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The moment Prussia walked in, followed by Austria, and saw a miniature sized Germany on the bed behind the shield he froze and despite his already pale skin paled even more.

"Guys?" he said his usually confident voice laced with something that seemed to resemble fear. "Please tell me that you found a kid that looks like West when he was a kid. Or you kidnapped a child from an orphanage and you now need me to find him somewhere."

England shook his head. He peered around the room; most of the nations had left leaving only him, America, France, Canada, Italy, and now Prussia and Austria in the room with the little Germany.

"I'm afraid this is no joke or trick Prussia." England said. "That is indeed Germany on the bed transformed into a child. Now I have some questions for you."

Prussia cautiously took the remaining steps into the room his eyes never leaving where Germany was. "Shoot."

"Can you explain to me why he saw fit to break my wrist and almost choke France to death?" he asked.

Prussia licked his lips in thought. "Well…it's kinda hard to explain."


"The kids insane."

They were able to hear the birds chirping outside from the sudden silence that had fallen.

"Very funny Gilbert, now tell us the truth." France said.

"I'm afraid for the first time Gilbert is telling the truth." Austria said. He also didn't avert his eyes from the child on the bed. "Germany, when he was a child, was indeed insane. Completely."

"He's a kid." America said.

"So?" Prussia snorted. "Being a kid doesn't excuse you from being insane. Especially with some of the things I saw him do."

"What did he do?" Canada asked.

"Well there was that one time he burned down an entire village to the ground." Austria said. "After enclosing everyone in a single building. No one got out alive. When I asked him why he did it…"

"Well?" England prodded.

Austria hesitated before finishing "He just shrugged and said that he had been bored."

"I did try to punish him." Prussia said. "Tried to lock him in his room for a day. Kid clawed down the door with his fingernails and." He bit his lip almost embarrassed. "And he did a surprise attack on me. Broke every single fucking bone in my body."

"He broke." Canada said. "Every bone. In your body?"

Prussia nodded. "Couldn't believe it either. Attacked me from behind. Knocked me out and tied me up. When I woke up there he stood with a smile on his face and a hammer in his hand."

"How did you…" France asked. "Get him normal?"

"I didn't." Prussia said. "Hungary did."

"What did she do?"

"Have no clue. She came to me and took him for a few months and when she said it was okay to visit there he was like a little prince he all knew he could be." Prussia said. "Obedient. Quiet. And most importantly, sane."

"And she did…" England prodded.

"I just told you. I have no idea and I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth."

Italy kept watching Germany with unreadable eyes.

Germany's eyes connected with Italy for a moment before going to where Prussia stood. They immediately softened and he adopted an innocent look. He crawled to the edge as much as the shield allowed him to.

"Brother." he whimpered. "Big brother."

Almost obediently Prussia turned to Germany and took a step towards him.

Austria grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"Big brother please." Germany whimpered. "I'm scared. Please."

"Prussia." Austria said. "Do not even think about it."

"Big brother please." Germany pleaded.

"Prussia he did this to you before."

"Please help me!"

"He uses your emotions against you, you know that."

"Don't you care about me?" Germany cried.

"Don't you remember what you allowed him to get away with, with a simple smile and an 'I'm sorry'?"

"Brother I'm begging you!"

"Prussia. Do what you wish."

Prussia looked at Germany, who smiled hopefully, before shaking his head and turning away.

A pure animalistic scream tore from Germany's throat. His eyes flashed dangerously.

"Scream all you want kid." England said smugly. "Those shields will only come down if one of us wants it to."

The others turned away and began to talk on how to either change him or hand him off to Hungary to do whatever she had done years ago once more. Italy leaned in closer to Germany.

"I'm going to let you out." he said quietly catching his attention. "But I need you to promise me a few things. Once I let you out you can't go anywhere, I'll take you to my house. I'll take care of you."

Germany slowly nodded.

"Do you swear?" Another nod. "On your name as a nation?"

Germany hesitated however he said quietly "I swear."

Italy glanced at the others. "They won't notice anything." he said. He reached towards Germany. The shield pushed back at him for a moment before allowing him to enter and grab Germany. He picked up the child gently and pulled him out of the shield.

Holding him tightly to his chest Italy spared a glance at the others before quietly slipping out of the room.

Germany had fallen asleep against his chest when he finally got home and he heard someone scream from a faraway distance "Where the hell did Germany go? England! You said he couldn't get out!"

He threw an almost dirty look behind him before he turned back to the sleeping child in his arms. His eyes softened as he brushed his hand through the boy's hair.

"Holy Roma." he whispered.

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