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Magnus is 18, Alec is 16, Jace and Sebastian are 15, Izzy and Clary are 13.

First date – (did that make anyone else think of the song by Blink 182?)


I stared incredulously at the girl looking back at me in the mirror as Izzy's hands fluttered around my hair tucking, tucking bits here and there into the elaborate weave that she had created.

She and I shared similarities, skin colour, hair, size and stature, but that would be about all. She possessed and essence of beauty and grace, something I lacked, and the flawless pale skin offset by the flaming red hair and black and gold rimmed eyes made her look like some unearthly magical being.

She was wearing a flowing dress of autumn leaves (metaphorically people), a blend or oranges, reds and golds that was strapless, and reached just above the knee.

"So, what do you think?" Izzy petitioned eagerly, her hands desperately trying to stay still at her sides.

"You're amazing Izzy," I breathed, still taking in the wonder that was somehow me.

Izzy just smirked. "You can thank me later, right now; you have a date to be going on".

I couldn't help the little grin that seeped its way up onto my face as I made my way to the door and smiled at her in thanks as I passed through the frame. My hands quivered nervously as I made my way down the stairs and to the lounge room where Alec, Magnus and Jace were all intensely caught up in the Assassin's Creed.

I cleared my throat slightly, amused at their intent focus on the game. Alec and Magus kept pressing buttons wildly, their gaze fixated on the screen.

Jace, however, whipped his head around and looked at me attentively. I had the satisfaction of seeing his eyes widen fractionally before they returned to their usual size and a cocky grin appearing on his face, triggering a red tint to rise to my cheeks.

"Ready to go?" he asked as he walked over to me, standing extremely close. "You look beautiful by the way," he whispered in a low voice in my ear and I struggled to prevent a shiver from visibly running through my body.

I nod and smile, trying to pretend that didn't affect me. Grabbing Jace's hand, I pulled him out the door, waving at Alec, Magnus and Izzy who has joined them, promising to be back at a reasonable time. Convenient that Jace and I were sleeping there tonight, yes?

Jace chuckles at my eagerness as we fall out the door and rights himself, grabbing my hand as we dawdle up the street.

"So, where to Mr Wayland?" I question, a posh British accent accompanying my tone.

"Ah, my lady, way away we travel to a food court of the very finest, that of king Taki's realm," he smirked, imitating my manner.

I laughed and we chattered about everything and nothing as we made our way to Taki's.


"What do you want for desert? Jace asked, reclining back against the leather chairs we were lounging on.

I just raised my eye brow in the ultimate you're-kidding-me-right? look.

"Riiiiiiggggghhhhhttt," Jace rolled his eyes at his own stupidity. Gosh, he's such a derp sometimes.

"How could I not know?" he smirked and got up to pay the bill.

We had already argued to who was paying the bill and unfortunately he won, but don't you worry, I would get him back sometime! *waves fist in rage*

I raced Jace down the street, laughing as he leapt over a cat that was in his way to gain advantage over me.

Jace made it to the ice-cream parlour before me and by the time I got there he had already ordered and paid.

I glowered at him as I caught my breathe and he just laughed at me as I weakly hit him on the arm.

"'Ere ya go you two lovebirds, a lovely evening eh?" Out bustled an old Italian man with a cone in each hand.

"'Ere you go, lovely," he grinned sweetly at me and I couldn't help but grin back as he passed me the waffle cone with two scoops of cookies and cream ice cream with rainbow sprinkles onto.

"Thank you very much," I smiled shyly at him and grabbed Jace's hand with my free un-ice-cream-holding hand.

The man then passed Jace his waffle cone of chocolate and spearmint. "You're a lucky young man, treat 'er well lad, I'm sure you two will have a good night," he winked at Jace, nodding towards me before bustling back inside the shop.

I giggled at Jace and pulled him along to a park bench on the side walk. I sat down and Jace sat down close beside, our legs resting against each other.

Jace offered me his ice-cream and I ran my tongue around the ice-cream, savouring the delicious creamy taste. "Mmmm".

I let my head fall back in ecstasy and smiled as I heard Jace snickering at my response. I opened my eyes and smiled at him … but then he leaned over to taste my ice-cream.

"Uh-uh, no way Wayland, this is my ice-cream," I cautioned, moving my ice-cream away from him. He knows how possessive I get over cookies and cream ice-cream. Or just cookies in general.

"Hey! I just gave you some of mine!" He whined in the most adorable voice ever, but I would not break.

"Yeah, and that was sweet, but it's not cookies and cream ice-cream now, is it?"

He reached over further as I scrambled further back up the seat in an attempt to get away from him and save my ice-cream.

The result?

Ice-cream on both our faces and giggles erupting from my lips.

Jace chuckled at me, then leaned forward, his eyes darkening significantly.

I gulped, and closed my eyes in anticipation. … and opened then again when I felt a tongue on my cheek licking off the ice-cream.

"Jace!" I said indignantly, then leaned forward and lick the ice-cream off his cheek and he chuckled at my hypocriticalness… until I licked the ice-cream down to the corner of his mouth, and made my way down his jaw.

I was reward with the sharp intake of breath by Jace before he brought my head back up to meet his and kissed my squarely on the lips.

I felt pterodactyls having a disco party in my chest and smiled because I was the luckiest girl in the world.

With that I pulled away and grinned at him.

"You owe me another ice-cream Wayland."

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