Off the Market

Juta was just a tad confused. It used to be that if he wanted a date or even to eat lunch with a girl he always had company and now, now they looked at him funny, or would giggle and tease him that it wasn't appropriate anymore and he needn't hide it.

The giggles only got louder every time he asked what it was exactly he was supposed to be hiding. He finally gave up and without any more excuses and went along on all of Ryo and Asuka's dates and ate lunch with them in the abandoned building.

As he leaned comfortably against Asuka and let Ryo feed him a bit of omelet he decided girls were crazy, why wouldn't a date with him be inappropriate? It wasn't like he was dating anyone.

Meanwhile his former girlfriends, now closet yaoi fangirls and threesome supporters, sighed happily from their various lookout points and the beauty of love that gender and numbers simply couldn't fight.