Trying the Knot ch 1

I do not own Degrassi or the Character's I got the idea for this story from one of my Favorite books Match Made in High School by Kirstin Walker

Hope you like it. this well be mostly me Tori writing it but Tess well be working on some of it to

"Will you please send the student's grade 10 thru 12 on your list to the Auditorium. Now make sure they take their belongs they will be there for 2 periods.

5 Minutes later

"Welcome Students"

Today students we are going to talk about the new program I have come up with for you students it called "Trying the Knot".

You are probably wonder what "Trying the Knot" well I will tell you "this is a marriage class you will go through everything a marriage couple goes through. We have talk to your parents and they have gave is the okay, so you have got pick for this program

Here a video of this program hope you Students enjoy in the video it so all the steps for this project

40 minutes later

All right students now that you have seen the video I'm going to call you up here and tell you, your partner Will all the young ladies come up here? First All right first we have Fiona Coyne your husband will be Adam Torres. Boys when I call your name you will come up here with your fiancé Adam got up with a huge smile and went to stand by Fiona also had a huge smile she was excited to have Adam as her husband Here's your packet, now go sit down on those chairs over there I have for the partners

All right who's is next Alli Bhandari your husband will be Drew Torres Yes! Ail squeal she thank god she got to be with her boyfriend on this program

Anya Macpherson your husband will be Declan Coyne -Anya and Declan looked over at each other. They exchanged curious glances than quickly looked away. "Well this is going to be awkward. I don't even know him." She whispered to Riley Declan looked down, he was hoping to get a different girl, someone who meant a lot to him, Miss Clare Edwards.

Bianca DeSousa your husband will be Mark "Fitzgerald. Adams mom started again, "Bianca DeSousa your husband will be Mark Fitzgerald" Bianca looked over at Fitz who was only a few seats over and sneered at him, she was not happy about that one although there really was not anyone she could imagine doing this dumb project with.

"Jenna Middleton your husband will K.C. Guthrie " KC leaned over and give her a sweet kiss, and gently rubbed her stomach. Jenna looked down, proud to have him by her side for the baby, and this project.

Holly J." Sinclair your husband will be Sav Bhandari. Sav and Holly J looked over at each other and blushed. They were still secretly dating, but this may make things easier, they have to be around each other now, people won't get suspicious. Sav gave her a sweet smile. Holly J smiled back then looked down at her hands, fiddling her fingers nervously. Adam mom said 20 more students' names the last person left was Clare

"Clare Edwards! Your husband wills Eli Goldsworthy! Eli couldn't help but get a smirk with a half smile he was Happy he got Clare to be his wife for this, what! Clare was confused why out of everyone here, she had to get the get the guy that broke her heart.

Now that you know who your partners are & you now have you packet This Friday will be your wedding, So dress nice or however you want and each of you get to pick your wedding song so have fun everyone And starting Monday will be all the couples counseling to see how things are doing, you will each have a time & day of when you counseling is.

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