Okay, so here is the run down. Valentine was killed before Clary was born, Luke married Jocelyn pretty much straight away, Jocelyn didn't run away from the Shadow hunter life, Celine and Stephen are alive and Jace is currently two years old, and such a cute two year old he is!=] as we would all expect. Jocelyn and Celine are close friends. And here we start=]

"Stephen, Jocelyn will be here soon with Luke and Clary, We will finally get to see her! She is only a week old so try not to talk to loud and scare her. Have you seen Jace?" Celine fretted, rushing around her house, setting up biscuits and tea on the coffee table and searching for her young son.

"Don't worry honey, stop fretting," Stephen laid a hand on his wife's shoulder, in a calming gesture, "Jace is asleep upstairs remember? He should be waking up in about half an hour".

"Oh yes, thank you, I'm sorry, it's just very exciting and I haven't seen Jocelyn for a while".


The door bell rang and Celine smiled up at Stephen and went to answer the door.

"Jocelyn, Luke! Welcome, come in, come in!"

The four adults all gathered in the dining room for afternoon tea and catch up time, admiring Jocelyn's new daughter, Clary; then Luke and Stephen left to discuss fighting techniques.

"Mummy?" Celine and Jocelyn looked up to see a small boy with golden hair and eyes, standing at the bottom of the stairs, a sleepy expression on his face, as if he had just woken up, the corner of a small green blanket clutched tightly in his hand.

"Yes Jace, darling, did you have a good sleep?"

"Mummy, what is that?" asked Jace pointing to what seemed to be a pile of blankets staying in an oblong shape.

"Come here honey, this is Clary, remember I was telling you about Jocelyn bringing her to visit today?"

Jace toddled over, a curious glint in his eyes. As he got to the basket sitting on the floor beside Jocelyn's Leg, he leaned over and gently pulled the blanket away a little revealing a tiny baby sleeping softly, with flaming red hair growing all over her head. She yawned, streched a little, then opened her big green eyes and stared directly at Jace. Suddenly a huge smile appeared on her face and she gurgled happily, reaching up and tightly grasping one of his fingers with her tiny hand.

Jace smiled back and looked up at Celine.

"Mummy, she's so pretty, She's going to be my best friend and I'm going to show her how do to everything," he said, proudly puffing his chest out, "she likes me too, can I hold her?"

Celine hesitated and looked up at Jocelyn. Jace realising this exchange looked up at Jocelyn, his eyes big golden eyes opening wide as he looked up through his long dark lashes.

"Please Mrs Jocelyn, can I hold Clary? I promise I'll be very careful, she's pretty" he said, his voice full of sincerity.

Jocelyn smiled down at his trusting little face and relented, how could she say no to that innocent little boy?

"Okay Jace, come and sit beside me on the lounge and I'll show you how to hold her."

Jace smiling happily toddled over to the lounge and climbed up to the seat and turned around, plopping himself down, holding his arms out smiling joyfully.

Jocelyn carefully picked up Clary and put her gently into Jace's arms, showing him the proper way to hold her.

Jace smiled down at the cheerfully gurgling baby in his arms and hugged her to him, sliding back on the seat, his back resting against the back of the seat, his shoes feet barely reaching the edge of the lounge. He gently brushed away locks of red hair from her face, carefully tucking the sheet around and being attentive to hold her correctly.

Both Celine and Jocelyn were surprised at how gentle he was with her, and how absorbed.

Jocelyn and Celine continued to talk away while Jace sat there contentedly holding Clary, a big smile etched onto his cute little two year old face, even when Celine and Jocelyn walked away to cook dinner, having decided that Luke and Jocelyn would stay for dinner.

The two women chatted away merrily, getting the dinner ready, enjoying their new lives of freedom away from Valentine.

An hour later when dinner was finally ready and Celine went out to call the men in for dinner, Jocelyn remembered that they had left Clary and Jace sitting on the lounge in the dining room together an hour ago, hurried in to check on them, worried that something might have happened, seeing as she didn't know a boy that was two years old who would sit quietly for two hours without saying a word or wreaking anything and since she hadn't heard a thing...

She paused as she entered the room and a smile crept up onto her face at the sight that her eyes beheld.

Jace and Clary were both sleeping on the lounge, Jace, his tiny body curled up around Clary, keeping her safe and warm, and Clary has her hands grasping a finger each tightly in her miniature petit little hands.

Jocelyn smiled as she heard Jace mumble something under his breath as he slept deeply, only just catching his quiet words.

"I will always keep you safe, I promise".

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