't worry, Seth," Quil slurred, "I know I'm in no condition to drive a stick. Well not a car anyway." Quil almost fell over in laughter.

"Goodness, Quil," Sam replied.

"I'll call tomorrow to check on him." I sat my brother into the front passenger seat and closed the door.

"All right. Thanks for a great night, Seth. Talk to you later. Bye Edward," Sam yelled across the yard.

I watched as the car pulled out of the drive way. I walked back towards the remaining house guest who were also retreating. I waved off and kissed associates from the bank as well as several of Edward's colleges I had met and befriended over the time we had been together. I spotted the one person who over a short amount of time knew me as well as Quil and Edward.

"Thank you so much for coming," I squeezed the petite waist from behind.

"I wouldn't have missed this for the world. I am so happy for you two."

"Are you okay to drive?" I asked turning Cindy around in my arms.

My sessions with her ended over nine months ago, but we just couldn't stay out of each other's business. It was easy to become friends, best friends really. She knew all there was to know about me and she loved me still. Cindy was not shy and filling me in on her life, let just say that it was a hell of a way to spend a Friday night. I valued her opinion and advice, just as much, if not more now, than when I talked to her on a clinical basis. Everything she said now was backed up with love and friendship. She was a permanent fixture in my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Yeah, I stopped early this evening. I need to head on home so I can get some sort of rest. I have a bondage class to teach tomorrow afternoon. When are you and Edward going to come join one of my classes?"

"Hopefully very soon," I said pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Well you boys behave yourself. I know you are anxious to have an empty house." Cindy bounced her eyebrows at me.

"Wow, is it that obvious?" I escorted her to her car parked in front of the house.

She laughed at me, replying, "No but I know I would be."

We laughed together as she congratulated me again and I saw her drive off after more promises to talk to her the next day. With guest making quick work of their goodbyes and disappearing, there was only Emmett and Demetri left, as they stood in the door way talking to Edward. I walked back into the house, placing my arms around Edward's waist. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder as he leaned on the top of my hair.

"All we have to do now is pick the cake," is the first thing I heard Emmett say as I joined the group.

"Wow. It seems like the time just flew by. I can't believe the big day will be here in just a month," I said.

"I know. I am so ready for all of this to be over. Who would have thought guest list and reception location would be so damn stressful," Demetri ran his hands over his face, Emmett laughing at his fiancé.

"Just think of it this way," Edward began, "you get to unwind with the honeymoon."

Emmett and Demetri shared a look that only meant they already had big plans for that night.

Edward and I laughed at the couple. Emmett wasn't much for the lifestyle the remaining three of us lived, but he did confide in me one day that it was Demetri's control that he was so attracted to. He had no problem occasionally submitting to Demetri's demand, which would be good given that Demetri was letting go of a lot, and eventually all, of his subs. It was a hard decision to make but ultimately Demetri decided that he didn't want anything to stand in the way of his life with Emmett. His fiancé wasn't asking him to change the life that he lived for longer than they had even known each other; it was a decision Demetri came to on his own. Demetri wasn't completely abandoning his Master role; he was taking on a position as a counselor and teacher alongside Cindy in her practice. Demetri had much knowledge in our little world and it would be a waste if he didn't share it.

"Do you guys want us to stay and help clean up?"

"No, don't worry about it. I have someone coming in the morning," Edward said excusing his friends from the job.

"If you're sure. Well, I know you boys are anxious for some alone time so we . . . are . . . going to go," Demetri said already pulling Emmett through the door.

"Bye guys, thanks for coming," I called out to them from the door.

"You bet. Welcome back home, Seth."

With that the last of our friends were gone, the love of my life and I finally had the house to ourselves. I closed the door and turned around only to land right into Edward's chest and arms.

"Well, hello there," I said wrapping myself back around him.

"I didn't think they would ever leave. Did I tell you how incredibly sexy you are to me tonight?" Edward said as he had already begun trailing kisses down my jaw.

"No, I don't think you did." My eyes were rolling into the back of my head at the attention he was giving me. It never took much for Edward to render me completely flabbergasted.

I could never fully explain to him the power he had over me. Sometimes that power was scary, knowing how much I would do for Edward. But, I didn't have to worry; I also knew Edward would never use me the way all the others did.

"Shame on me." Edward looked back up into my face just as I opened my eyes. "You are the most beautiful person I know. You are so strong and loving; I don't know what I would do without you in my life." Edward squeezed me tighter to his body. The tighter the better. There was no place I rather be than in his arms.

"I love you too, Edward."

Edward slowly devoured my lips as we shared already ragged breaths. I moaned into his body as I tried desperately to join him in his skin. As his tongue darted in and out of my mouth, teasing me with more and more of his taste, his hands trailed slowly down my back, waist and arms. The air around us sizzled as my skin was heating with the passion that was wrapping us tighter than even Edward's arms. His feel, his taste, the sounds of his moans were sending me into a different world. I could feel myself floating off the ground and the only thing that was anchoring me was Edward. Better yet, he was floating with me and our souls were reconnecting outside our human shells on a whole other plane.

"I need," I began but my words were cut off by Edward's swift unexpected movement.
Without warning I was suddenly pressed between Edward's hard chest and the front door, my right leg off the ground and in Edward's arms. I gasped at his sudden efforts, my cock more alive than ever before.

"I know exactly what you need," Edward stared directly into my surprised eyes. His own orbs were swirling pools of dark green, filled with more than lust. I could see passion there as well. There was no space between us, our lips so close I could feel their heat. He grinds his fully alive cock into my own. The friction was just a tease of what I longed for.

"You need me to fill you, make you scream my name, over, and over again." His movement continuing to tease my body. "You need me to remind you whose you are, and what I can do to this body all night. You need to have my cock down your throat, while I fuck your mouth," Edward said as he traced my mouth with his tongue and then trailed it down my jaw. He stopped only at my pulse point where he sucked and bit me, filling me with pleasure.

"Yes, Edward, I need it all. Please." I loved how he made me beg for mercy. There was one other thing I needed: to be rid of the clothes that were between our bodies. I wanted to see, feel, and taste his skin.

Edward pulled me away from the door, walking me backwards to our waiting bed. Our bed, in our room, in our house. My clothes were mixed with his in the closet. My drawers were right alongside of his. The thought and realization that we were together in just about every possible way was fueling my desire for him more. Edward quickly undid my shirt as I worked over his pants and he toed out of his shoes. Than it was my own pants and shoes to go as I pulled his shirt over his head. I wanted Edward to lead me, to push me, to dominate me, and not just in our playroom.

Edward had completely taken on his new found personality of dominance, both in Master, and boyfriend. He wasn't bossy, pushy or controlling, but he had an air of control about him always now. I didn't want to question a thing he said, and I didn't have to. Just looking upon him turned me on because I knew that he was the head of our house, and our relationship, and he would never lead us were he could not keep us. It turned me on even more. He took care of me just as I took care of him. And when he did don me with my collar, and he slipped into his role as Master, I was rewarded just to be in his presence, to be at his helm.

I craved Edward's ruling side as it was so much a part of who he was; so evenly mixed with his qualities of compassion, love, devotion, care, gentleness. He was completely all I needed and wanted. There was only one thing I dominated and he allowed me to do so: when I wanted it, when I needed it, he didn't question, and that was to have his taste slide in and out of my mouth as I moaned in delight.

I guided Edward towards the bed, forcing him to lie down. I ran my hands down his sternum as I nibbled on the flesh that met between his side and his waist. My hand slid further down into his neatly trimmed hairs and wrapped around his large, at full attention cock, begging to be touched. I began stroking his engorged member as I licked down his well-toned "V".

Edward's whispered "fuck" went straight to my own swollen need, knowing I was pleasuring him. I slowly worked myself around his body steady stroking him senseless. I could deny myself no longer. Starting at the base of his cock I devoured every delicious inch of him, making my way up his shaft and finally swallowing around its purple head.

"Shit, Seth!" Edward screamed as he fisted my hair.

I held him down by his hips, refusing him from thrusting into my mouth. It was my own game of torture I played with his body. I knew he secretly loved it. I slid my mouth around him, sucking, swallowing and hollowing my cheeks around him. Edward held me there until I removed the hold on his body allowing him to move as he so desired. I hummed around his flesh as I continued to devour him from base to tip, rubbing his tightening balls in one hand, pinching his nipples with my other.

"Oh, Seth, stop," Edward said as he pulled me up by my disheveled hair. "I don't want to nut in that pretty little mouth of yours." I pressed our lips hard together as he consumed my mouth, kissing me breathless. "I want to feel that tight ass around me when I cum."

"Please take me Edward. So hard for you." I rubbed my body up against his, forcing the friction of our two cocks connecting.

"Fuck yeah," Edward pulled, forced us back together as he rolled me over onto my back. "I don't want to wait anymore. I am taking what is mine. Is it mine, Seth?" Edward humped me repeatedly with each word. Thank the heavens for delayed gratification. I wasn't ready for the delicious torture to end.

"Yes, all yours. Use me, please. Take me. Fuck me." I could barely find my words as my mind could only focus on the sensations Edward was feeding my body.

Our lips met again as Edward blindly reached for our abundant stash of lube and condoms. My dick twitched when I heard the click of the bottle cap followed by the cool sensation of the gel. Edward rubbed the flesh of my tight entrance, than slowly pressing his finger into me. His kissed slowed and felt as they were fueled less by need and more by love.

Edward always prepared me slowly. Despite how our union began, this part, preparation was always with so much care and nurture. My body opened more and more for him with each digit passing the ring of muscle. I could do nothing more but whimper and continue to savor his beautiful mouth. Edward quickly put on the condom, pumping himself with the lube and placed himself at my entrance.

"I love you, Seth." Edward quickly pressed himself into my body.

My body arched off the bed as I fisted the sheets at my side. The burn was so intense I could not return the words he said to me. Edward wrapped his arms around my back holding me closely to his body, trying not to move until I was ready. I could feel his cock twitching deep inside me. Edward's whispers of praises and chants of my name could be felt on my chest as he pressed his face into my body in an attempt to control himself. I rocked my hips against him to tell him I was ready. Edward pulled completely out of my body, pausing long enough for me to see how I missed being filled by him, and pressed back into me with the same need. There was no longer a burn, only the pressure and the beautiful feel of us being connected in places no hand could touch: our soul.

Edward rocked our bodies repeatedly. The room was filled with moans, gasp, declaration of love, and request to go faster, deeper and to never stop. Edward's sweat soaked body filled my senses as I could feel him dripping onto my skin. I could taste the salt of him on my tongue as I licked and kissed his pulse point.

"Baby, I need to come." My body was about to explode. I could feel the desire building up from the top of my head to my toes.

"Come for me, love. I want to see it all over our bodies." Edward relentlessly pumped my cock. I knew I was going to go mad with the sensation.

"Oh yes . . . now, baby. Fuck!" I screamed as I felt the tight coil in my stomach snap and the wetness of my release on my stomach. My desire was threatening to peak again when Edward licked away the pools of my release from my stomach.

"Shit, that's hot," I said as I claimed his mouth with mine, tasting myself.

"So close. So close. Yeah, so close," Edward chanted just before I felt his hold on my leg and hand tighten and his cock twitch in me. Edward's body was rigidly still as he rode out the high of his orgasm.

Pressing his body closer to mine, he leaned his forehead onto mine as he continued to slide his flaccid member in and out of my body, refusing to disconnect us.

Edward rolled onto his side, pulling my body to his. There were no words, only kisses on the forehead and hair, chest and neck. After we enjoyed our moments of blissful wonder, Edward pulled me out of bed and walked me to the shower. After discarding the used condom and running the hot water, we stepped in together, allowing the water to relax us even more than what our activities had managed to do. We washed each other's body, stealing kisses and cleaning some areas longer than others just to allow our hands to linger. We stepped out of the shower, and climbed into our bed naked and wrapped in nothing but each other.

Sleep should have claimed me easily and yet I dared not to close my eyes, afraid to miss a second of being in the presence of my reason for breathing. Edward and I both lay on our sides facing each other. He slept as I watched him, studying every part of his face. I though back over my time before Edward and I found each other. It was a long and trying two years of abusive Masters, Caius, therapy, hits and misses that eventually led us to each other's arms and now, another year later, still there was no other place I rather be.

I thought about how different my life would have been if Felix would have taken me with him to St. Louise. What would have become of me if I had continued to accept the abuse that Caius offered? Where would I be right now if Quil hadn't made me go to a Washington emergency room three years ago? Everything, every tear, every bad night, every hard decision made ultimately lead me to the best thing possible: Edward Masen.

I still had my difficult days when my nights were plagued with nightmares of my past or I didn't think I was good enough for Edward. He would simply remind me that I was more than good enough and thoroughly prove to me how I made him feel. Edward and I weren't without issues of our own; we weren't all fairytales. Edward still worked long nights at the hospital in the Emergency Room and at times it made things difficult for us. Wanting to be comforted after a long day of work or needing to be wrapped in his warm body as I slept, but only waking to a lonely bed made me cranky and I would take the anger and frustration out on him. Edward would have issues with my sudden departure to my favorite park, saying I made him worry when he couldn't reach me. Then there were smaller things like his scrubs being all over the house or him falling asleep with the television on. Edward would complain about my obsessive cleaning. There were days we wrecked each other nerves, but luckily there were more days when we couldn't get enough of each other. No, we were not a neat and perfectly in place fairytale, but we were destined for a happily ever after.

Eventually sleep did claim me, but I awoke sometime later, immediately noticing Edward missing. I walked out of the room with intentions of seeking him out, sure to find him in the kitchen, but before I could get that far I instead found myself standing at the door of our playroom.

Edward had changed my old room into, what we now referred to as The Courtyard, right after he completed his training with Demetri. I opened the door and turned on the lights as I walked into the well-equipped chamber. The frames and bars were all done in smooth rich cherry and mahogany wood. The wrist straps and leg restraints were made from the riches dark brown leather and their chains were polished chrome. The utility closet that held our floggers, gags, and other toys was made of an imitation cobblestone, made to look as if it was a part of the wall on which it rested. The padded floor was wheat brown, foam. After hearing about the incident in Caius's room with the fidget temperature and leather floor, Edward refused to have such a thing in our room. The foam floor was going to have to be replaced a lot sooner than the leather but it was an expense Edward was willing to make. The entire room looked of a garden courtyard from days of old, perfect for my knight and shining armor.

I ran my hands over the surface of our vibrating bench; the feel of the leather was already awaking the desire in me to kneel. I walked around the room thinking of the many days and nights I submitted myself completely to my Master. He took such good care of me, honoring my limits and yet pushing me at the same time. I noticed my collar hanging from its place on the door of the utility cabinet. It wasn't nearly as jeweled out as Demetri's bedazzled collar but it shone nonetheless. Edward had it custom made. The collar was black and every inch and a half was a single cubic zirconia to look like a ten karat diamond. The collar was held together by a two snaps hidden beneath two more jewels. On the reverse side of the piece of leather was embossed "mine in every way" traced in red. I ghost my fingers across the cool leather, whispering to myself, "Yes, yours in every way."

"I thought I would find you in here," Edward said as he walked up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. "You know the rules: no playing after sex or making love."

"I know. I know." Damn the rules sometimes. "I was actually looking for you but I got a little distracted. I just love this room, that's all."

"I know you do, love. I love seeing you in here."

We stood in silence as I laid my head back on his shoulder and he buried his face in my neck. Our bodies naturally swayed to the melodic sounds of the silent room. No longer was the room my concern, everything around me disappeared when I could feel Edward, even my desire to be bound and spanked.

"Let's get back in the bed. Yes?"


Edward held my hand as we walked out of The Courtyard, turning off the lights as we left.


It was a quiet Friday at work, not many client's for the entire day. I was perched in my chair, feet up on my desk as I chatted with Peter about his plans for the weekend.

"Nothing, man. And I do me absolutely nothing. Charlotte doesn't have any chores for me. The kids don't have any practices or games. The house is fixed, the yard is done. This is a rarity for me to be one hundred percent free on my weekend. I will be locked in my Man Cave watching ten sports channels at the same time."

Peter's enthusiasm to kill two days in front of his plasma television had me laughing hysterically.

"What about you?"

"I don't actually know. As far as I know, Edward has to work so that will at least give me the chance to clean like I need to."

"Seth, clean? Are you serious?"

"Trust me, it is needed," was the only explanation I gave to Peter as I thought about the medical books stacked in the living room floor and the week worth of scrubs and lab coats in the hamper begging to be washed.

Just then Esme, our Customer Care Receptionist, began walking our direction, followed by a man in dark brown uniform.

"Mr. Clearwater, you have a package." Esme pointed me out to the carrier. I signed my name to the electronic pad as he handed me the small brown box.

With Peter still perched over the partition, I opened the package curiously.

"Who's it from?"

The six inch by six inch by six inch box was filled with packing peanuts and another smaller box. Taped to the top of the second box was a card.

"It says 'Wear it.'" A simple command. I looked up to Peter to see his still oblivious face, but I knew. Only one man gave me commands.

I fished out the smaller box a mist the green foam bits. Inside was a thin gold chain. At the center of the chain was a butter cream smooth flat stone and in front of it was a matching gold "E." At each stop point of the letter was a small diamond. Delight spread through me as I ran my fingers over the piece of jewelry. I removed it from its box and put it on. Turning to my small magnitic mirror that rested in the corner of my desk I couldn't help but admire the piece of jewelry as it rested against my skin.

"Well, I know one thing you will be doing this weekend," Peter said before sliding back to his desk.

"Jealous?" I called out to him.

"Sure, Sure." I heard him laugh just as he was out of sight.

Each day for the next six days I received a package either at home or work. Saturday and Sunday both, while Edward was away at the hospital, roses arrived at the front door; red one day and white the next. During the week I received packages at work. By that Wednesday Peter and Esme were both hovering over my desk waiting to see what the treat would be. The gifts ranged from gift baskets filled with all my favorite treats to some gifts I couldn't quite show Peter and Esme; but Edward enjoyed me in later that night. I could have shown the vibrating cock ring or other racier presents to my onlookers, but I'm sure they appreciated that I didn't. Of all the gifts I received the one that came on that following Friday was my favorite.

It had been a long day of meetings, lunch meetings and then meetings again. Aro Bank and Trust was growing, which is always a good thing but that meant more duties for leaders such as myself. Pie Charts and long term estimation rations plagued my mind the entire day, with no rest in sight before I got off for the weekend.

"Perk up, your daily package should be here any minute," Peter reminded me as he walked by my desk catching me rub my face in frustration.

His words work; I found myself eyeing Esme looking for signs of its arrival. I wasn't let down as Esme began clapping her hands, bouncing in her seat. She didn't wait for the man to get into the door before she was dragging him to my desk, followed by Peter's quick return. I couldn't contain my excitement. I also couldn't help but laugh, noticing that once I signed for the package the delivery man didn't move. He perched himself right beside Esme, just as anxious to see what was inside. As the three bumps on a log watched, I cut away the package to reveal the usual two boxes. Pushing pass the packing material, I reached in to pull out the card that simply said the words I wore close to me "Mine Always."

Inside the second discreet box was a black leather strap, exactly as my collar. In the place of the snap to hold the material together was the same similar "diamond" stones that donned the collar that waited for me at home. In the center of the two inch flat leather piece with red boarder stitching was "EAM" bossed in crimson red as well. I wrapped the gift around my left wrist as I fought to hold back my tears.

"EAM?" the delivery guy asked.

"Edward Anthony Masen: The most romantic man on the planet," Esme explained to our guest.

Esme was right, Edward was the most romantic man I knew, but he was so much more. I don't know how long I sat there rubbing my hands over the raised letters of the smooth leather, but when I looked up my three member crowd was gone. My face was wet with the tears I didn't know I had begun to cry. I tried to call Edward but was only getting his voice mail. So I settled for a call to Cindy, knowing she was likely anxiously awaiting the details on what came in the package for the day as well.

I made it home that evening hoping to steal Edward away for an hour or so before he had to leave for work, to thank him for my gift in the proper fashion. As I walked into the house I noticed that it was void of light, including Edward's study which often always had a desk lamp on. Walking through the house I tried calling Edward's cell again, but it instantly went to his voice mail. Upset, thinking that Edward got called to the hospital earlier than usual, I walked to our bedroom. As I approached the closed door I noticed a soft light showing through the openings under and around the frame.

"Edward? Babe?" I called out, slowly pushing up the door. No one answered.

I looked to the night stand that sat beside the bed. The desk lamp that normally was in Edward's office was on, illuminating the stand void of everything but a blue velvet box. I turned around in the room, still calling Edward's name as I approached the illuminated table. There was still no answer to my screams of his name or calls to his phone. I picked up the small box thumbing the top open. My breath caught as I looked upon the gift there. Tucked in the folds of the velvet interior of the box was a gold band. Imbedded into the band were small diamonds around its full circumference.

"Wow," I whispered.

"Love?" Edward called to me. I turned around to find him down on one knee behind me. My hand went to my mouth automatically.

"Edward," I was already on the verge of crying.

"Seth, you have made me the happiest man alive. You can wear my collars and I can claim you as mine," he said as his finger rubbed across the embossed letters of my latest gift, "but there is only one real thing that means you are mine forever."

Edward took the box from my hand, removing the ring.

"Seth will you, day and night, be mine always? Will you let me be yours forever?"

Edward slid the ring onto my finger, its rightful place, as I accepted his request with his very words.

"Yours forever. Mine Always."


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