*Dusts off keyboard* Wow...it has definitely been a while. I have not given up on "The Blame Game", promise. I'm hoping to get an update up as soon as I can. I have joined the working world again, and right now my schedule varies from week to week. But I could not resist the challenge that Connie Nervegas put up on stealthy stories. It has already created two awesome fics that I know about..."60 minutes" by LilNinjaWolf and "Taphophobia" by Simone Robinson.

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I've said please, gimme, now and trick or treat...but they just wouldn't give up ownership...

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Chapter one: Now I lay me down to sleep…

Leo stood at window of April's apartment staring at the dark clouds that were gathering in the sky. He impatiently looked back at the wall clock, worry knotting in his stomach.

"Settle down, Fearless," Raph sighed as he continued to flip through the television. "Mikey, will be back soon. He just wanted ta get some extra candy. Let 'im enjoy the one time we can walk around with the humans."

Leo nodded stiffly and walked away from the window, but not without glancing once more out the window.

"I'm sorry," he murmured. "It's just that…it looks like it is going to rain…and he said he was just going around the block…and…"

"And you are worryin' over nothing," Raph growled. "He's not that late. The movie hasn't even started yet."

Don and April exited the kitchen, both had their arms full of snacks and soda. Leo quickly relieved April of her load and put the items on the coffee table.

"If it would settle your nerves, perhaps you could go out and accompany your brother home," Splinter spoke up over his cup of tea. "Then we can all enjoy the Halloween movie."

Leo gave his Master a bow. "We should be back soon."

April handed Leo an umbrella as he was walking toward the door. "Don't let Mikey eat all the candy," she laughed. "Or will have to tie him down before the night is out."

Leo chuckled. "I'll try, but knowing Mikey half the candy is already gone."

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Even though it was Halloween, and no one would pay much attention to a giant turtle, Leo took to the rooftops. He still didn't want to be spotted by humans. Even if they just stopped to admire his "costume", he felt uneasy.

He was relieved when he spotted his brother. He wasn't too thrilled that his brother strolled openly with a large group of kids. But he couldn't help to smile at the content look on the orange clad turtle's face.

Leo jumped down a fire escape a few streets up from where his brother was. He could wait in the alley for his brother to pass and then get his attention. Thunder clapped as he stood against the building, in the shadows and watched the people go by. He took a deep breath and slowly released it. It seemed he found his brother just in time, before the rain came.

Thunder rolled again, so loud that Leo didn't hear the shuffle behind him. He didn't sense the malicious presence until he had a strong arm crushed against him and a baseball mitt-sized hand over his mouth. He was roughly dragged back further in the alley. He tried to twist away from his attacker, but that made the man squeeze tighter.

"Quiet," the man hissed. "Stop squirming, freak."

Leo's heart dropped. He recognized the voice.


The hand was removed from his mouth and Leo gasped for air. He didn't get two breaths out before Hun slapped his hand back, this time with a thick cloth.

Leo let out a loud, muffled moan, but another crack of thunder prevented him from being heard. He violently jerked and struggled as the sickly sweet smell entered his nostrils.

"I was hoping to find one of you freaks out tonight," Hun taunted. "I've been following that goof all night, but there was never a right chance to grab him."

Leo's heart squeezed painfully. He worried all evening for his brother, and now he knows why.

"Well, it looks like you will be the one that gets to have all the fun."

Leo blinked rapidly, trying to keep the drug from taking over his consciousness. But it was no use, his struggling began to slow and his eyelids started to droop. The last thing he saw before the darkness overtook him was his orange clad brother walk past the alley entrance.

Mikey didn't even glance in the alley. He was too excited about getting to spend the rest of the evening with his family…