The hosts gathered in the third music room crowding over a flier. Haruhi chooses that moment to walk into the room.

"What are you doing?" She asks. They all turn to her.

"Haruhi my daughter!" Tamaki was about to glomp her when she moved out of the way. He went to his emo corner.

"Lobelia seems to have challenged us to a art competition," Kyouya explained handing Haruhi the flier. She looked it over.

"So who's going?" She asked.

"Well we want Kyouya to enter," Kaoru said.

"But he refused," Hikaru finished. The two gave him a side-way glare, he ignored it and continued typing.

"Now we need someone else to enter for us," Hunny was frowning slightly, trying to think of someone who can draw. Mori also seemed to be thinking.

"But who?" Hikaru, Kaoru, and Tamaki, who got out of his emo corner, asked.

"I already have that figured out," Kyouya stated. 'Of course he does' Haruhi thought.

"Who is it mother?" Tamaki asked with curious eyes. Kyouya, as always, ignored the mother comment.

Of course they were all wondering who this person was.

"Akami Miyuzaki, she is in Hikaru's, Koaru's, and Haruhi's class."

"We don't know a Akami," Haruhi said since the twins barely know anyone but her in their class.

"That may be because she never comes to class," Kyouya pointed out. Now the room was quiet as they tried to process this information.

"What do you mean she doesn't come to class?" Hunny asked.

"She doesn't come to her classes. She stays in one room for hours. She's here on scholar ship, like Haruhi, but she has an art scholar ship. She's also smart, since after Haruhi's class takes a test, she takes a harder one. That way she keeps her grades and scholar ship." Kyouya didn't look up from his laptop.

"That's…" Hikaru trailed off.

"Interesting," Kaoru finished for his brother.

"So you want her to take part in this challenge?" Tamaki thought about it for a second. "Very well! We shall go find this Akami and test her artistic skills!"

Tamaki stomped out the door. They all watched and waited for a second. He came back.

"Which room, exactly, does she stay in?" Haruhi rolled her eyes and sighed, while the twins snickered at the king's stupidity.

Kyouya led them to the other side of the school to a door with a sign that said 5th art room. It was quiet around the area.

"This is where she hides?" Kaoru asked.

"It looks abandoned," Hikaru adds.

"She likes her isolation," Kyouya said.

"That poor girl!" Tamaki cried dramatically.

"Don't make too much noise Tamaki, and don't do anything stupid either," the Shadow King warned. Tamaki shrunk away and nodded from behind Haruhi, while she sweat dropped.

Kyouya opened the door and they all walked in. everyone but Kyouya were staring at the walls in wonder. Fields of flowers were painted along with the sky in every gorgeous detail. There was a castle in the background, while on the right side were forests with mountains in the back.

On the sides of the rooms were some paint supplies, paper, sketch books, and other needed art supplies. There was only one window in the large room, and it took up some of the wall in front of them.

In front of the window was girl. She had her back to the and was sitting on the ground examining her work. She had blonde wavy hair that reached her waist that was put in a messy ponytail and was wearing a grey shirt that seemed to big, and hung down one shoulder showing her black tank top. She also had grey jeans on. Plus her clothes had paint stains on them.

"Akami Miyuzaki," Kyouya said. The girl turned and they noticed her bright green eyes look as though they were sparkling in the light.

The girl glanced at each one of them and nodded at Kyouya when she got to him.

"Nice to meet you, we are the Host Club, we have a proposition for you," he said. She just stared. He handed her the flier of the art competition. "If you join, I will allow you all the art supplies you need. You have access to the Ohtori estate."

Akami's eyes now held wonder. She obviously has heard of the Ohtori's and knew what was ins store.

She scanned the paper thoroughly. She then looked up at Kyouya and the rest of the hosts, looking over them once again. Then she nodded in agreement.

"Yay! Now we're going to win!" Hunny cheered as he leapt off of Mori's shoulders and ran over to the girl. She stood up and the hosts noticed two things about her. One, she didn't have any shoes on. Two, she barely taller than Hunny.

As Hunny was hugging her she smiled softly down at him. She also noticed the group staring at her feet.

"I don't like to wear shoes. I like to feel the ground," she explained in a soft voice that rung in the room. That was the first time they heard her speak.

"Well then, Ms. Miyuzaki, we would like you to know you may use the 3rd music room for inspiration whenever you may like. We would be honored to help you in any way with your art," Tamaki bowed.

Akami nodded in thanks, and walked to her sketch pad. She picked it up and put it in a purple shoulder strap bag that had large blotches of paint stains on it. They also noticed some other utensils in the bag.

"Alright. I'll see what I can do," she then walked out of the room with the bag. The group looked over her work once again in wonder.

"So this is why you want her to enter for us?" Haruhi asked. Kyouya nodded.

"Impressive." The twins agreed. "But do you think she will really win?"

Haruhi turned to where the girl walking away. She noticed she was in deep concentration and still looking over the flier. She smiled slowly.

"I think she'll do just fine," she whispered to herself.