9 months later:

"Mom! Come on mom! You can do it! Push!" Akami cried out. Ayumi was right by her saying the same things. Kyon was right next to his wife, holding onto her.



The past nine months have been tough. There were ups and downs. Tamaki and Haruhi got together, finally. The night Ouran won the competition. Mai, Mitsuki, and Kimiko kissed their loves. Hikaru and Kaoru were very devilish that day.

Mori seemed to go bright red when Kimiko kissed him. But in the end he kissed her back. Two months after that Hunny and Ayumi revealed they were in love. This shocked basically everyone.

Though I was happy. She was in love, and with Hunny. It just seemed like she would always be happy like that. Kyouya was always with me. I love him. And he loved me.

Everything was great.

Two months after that Ayumi transferred to Ouran. Lobelia's art club was left in the hands of someone Ayumi chose personally, since she was the president of the club.

Mom and dad spent a lot of time at the hospital. Sometimes mom would black out from pain, and we would call the doctor. Then we would bring her to the hospital.

The time when her water broke, everything was crazy. She was in labor for 13 hours. The hosts, along with Renge, who I became good friends with, Mai, Mitsuki, and Kimiko came over.

Haruhi revealed her identity to the school a month ago, but was still considered to be part of the hosts. So she stayed with them. No one complained. I also stayed with them. I didn't hide out much in the 5th Music Room anymore, and actually went to my classes.

I still refused to wear the uniform, as did Ayumi.

Anyway when they all arrived at the hospital they were told to wait in the lobby. Kyouya somehow pulled strings and got me and Ayumi along with my dad to be with mom when she delivered. Apparently his parents owned the hospital…

Rich bastards… as Haruhi would say.

But at this moment… nothing was making sense… everything was going slow. Nothing was clear, nothing was getting through. Except the sound.


"Mom! LIVE!" Ayumi screamed.

"NATSUMI!" Kyon cried.

"Cleat!" The doctors started working as Akami made her was to the baby. When she looked at him, she gasped.

"Ayomo!" She whispered. Then shook her head. It couldn't be.

She felt hot liquid running down her cheeks. The baby reached up and stroked her cheek.

"Its going to be ok Akami… don't worry."

A voice whispered. A wind from no where blew through her hair. Then a miracle happened.


"She's alive!" The doctors exclaimed. Ayumi hugged the man that saved her mother.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." She panted over and over. The man patted her head.

"Its ok, its going to be ok," he said softly. Akami smiled.

Natsumi then gasped and opened her eyes.

"Where's my baby?" She asked. Akami held the baby close to her and walked over to her mother. When she showed them the baby, they gasped. The doctors looked confused.

Later in a private room Kyouya had "somehow" managed to get Natsumi, they all stared at the baby. Well more like Kyon, Natsumi, Akami, and Ayumi stared. Everyone else didn't know what to do.

"So… what are you going to name it?" Hikaru finally asked.

The family turned to him, then looked at each other and smiled. All thinking the same thing.





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