Casey got caught off guard when Olivia pushed her against the counter, kissing her with passion Casey wasn't used to. She looked at Olivia in confusion when the brunette pulled away. "You make me want more, then you stop."

Olivia smiled and kissed her on the lips once more, gently this time. "Because we're going to wait until your birthday." When Casey tried to protest, Olivia shook her head and grabbed a piece of candy out of the giant bowl on the other side of the counter. "No amount of arguing is going to change my mind. I'm going to make it special for you, and it won't be as special if we do it now. Trust me baby, I know what I'm doing. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Just wait a couple more days."

"Fine," Casey mumbled after a moment of silence. She knew Olivia was right, and she did want her first time to be special. "Oooh," she added. Without missing a beat, she continued. "So for that night, we need chocolate, flowers, romantic lighting, and…." She trailed off, unsure what else they would need. "Handcuffs?"

"No handcuffs," Olivia responded firmly. "At least, not this time around. Maybe next time. Let's go to your room and see what is on TV." She watched as Casey nodded and headed out of the kitchen. Grabbing the giant bowl of candy, she followed her. Once they were both in the bedroom, Olivia closed the door and turned the lights on dim. She set the bowl on the nightstand and found the remote on top of the huge flat screen TV Casey had gotten the previous Christmas. She turned it to the TV guide channel and laid down next to Casey, who was looking from her to the candy bowl and back again, arching her eyebrows in confusion. "What?" Olivia asked.

Casey giggled. "Oh nothing, I'm just wondering why you brought all of that candy in here."

"I'm hungry," Olivia replied, grabbing the bowl and cuddling it.

Casey rolled her eyes playfully and changed the channel to a late night showing of Jeopardy. The show was just beginning. Olivia unwrapped a piece of chocolate and, with a seductive smile, slowly slid it between Casey's lips and into her mouth. Casey sucked on it for a moment, and when Olivia pulled her into a kiss, she purred quietly.

"Milk chocolate mixed with strawberry lipgloss. Mmmmmmm," Olivia murmured against her. She gently broke the kiss and turned the volume of the show up a little as Casey pulled the covers over them and laid her head on her chest. Olivia wrapped her arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "I love you sweetheart."

"I love you too," Casey whispered. As the categories began to be listed off, Casey began to feel sleepy. She yawned and snuggled closer to Olivia. They were only into the second question before she was sound asleep. Being comfortable and loved always made her sleepy. After another couple of hours, Olivia turned the TV and the lights off, making the room pitch black. She wrapped her arms protectively around Casey and closed her eyes.