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"You're asking for trouble, Edwards,"

Clare tries to get up but Eli gently pushes her back down. Eli looks into Clare's eyes intently "Clare …I meant what I said when I told you I love you"

Did I just hear him say that he loves me or I am I just hearing things? Clare thought. As she shove's Eli off, she emerges up and begun walking.

She turned her head around slightly and asked curiously, "What did you say?"

Clare Wanted to know if he really just said he loved her, but then another part of her didn't want to hear it if she heard wrong. "What I said…" Eli got up from the ground and walked towards her.

Clare started walking backwards. She didn't want to know anymore, but before she could get any further, her back pressed against a tree. "Clare" Eli places both hands on the tree trapping Clare so she could not move. "I meant what I said when I told you I love you" Eli repeated.

Clare's breath hitched at his intense stare, "You really love me." Clare couldn't believe he just said that, this must be a dream Clare said to herself "You didn't just say that because you where drunk?"

"No, I really do love you, I have been for a long time I just never had the guts to admit it to you" Eli said in serious tone.

"So you don't regret last night?"

"No… I'm happy it happened and I don't regret anything that happened last night. Well except.." Eli sighed, "I wish it was more romantic for your first time"

"I thought you did … I thought you were going to tell me everything, that happen last night was all nothing but a big mistake," Clare said in a scared tone.

"Is that why you kept on trying to get away from me?"

Clare sighed and laughed nervously, "Would you laugh at me if I said yes?"

Eli removes his hands from the tree his hands slides down her waist. Eli pulls Clare towards him and gazes in her eye's "yeah I would" He chuckled, "Clare, I would have probably done the same thing if I was in your shoes"

"You would?"

"No, I wouldn't have to, because I am a vampire who can glamour you into falling in love with me and can make you do anything I say…so I would not need to run away from you" Eli said sarcastically.

"Ha-ha very funny Eli, you and your sarcasm" Clare says as she push Eli playfully down on the cold, wet mud.

"It part of my charm and good looks" Eli says as he gets on his knees.

"I should have known you were going to say that" Clare says, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, really and why is that Ms. Edwards?"

"Because it's you, Goldsworthy." She gestured to him" You are very cocky and witty and I can't forget very sarcastic"

"But you love it" Eli says smugly.

"Oh, I do….I thought I was just under your spell because you glamour me in falling in love with you and to do whatever you say" Clare said with a side of sarcasm.

"In that case, get over here… I got something I've been meaning to give you all morning"

"Yes master, your wish is my command"

Clare came closer to him, slowly. She was about to turn and walk away from him jokingly, but Eli grabs Clare by the waist and brought her right down… this time into his lap

"Why you always tease me"

"When have I ever teased you?"

"Well in my dreams for starters….you always tease me"

Eli pushes a piece of wet hair away from Clare's soaked cheek, and he leans in slowly Eli gazes into Clare's icy blue, crystal eyes as Clare stares into his stunning deep emerald.

"I love you" Eli leans down closer to her pink soft lips "always have and always will." His lips caress her only for a gentle kiss... Clare pulls away." Did I do something wrong" Eli asked confused

"No…it just if we stay out her any longer where going to get a bad cold"

"Then in that case… let's go back the house," Eli says as he get ups pulling Clare up with him. Thunder started to rumble and lighting started to strike "We better hurry, it sounds like it's about to storm," Clare says.

"The power's out" Eli says. As he guides Clare inside, "I'm going to look and see if I can find a flash light" Eli went into a the kitchen where he could get some light he grab his cell phone from the counter then went into the basement. As he got down stairs he could barely see, he looks around and he finds what he was looking for, some candles and matches. "Perfect." Eli says as he grabs the candles and matches and heads back upstairs to Clare.

Eli and Clare decided this was a good time for a nap because tomorrow they were going back to home sweet home. They spent most of that day sleeping. When they finally woke up the power was on. They both decided that they would do Trying the knot Project, they both did there video dairy together, not separated this time. After they were done with the project, they did their schoolwork then they went back to bed but this time in each other's arms.

Eli was the first one to wake up. He glanced down and couldn't help but smile as he saw the girl he loves next to him, their legs tangled together and her head resting on his chest.

Eli watches Clare sleep, she always looks like an angel when she sleeps "Good morning, beautiful" Eli whisper in Clare ear. She opens her eye and smile's knowing it wasn't all a dream. "Good morning, Eli " Clare says in sweet tone.

"If I get to wake up to you every morning…. then it will always be a good morning"

Clare giggled and smile then says, "You always know the right words to say to a girl"

"Not just any girl….only you Edwards" Clare blushed "as much as I would love to stay and lay with you in bed we need to take a shower and get ready to head back home"

"Hmm….shower…does that mean we're shower buddies again" Eli winked.

"No, Eli , I am the one who going to take a shower….alone" Clare says as she gets up and gets some clothes and a towel. "Come on Clare" Eli whines, getting up from the bed, "you know you want this body next to yours" Eli comes behind wrapping his arms around her waist. Clare's heart starts beating faster "in the shower nice and wet" Eli whisper seductively in Clare ear.

Clare had to walk away before she ends up giving in. She bit her lip, and wiggled her way out of his arms and ran into the bathroom. She giggled as she watched him pout, and finally shut the door.

Eli will get his way; he knows Clare wants him in the shower with her. He could tell by her nervousness, and at the rate of her heart beating. He waited a few minutes then grabs his towel and headed to the bathroom.

Clare was in the big walk in shower just standing under the showerhead with her hands in her hair. Eli walks in the shower very quietly, comes right behind her, and whisper in her ear "Did you miss me" Clare jumps, startled "Eli, you scared me" Clare yelled "Now I wasn't trying to do that… I was trying to surprise you" Eli starts kissing the back of Clare's neck.

Her heart starts beating faster than she starts breathing harder. Eli trails kissing down her back then back up to her shoulder. Eli turns Clare around by the waist and towards him. He gazes into ocean blue eyes. Clare takes a breath right before Eli collided his lips on hers.

"So…. what are we?" Clare asked as she was getting out of the shower wrapping a black towel around her. "What do you mean?" Eli asked, as he was wrapping a black towel around his waist.

"Eli, you know what I mean" Clare said as she started towel drying her hair

"Oh" Eli came behind Clare and grab her hands, stopping her from fiddling them "well, I thought we already knew what we where ….your my girlfriend and I'm your boyfriend"

Clare turn around "But you never ask me, if I wanted to be your girlfriend and for you to be my boyfriend" Clare grabbed her bra but before she could even put it on, Eli turned her around "Clare Diana Edwards will you be my Girlfriend?"

"Of course, I will…it took you long enough," Clare said as she jumps to hug him. Eli pulls Clare down with him on the bed into his lap. Eli thumbs Clare's cheek. As he gazes into her eyes, he pulls her face to his and kisses her, his tongue darting across her teeth playfully until he coxes her to play along. Clare's tongue darts right back kissing and biting Eli's lip.

"As much, as I would love to do this all day…we need to finish packing…so we can get going and go back to home sweet home" Eli says, as he plays his the curls in Clare hair. "I know….your right," Clare says. "We should probably get dressed then" Clare giggled.

It was 9:54 pm when they finally got home Clare and Eli where both dead tired. all they wanted to do was unpack then head straight to bed but they knew that Cece and bullfrog would be waiting for them to find out if there plan work. They sat and listen to music in Morty for a couple of minutes, then headed inside.

"Cece…. Bullfrog where home" Clare and Eli both shout.

"We're in the kitchen," CeCe yelled. CeCe, Bullfrog, and Ms. Naz where all sitting at the kitchen table "How did things go…do you both still hate each other?" Naz asked. "Well, actually, we have some news. Clare and I are-

"Finally" Bullfrog shouted, interrupting him "it took you two forever" Clare and Eli looks at each other and smile.

"Yeah…we know we did" Eli said and grabs a hold of Clare's hand and said, "We are tired from the drive… so we will tell you everything tomorrow." "Goodnight" Eli and Clare both said then headed up to their room.

They unpack their stuff then went into the bathroom to brush their teeth and then change into their nightclothes and lay in bed. Clare immediately snuggled closer to him and rested her head on his chest.

Eli didn't go to sleep right away. He stays up and watches some TV. After a few minutes, sleep took over him. That night, they both had a very sexy dream about each other that made them both smile.

They next day Clare and Eli woke up early they were both smiling at each other "Did you have the same dream as me" Clare blushed "What did you dream of"

Eli smirked. "Are you sure you want to know…my dream was sexy and steamy" Eli said with devious smile.

Clare bit her lip and giggles. She glanced at l the time "you can tell me later. We need to get ready for school, and I need a Shower"

"I bet you do…so I'm guessing yours was a very steamy dream too, hmm?" Eli says with a smirk "is that an invitation Ms Edwards "

"No, it's just a shower, Eli. That's all," Clare said. "That's all, just a plain shower…you don't want me," Eli asked, pouting.

Clare turns towards "Eli, I want that too…but right now, just a shower" Clare says as she stands up and scoots over onto Elis lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. His arm circles her waist and she closes her eyes and kisses Eli passionately.

She then gets up, grabs a towel, and leaves Eli there still struck from that kiss. Once he comes out of thought, then he goes straight into the bathroom and open the curtains, smiling at the sight before him,"You're asking for trouble, Edwards," Eli growls as he gets in the shower

"And you would be?" Clare asked as she giggles. Eli pushes Clare against the shower wall and kisses her neck and whispers "Trouble."

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