Undisclosed Desires [issue one] by naitou

Disclaimer: This is fanfiction! I do not own any of the characters from Majisuka Gakuen. This is also Yuri stuff, so if you're not into it or are against it, please don't read it and go look for something else that fit your tastes. Thank you.

You trick your lovers

That you're wicked and divine

You may be a sinner

But your innocence is mine

She felt so hollow between those bloody walls. They followed her like shadows, scratching the words in pieces of paper, willing to drown her mind in the ink. She would ignore the weak figures that walked on the outside, unsettling her bad temper. She could explode if she wanted.

But someone was watching.

The first time she noticed her everlasting stare was on that afternoon. She should have known she would be there haunting her. However, the darkness seemed to surround her as well. Her eyes were tired and her expression was emptier than usual. Every time she took a step the tension would drag Yuko closer. Her eyes noticed Yuko's study of her fragile body. But she didn't move or respond to her glare. She never did. They continued to study each other's thoughts as if they had been anticipating them. Yuko was too intense to confront Torigoya and seemed broken beyond repair.

Her surroundings were filled with people she despised and who would never comprehend the extent of what she was archiving. They wanted to climb it. Everytime. And she was regretting her selfish and arrogant decision. She wanted to run, to not be held responsible for her fantasies and projections. She regretted having stayed there to try and fix all the problems and tasks that rested on her shoulders, when lately all she could think about was one single thing.

Nevertheless, she did not feel alone anymore. She shared her mourning hours with someone else. She was there everyday. It was as if they both believed that watching each other would take away the guilt of being alone. Though, this was Yuko's wishful thinking for the most part. Her eyes sought her out in those uneventful hours during which she blurred forms of faceless students, who would walk past without noticing the starving couple in their midst. Watching her desperate face dissolve into a picture of pleasure and danger caused Torigoya to completely give up.

Yuko swallowed hard and watched her body freeze. Torigoya turned her head and saw her observing her and waited for something to happen. But Yuko didn't do anything. Torigoya stepped forward. Everytime she would take a step forward, Yuko's breath would stop but Torigoya's hands turned into fists.

Yuko wasn't going to force her. Not this time.

When Torigoya stopped in front of her, the moment Yuko's hand touched her shoulder, her eyes closed and she sighed deeply. All Yuko could think then was how her hand was caressing her neck and how her thumb was gently rubbing her soft, cold lips.

She didn't know what she was thinking when she turned her around. Yuko touched her body, tracing every curve, forcing her hands on her and keeping a strong grip on that body. They seemed to fit together perfectly, as if their bodies had been waiting to touch each other since they first met.

But why was Torigoya always letting her mess with her?

Yuko moved towards her lips and now was unintentionally licking them. But she could almost feel the wanting in Torigoya's eyes. She decided to give in and kissed her desperately. Her hands immediately tangled in her hair and pulled her closer to her. Her hand lifted the shirt from her hips and caressed the skin that burned for her. Their lips swirled in a dance that filled them with desire. Their bodies rubbed and the friction warmed their hearts. Yuko had longed for her since the moment she entered her mind.

There was only desire to rip each other's soul.

She quickly transcended the barrier between them and possessed her as hers. The moment it ended was the worst. She feared the next moment. She would not leave her. Never.

They never spoke to each other after that. Torigoya continued to act as always. The undeserving and unqualified Queen who had no motive to be associated to Yuko. And the monster who stood alongside with Sado. Would their secret and lustful encounters ever change? Would Torigoya ever show her true feelings?


Torigoya would behave just like always.

Because Majisuka was watching.