The Phoenix

Firefall watched her lover pace, stand still, run his fingers through his hair, bounce on the soles of his bare feet, and begin pacing again all within the span of five minutes. The smile his lips had twisted into though, that never changed. Her pyrokinetic mate met her eyes with such new life that she was overjoyed. Without much of a warning, Firefall was tackled onto the bed that she and her lover shared. She laughed. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist and curled the rest of his body around hers and buried his face in her neck. Firefall reveled in the feeling of the fire breathed from her lover's mouth as it danced over her skin. They were quiet.

"Firebaby," Firefall whispered, "How does it feel?"

"Wonderful. I almost can't take it," he whispered back, "I can feel the fire in my veins and its breathing in time with my heartbeat. I forgot how this felt."

He felt breathless.

"Firebaby. Pyro. John. You've been born again. The heat's not goingaway this time; you'll never be cold again. You've been born again, sweetheart. Welcome to the Phoenix ranks."