Casey was a very mellow girl, and it took a lot to upset her to the point where she wanted to scream. Today had been one of those days where when one thing went wrong, everything else followed. First she had woken up a half hour later than she was supposed to. Then she couldn't find the outfit she had been planning for weeks as her back to school outfit. She had been able to overlook those things and overpower them by her excitement to be back at school.

Unlike most teenagers, Casey loved school. She was a straight A student, an overachiever, and captain of the cheerleading squad. She enjoyed learning new things immensely, and her friends often swore her nose was glued to the books she read. On average, the redhead read nine books a week that each averaged between six hundred and eight hundred pages.

Despite the joy to be back at school, it had only been third period and Casey had already been quite irritated. She was tired of people shuffling from class to class. She was a naturally fast walker, and when people diddle dallied in front of her, it upset her greatly. How hard was it to pick up the feet and walk? It was worse at the stairs. As she unlocked her car and got in, inserting the key in the ignition, Casey shook her head in disgust. To top everything else off, the immaturity level of the people around her stressed her out every day. However, the counterweight to her problems with her classmates was her girlfriend, Olivia Benson.

Olivia was eighteen, and a senior, two years older than Casey. She was beautiful and the object of every guy's desire, especially when her chest was added into the equation. She had no interest in them though, because she was a lesbian. A taken one at that. Unlike Casey, she didn't struggle with her sexuality; in fact, everyone who knew her name knew she was a girls only woman. The brunette beauty was extremely intelligent. Even though her mother neglected her for most of her life, Olivia was kind, outgoing, loving, and loyal. She was Casey's everything, and Casey loved her more than anything in the world.

Today was Monday, and every Monday, Olivia came over to Casey's house, had dinner with Casey and her parents, then spent the night with Casey. The furthest the couple had ever gone was making out and gentle foreplay. Casey was terrified to take things any further. She was afraid of the pain of the first time. She was especially worried she would somehow mess up and ruin the night for Olivia, who she knew to be much more experienced.

Casey's seventeenth birthday was on Friday. That left the rest of Monday, all of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for her to somehow get the nerve to admit to Olivia that the one thing she wanted most for her birthday was to take their relationship to that point. She had been mulling over the thought for several weeks now, but chickened out every time she came close to saying it. She couldn't figure out whether it was something she should ease into or blurt out and hope for the best. Hopefully the right moment would arrive within the next couple of days and she would know what to do when it presented itself.

By the time she pulled into her driveway and unlocked her front door, it was after three thirty. First thing on the agenda was her homework. She only had an essay to write and a few calculus problems she hadn't finished in class. After that it would be time to get ready for tonight.

Powering her laptop on, Casey rested it on top of the bed and slipped out of her heels, then placed them neatly on the shoe rack. Walking over to the bed, she laid on her stomach and opened a Word document, then began her paper. Forty five minutes later, she was finished and hit print. The essay requirement was a minimum of five pages, but Casey's was seven, plus a cover page and a Works Cited Page.

She turned her computer off and walked into her closet, emerging twenty minutes later holding her outfit of choice for the night: a baby blue sweater, a black skirt, and strappy black sandals. Once she had everything neatly laid on the bed, she made her way into the bathroom for a nice, steamy shower. After washing her hair with her favorite apple scented shampoo and her body with her favorite mango body wash, she headed back into the bedroom and pulled on a push up bra, the sweater, and the skirt, followed by the sandals. Hopefully Olivia would notice later what she conveniently forgot to wear.

Glancing at the clock, Casey noticed with a smile that it was fifteen minutes until Olivia was due to arrive. Once more going into the bathroom, she combed her hair and pinned it back with a pair of black barrettes. She fluffed her natural curls, applied a little eyeliner and a little gloss, then met her reflection's gaze. If she said so herself, she looked hot. The doorbell rang from downstairs. Casey shut the bathroom light off and headed down to meet her beautiful girlfriend.