Undisclosed Desires [issue two] by naitou

Disclaimer: This is fanfiction! I do not own any of the characters from Majisuka Gakuen. This is also Yuri stuff, so if you're not into it or are against it, please don't read it and go look for something else that fit your tastes. Thank you.

I know you've suffered

But I don't want you to hide

It's cold and loveless

I won't let you be denied

Yuko was running forward, holding Torigoya's head in her right hand, forcing her to ran along with her. They were at full speed and Torigoya was in her crazy state. Yuko awoke her and once again regretted it. She saw a window in front of them and closing her eyes she ran faster and made Torigoya's head pass through the glass, breaking it along with the two bodies crossing through it too. They fell forward and Torigoya is back to her normal state, bleeding from her forehead.

When their weakened bodies rise from the floor, Yuko watched Torigoya going in her direction and puts her arms in front of her, grabbing her by the collar of the uniform. Torigoya breaked free and did the same to the president. She thrusted Yuko to the wall across them and made her hit hard with her back. Yuko felt the intense and pissed gaze on Torigoya's eyes and began to feel a very strange and disturbing excitement.

She gulped, breathed hard and wide opening her eyes, lets her arms grab Torigoya's collar once again, forcing them to switch places. Torigoya's back hits the wall and she holds high her head grinding her teeth in disapproval. Yuko got her nose closer to her neck and forcing her body onto girl, she smelled her.

Torigoya began felling dizzy and the wound on her head started to blur her senses. She pulled Yuko away and the president kisses her. It's an intense, raw kiss. One of those that completely take your breath away and leaves marks on your lips. The unromantic glowing on her eyes was present, as well as that dangerous profound on her iris.

What was it that she wanted and why did she always do this?

Yuko observed her for a while and then stroke for the second kiss. Much longer than the first and deeper. Then her hands began to touch Torigoya's body, feeling her, grouping her, exploring her...At one point, Torigoya's forehead blood mixed with Yuko's cheek, but she doesn't even care. She can't seem to be able to stop herself anymore and once she began, she can't turn her back to it. She needed someone to fulfill the turmoil in her head and Torigoya always drove her crazy, in a dangerous kind of freaky crazy.

She couldn't figure it out why in the first place she initially wanted to see the true monster in Torigoya and after living through it again, she was out of herself. It seemed like she wanted to be sure she was alive, because to get out from her curse she had to possess an enormous self control and force will. But instead of just feeling alive, this time her body was asking for something else, something that Torigoya's spell revealed her.

It was already dark in Majisuka and Yuko's hands were already underneath Torigoya's clothes, feeling the soft and warm skin. Torigoya bit her lip and in a call to reality pushed Yuko away.

"What are you doing?"

But Yuko was no longer listening. Forcing her to go to the floor, a chill ran through Torigoya's body as she felt the cold of the ground. Yuko was seating on her waist, still holding her, keeping the control on her side. For seconds Yuko reminded herself of how harmless Torigoya was when she's normal and how cruel she was for trying to shove her feelings on her. She couldn't possibly make Torigoya like her and abusing her power is all she knew in these situations.

Her high after seeing that monster blurred her thoughts, she felt naked around her. Nothing escaped from Torigoya, she always could bring the worst in a blink of an eye.

Yuko looked for a sign of agreement. Torigoya was too easy, she just wanted to get over with it. But could there be any trace of something else? That, Yuko would never know, only that this circle has been going on for a while.

She moved her hand to Torigoya's skirt and slowly traveled underneath it. For the first time Torigoya did something different and put her arms around Yuko's back, in a sort of embrace. Yuko could hear her panting closer to her ear, as well as her soft and quiet moans. She kissed her neck and played with the back of her ear, just to see more reactions from Torigoya.

They were hurt physically, emotionally and yet their bodies kept them going. They were after all only humans, who didn't love each other, who possibly didn't even like each other, united for one bond, for one reason, which one never predicted this intimacy state. But as they once again went down that path, one thing could be said, it certainly wouldn't be the last.