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This is another deanon from the kink meme. Basically something turns Germany back into a kid only when he was a kid he was insane. I mean completely insane. So insane Russia looks like nothing compared to him.


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No one knew what the hell was going on.

It had started out as an ordinary meeting. And by ordinary they meant America kept trying to give ridiculous ideas, France and England were fighting, Russia looked close to hitting people with his pipe, and Canada just being ignored.

Then in a flash of light that made everyone in the room blind for a moment appeared and when it faded everyone had looked around to see if everyone was okay.

They all were. Except for Germany.

Instead of the 20ish year old man in his place was an unconscious six year old.

They had put him in a bed and all they were able to do was to wait.

England was looking through one of his books to figure out what had happened. France and Italy were watching Germany. Italy had a bit of a painful expression on his face while France was expressionless. The others littered around the room watching the others.

"I can't figure this out. Unless someone activated it then it shouldn't have happened." England said, closing his book.

He glanced at Russia. "Are you sure that you didn't send a curse or anything to him in the last few decades?"

Russia nodded. "I am sure. I had no need to."

England sighed before saying "Then all we can do is wait for him to wake up."

As if hearing the words Germany started to shift around on the bed before opening his eyes and slowing sitting up on his knees.

His face and eyes held no emotions as he glanced around the room not stopping at anyone.

"Hello there. Are you alright?" England asked gently.

Slowly Germany nodded.

"Good. Now then. Do you know your name?"

"Ludwig." Germany said quietly.

"What about your country name?"

Germany was silent for a moment before saying "The German Confederation."

England nodded and walked over to Germany. "And you're sure that you are feeling okay."

Germany nodded again.

"Good." England gave Germany a smile.

Germany gave a small smile back at England.

Chuckling slightly England reached out to pat Germany on the head.

A sickening crack filled the silent room and then England's surprised and hurt scream.

Germany had reached out in a span of a second and snapped England's wrist.

Everyone looked at him once more.

When everyone's gaze was on Germany he gave all of them an innocent smile.

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